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Avatar f tn It started to hurt every time I would walk long distances and would feel like I had my socks bunched up under my toes. It graduated to constant ball of foot pain with numbness in the ball of foot and toes with tenderness between the metatarsal bones on both feet. Has anyone ever had this or currently has the same symptoms? I have been to my GP who thinks it is a foot issue. I have an appointment with an Orthopedic, but could not get an appointment until April.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing foot numbness at the soles of both of my feet and toes. It is greater on the left than the right. I tend to experience it more in the morning when after I have gotten out of bed. I am probably just overreacting but I am curious what the cause might be. Any ideas?
1471422 tn?1286846674 I'm having numbness of the top and inside of my right foot. It includes the left side of my right big toe. But now the foot numbness with the pain in the back of the leg makes me wonder. How all of this might be related?
Avatar n tn I think it is nerve related, I want to see a nerologist, by my doc says to wait it out more........!! It has been three months, and I worry that I am doing damage because my leg and foot has been numb for so long. Anyway, just wanted to add this, I needed to VENT too, I am getting a bit frustrated with my back. I have three young children and it is tough ......!
Avatar f tn Pain in the Ball of the Foot (Metatarsalgia)
Avatar n tn I have numb feet and it is moving up my legs and I feel pain in my hands. I have uncontrolled diabetes type 2 for 5 years now. I am considering gastric banding so I may have the benefits of the change in my hormones in my stomach. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have had pain and numbness/tingling in my R foot x 9 weeks. Initial pain occured after running, bruised x 2 weeks. Went to PCP to rule out metatarsal stress fracture- x-rays clear on 2 occassions. I was put in a post-op boot to help keep pressure off and told to rest for 2 weeks. It has since been 9 weeks, and pain has radiated to other parts of foot and front of ankle. Also includes continuous "pins and needles" feeling. Pain oddly seems worse at rest.
Avatar n tn I feel great in my back but 10 days post op started getting pain and numbness in my foor that seems to start with the big toe and then involve the whole foot and when really bad some of the lower leg. I had this pain at times pre op. My surgeon feels it is due to a stretching of the L5-S1 nerve rooots as they restored the disc space to original height after 7 years collapsed. I question this because it started so long ( 10 days?) after surgery and seems to start in the toes and spread up vs.
Avatar f tn Recently the pain has been accompanied by numbness and chill in the bottom of his right foot, you can actually place your hand on his foot and feel the temperature difference, this is the same leg as the knee pain. He has had two MRI's and both orthopedic specialists assured us there were no torn ligaments, or meniscus etc. He had surgery on this knee for a torn meniscus 10 years ago. I can't find anyone to help him. Is this a neurological problem because of the numbness?
Avatar f tn I've had chest pain from what seems to be my heart, and numbness in my left foot. the pain in my chest(heart) goes up to my neck. What is wrong????
Avatar n tn After that I have neck pain and hand numbness in left arm and then in right arm and a strange Weakness in my foot. I have done CT scan, MRI, EMG, NCS and blood examination and all of these were normal. I had Physiotherapy, but it didn`t help me. It is become chronic and I am so worried about it. Could anyone help me? None of my doctors could diagnose my disease and I am so depressed.
Avatar n tn I experience foot numbness and tingling when running on my treadmill. It usually starts after 30 minutes of running and stops in less than a minute after I stop running.All of the medical tests I had done were inconclusive. Presently I just accept it.
Avatar f tn You are having problems from compression of the nerves coming from your lumbar area. The issue is what to do about this? I believe your chiropractor is operating out of his pay grade. Go to the website of Dr. Jerome Groopman. He isn't selling anything, but he has a reprint from the New Yorker on his opinions on dealing with nerve pain issues from lumbar damage. Obtain and Read Dr. Groopman's book titled "A Second Opinion", and his other book "How a Doctor Thinks".
Avatar n tn Since the injury, which occurred while hiking and hopping off a rock, my heel has been numb and tingling and I have a very sore spot on the ball of my foot. The foot is very still in the morning and the numbness and tender spot is constant. I shared this with my orthopoedic surgeon several times and he kept saying it would go away. It is not improving and my foot is more stiff and sore in the morning than it has been. What do I do next?
