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Avatar n tn I am on a Halter monitor for a 3 week study for atrial fib and pvc's are what have shown up so far. I have had a double ear problem for about a month leaving my ears feeling full, stuffy and painful. 2 series of ear drops not helping. Now my internist has prescribed Flonase. Won't this increase or create rhythm issues for me? What could I use to do no harm but relive my complaints. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have had blocked ears and coughing yellow phlem up for almost 2 months; it's beginning to clear this past week in my ears and the cough isn't as bad. I am taking pseudaphed during the day, benadryl at night and flonase. (Bad spelling) Now my throat is tight and it feels like I am about to get larengitis. Is it getting better or worse; should i keep doing what I am doing. I am also using afrin once in a while, and i have not allowed my ears to get wet in the shower for the past week.
Avatar n tn When my ears start to feel stuffed, I use Flonase. You can get any anti-inflamation nose spray. This helps clear up my sinuses, which alleviates my ear stuffiness. Any over the counter decongestant would work too. Have you been tested for allergies just to make sure that is what it is? They have all kinds of allergy meds too. I would call the doc and check. Good luck, I know how frustrating it is to have your ears bugging you.
Avatar m tn Hi, if there is nasal congestion you may need to continue with flonase. If it has been given to relieve the congestion around the Eustachian tube, then you can discontinue the spray. There are tubes called ‘Eustachian tubes’ which connect the middle ear to the throat, this balances the air pressure in the ears. This tube can get blocked due to infections of the throat, which can give lead to a feeling of fullness in the ears. So, based on your symptoms you can discuss with your doctor. Regards.
Avatar n tn I have gone to my PCP about this on numerous occasions and she has said my ears look fine and to try flonase and see if that helps. It hasn't made any difference. She also tried two rounds of keflex. It is really starting to get on my nerves. Is there anything that can be done to relieve the pressure, pain, and blocked feeling?
Avatar n tn The doctor also noted that I have fluid in my ears. I was given nasal spray and sent home. Nasal spray did nothing to correct the dizzy off balance feeling. This year I went back to the doctor and I was told that I have fluid in both ears, the left ear having more and it is whitish and bubbly. What is going on? Is the polyp causing fluid buildup?
Avatar n tn Then I was prescribed flonase. Also did not work. Just saw an ENT doc who said my ears look perfect, I have no hearing loss and that it is just a puzzle and probably something I would have to live with. I am not sure if I should be relieved or worried that is all looks normal. It is maddening. We tried those beeswax candles and are now working on more homeopathic remedies.
288415 tn?1231634102 I went to the doctor. He told me there was absolutely nothing wrong, no infection, no punctured ear drum, and no wax build up. He said I was probably getting water in my ears from the shower and it was draining at night. I have been showering for 50 yrs and never had this problem. I read on another forum (regarding same thing) to use vaseline on a q-tip. Doctor said this did not sound like a good idea. My room mate decided to try it and is cured. I started doing it myself this morning.
Avatar m tn It got to the point in December that I had to set up to sleep because I could not breath laying down. Also, my ears started ringing. Cut forward to today, I have been tested for Lyme, disease, parasites, Celiac, H. Pylori, thryoid and adrenla gland problems, and they have all come back negative. Some doctor say they think I have acid reflux and some say that I don't. I have not been on acid reflux medicne since last year and don't know if I should start back on it.
1166402 tn?1303850656 I had my ears plugged for a year now. Mostly my right ear, but sometimes my left. I think it was cleared up for 1 week since it started last spring. I've seen my doctor, ENT and now DR. again. They say it's allergies. I take the Flonase dayly, Claritin D (and numerous others that have failed). Nothing works and I'm becoming very irritable and depressed. This is crazy. I can't figure out why they won't give me more answers. I'm changing docs once again. I don't know what to do...
Avatar n tn It depends on WHAT is going on with the inner ear. Flonase or Fluticasone Propionate contains a corticosteroid that may help with inflammation and/or decrease fluid in the ear.
Avatar n tn I have been having dizzy spells , cracking and popping in ears since Jan 25, 2009. I have seen family doctor and he put me on Anivert and Flonase, it doesn't seem to be helping. Anyone have any helpful hints?
Avatar n tn Happy to report that with allergy meds I have not experienced to head rush and bowel movement feeling, but with taking a Singular or Zytec everyday along with Nasonex nasal spray twice a day, and using a netti pot at night, I still cannot shake the fullness in my ears and if anything my sensitivity to light is worse. Sometimes any store lights can get me feeling woozie and if I stay in there to long I get shaky inside feeling along with chills and then heat flashes.
Avatar f tn said....Actually, studies suggest that "was" in the ears is not simple at all -- didn't CDM have that problem at one point? I was, but once i crawled out the other side, problem solved.
Avatar n tn My 17 year old son got a cold in January. His ears have been plugged ever since. Here's what we've done: Sudafed for a few weeks. Saw the GP-who said wait a few moths. We did Flonase for 2 weeks Saw the ENT today The ENT expalined what the GP said-sometimes the tube is blocked/squeezed shut and there's not much you can do. We have one last thing to try-oral steroid for a week. We can go back in a month if it's not better. Has anyone found any solution-homeopathic, accupuncture..