Avatar m tn I have chronic lower back and mainly in the "S1" area of my right foot along with numbness, tingling, burning like frost bight for about 4 years and it just seems to get worse. Sleepless nights.Full body tremors, headaches & dizziness when taking 150mg 2x a day. Doctors say I have stenosis in the L4/5 area but not bad enough to operate. GOOD! however, I have been taking Norco, Tramdol, and 150 2x a day of Lyrica. I did take 50mg 2x a day and it did nothing.
Avatar n tn My daughter went to a concert almost 2 weeks ago and wore hi heel shoes for about 16 hours. Since then she has had numbness in both feet in the ball of feet and toes. Left foot is better now but still some numbness in big toe. Right foot worse. How long can this last as she has tried analgesic creams and rubbing and socking. Could she have nerve damage and is it time to see a DR.
Avatar n tn My little toe and the next toe near it on my right foot and the nerve at sole that goes to this toes and the side of foot near the little toe has felt numb for the last two months. Sometimes I feel pain in the foot when I walk and also at night. It is most noticeable when I walk. It started when I sat in a car for three hours and I got a lot of pain at the backside of my leg. Next day the pain in the leg had disappeared and my foot got numbed instead. My reflexes seems normal.
Avatar n tn Hi and welcome to the back and neck support forum. I was told that nerves can take up to 2 yrs to heal completely.....but as far as what condition ur nerves are in ur dr should have given u some estimate as to recovery and healing. Did ur dr rx a PT schedule?
Avatar n tn A defciency in B12 can also result in varying degress of Neuropathy, nerve damage that can cause tingling and numbness in the patients's hands and feet and mental changes such as confusion, irrtability and depression. Decreased levels of B12 and or folate may be seen with chronic disorders such as liver or kidney disease." I found this very interesting, can't say if it applies but it makes me think. I'll have a few more questions for the Doctor.
Avatar f tn after knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago my foot is numb also pain in sciatia what is causing this and what should i do
Avatar f tn First wave - feel asleep, no pain, feels tingly, can't feel foot for a few seconds up to a minute, then goes away. Second wave - tingly, hurts to move, cannot move foot (have to sit still till it passes) or else I feel nauseous. This happens for a up to a few minutes or so, then I'm back to feeling normal. I dread when the second wave hits because I hate feeling nauseous if I dare to move my foot.
Avatar n tn Hi I am 32 yrs old and yesterday I started feeling a slight numbness in right foot/ toes..and since then it moved up to the whole right side of my body. its not a tingling numbness but a slight loss in feeling on the top layer of my skin the right side of my head feels numb with a headache. Could a tooth ache be causing all this?
Avatar n tn Hi All. About year and half ago i had numbness on my left foot. It effected my big toe and the path the bone followed up to the ankle. The numbess was also present on the bottom of my leg on the left side. This went. Now its back. Im condused and scared. It feels about 40% numb. If i touch a hair on the spot i can feel it move. I can also feel pinches and stuff. Recently (the past hour) i have been getting buzzing feelings in my big toe. The feel like zaps. Hard to explain.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing same sort of symptoms,like numbness,nausea,lower back pain,penile itching,testicle pain 15 th week herpes 1&2 negative,6 months hiv antibody negative,6 months syphilis test negative,Hep A,B,C antibody test at 12 weeks negative dianosed with uti infection with ecoli in urine and staph in semen... this infection is killing me...
Avatar f tn The L5/S1 is compressing on a nerve root, causing sciatica symptoms in my right leg and foot. I walk with a limp and my right foot is numb. I can barley do a right calf raise, as I am unable to push up with my right foot. I have been taking anti inflammatory and tramadol for pain for approximately 6 weeks. I also got a lumbar epidural injection approximately 3 weeks ago and have been doing physical therapy for the past 3 weeks as well.
Avatar m tn From your description of symptoms, it seems that it could be a nerve irritation of back. By the reason of that nerves from the spinal cord can be irritated causing leg pain and numbness, tingling, or weakness in the leg or big toe. Other possibilities could be any sign of neuropathy due to vitamin deficiency, diabetes and chronic alcohol intake.
Avatar f tn Hi, just wondering if you ever found out what was going on? I found this after googling foot numbness and bladder because my feet and legs have parathesia at night and I also have urge incont of urine and nothing is wrong with my bladder per urologist. I had a c-section 10mo ago and am only 34. I think it is nerve related!