Avatar n tn some mornings I wake up and my ears feel really wet- fluid draining out. I get ear pressure, sometimes pain in the ears, and fullness feeling. I went to an ENT, she told me I had ETD and that my nasal area looked inflammed. I went for allergy tests- everything was negative. I couldnt figure out what was causing this. She told me to start on the flonase- so I did it for a couple of weeks. After it seemed to clear all up, I stopped taking it.
1364525 tn?1277865817 I use meclazine for dizziness, small amounts of predisome, rest, and flonase. Viruses are tricky lil fellows, and cause a lot of symptoms and distress in your life! AND are difficult to diagnose because they mutate, act differently with different people....
Avatar f tn Got the past month I've had constant lightheadedness and clogged ears. I've tried 3 different antibiotics for sinus infection. Also tried flonase, allegra, and Sudafed. Nothing seems to help. I feel pressure mostly in my forehead. I don't have any congestion with mucus or anything. I've had a sinus x-ray, CT scan, and MRI, which were all fine and showed nothing wrong with sinuses. I usually clean my ears out with a q tip after showering.
Avatar m tn A few months ago I was awoken by a loud ringing in my head/ears. This had never happened before, and has drastically impacted my sleep. I've seen the doctors, and am currently taking Flonase, which seems to help at night. During the day, the every day sounds drown out the ringing, but the ringing is more pronounced at night when it is quiet. I guesss this is call tinnitus. I am not involved in music at all, so I haven't damaged my ears by listening to loud music.
Avatar f tn Its driving me crazy. I am taking flonase daily (per doctor reccommendations) but this is insane....its been practically a year and I am getting concerned. I have changed my diet dramatically, I am eating only whole foods and nothing processed....nothing makes any difference.
Avatar f tn I don't know what's causing her pain in her ears, she doesn't have a cold or even a runny nose, just her ears hurting, so I wouldn't think it would be sinus related. Please help.
231744 tn?1189759427 I wake up with my ears feeling plugged and a feeling of pressure. I can't get my ears clear. They seem to gradually clear themselves during the course of the morning. I don't usually feel the stuffiness until I raise my head from the pillows. Rarely I can pop my ear open but usually I just have to wait it out. I too have no significant nasal drainage or stuffiness. Just mild drainage. Sometimes there is a mild discomfort in the frontal sinuses.
Avatar m tn I'm worrired about the ringing in my ears. I have been on and off the flonase because I'm wondering if it will make me worse. I don't want to do anything that might aggravate the tinnitus. I don't like some of the things I've read flonase. Please let me know what you think I should do.
Avatar n tn Over the last 8 years or so whenever I get hot (working in the yard or other activities outside and also cleaning house) I start becoming hoarse, fluid builds in my head and on my ears. I feel like my head is full of water and my ears stop up and hurt. I am so tired of this. I am seeing a allergist in July, but nothing like Claritin D, flonase etc. has helped. Any suggestions what these symtoms may be caused by? Thank you.
Avatar m tn As an actor I felt I knew all the usual ENT protocols/advice having done most of them for decades. I do a lot of water, mucinex and flonase and have been on allergy shots for a long time mainly for dust mite, and secondarily some ragweed & tree. Lately I have done a few courses of oral corticosteroids & antibiotics yet these don't seem to be getting rid of the impacted mucus. I want to reverse this condition and avoid surgery.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning, and my ears were hurting just as bad as they were when I first got the infection. And my ears feel full of fluid again, I can barely hear. And my ears keep popping. I also started to get an earache behind my ear. Could the infection have come back? Why am I in so much pain again, all of a sudden? I tried to call the doctor, but they said I have to wait until my appointment next week.
Avatar f tn I started zyrtec and flonase, and got a HEPA air purifier. I've had that for about 2 weeks. Annnd now I've developed ear infections in BOTH ears due to the allergies, even taking all that and with the filter. I don't know what else to do. Trying to get on a list to see an allergist to be tested and find out what I'm allergic to, but the wait list is likely long. These ear infections have been awful and the doc said they were "really, really bad". They really knocked me on my butt.
Avatar f tn Which is only think and colored in the morning, other times is fine. Ears feel stuffy and I have had slight headaches. At night my mouth gets so dry that I feel like I have no saliva. I now am to the point miserable and feel like hell. Are these allergies? And I have tried taking clairtin, mucinex, flonase, saline spray, salt water gargle and nothing works. The Flonase made it worse and felt like my tongue was huge. I also have a metal taste in my mouth that is gross.
Avatar n tn She mentioned 'cobblestoning' in my throat and said my ears were sore from sneezing. She prescribed me flonase and told me to take over the counter claritin. I've been on flonase for about a week with no change. The sore throat and post-nasal drip are persistent and very painful. It particularly worse in the morning, and I have been taking advil for the pain. This has been going on for so long, and I'm a grad student that really can't afford to be sick.