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Avatar m tn Hi ! I was prescribed flonase for chronic sinus infections... I've been on it for a while. I stopped for about a month as decided to start back because the only other thing I've found tht helps is Benadryl but I cant take that with my heart meds. Anyways.... So I noticed the past few times I have taken it it almost seems to make me feel worse? It puts soooo much pressure on my sinuses that my eyes feel like I am almost squinting from the pressure.
Avatar n tn Twice in the last six months using Flonase my mouth filled with blood from sinuses. Is another medication for sinusitis available?
Avatar n tn Looks like you have developed a sinus infection which has progressed to a throat infection as well. Sinus infections cause a post nasal drip where secretions from the nose go backward into the throat and irritate. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper clinical assessment. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt gargles and take OTC antihistamines. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn My wife took my 17 year old son to a doctor for sinus problems. She asked for prescriptions for generic medicines; when we got the meds from the pharmacy, it turned out the doctor had prescribed Rhinocort, not flonase. Is there any reason without any prior history on either medicine a doctor would prefer Rhinocort instead of a similar medicine that has a generic equivalent?
Avatar m tn Is it safe for a person with Afib to use Flonase or Nasonex on a daily basis? Do they contain stimulants that might trigger an Afib episode?
Avatar f tn So, my question is, does anyone think I should take the Flonase for a couple of days to see if my symptoms clear? Or should I try and wait it out? I hate taking meds!! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I dont want to call the ENT again, if I dont have to. Thank you!!
Avatar m tn I notice that the ingredient that in Flonase is the same (fluticasone propionate) is the same one used in flonase.. It occurs to me that flonase might even work better because more of the stream of fluticasone propionate would hit the back of my throat and be swallowed, getting more to my esophagus and less to my mouth. The key point though is I can get flonase inexpensively, whereas the flovent is more than I can easily afford.
Avatar n tn I was switched to bactrim for another 10 days. No relief. A sinus xray was done, but it didn't show any sign of infection. The Dr. switched me to Flonase and referred me to an ENT. The condition doesn't seem to fit anything I have read about sinusitis. I don't have any stuffiness, mucous, etc. Just a burning or tingling sensation along the side of my nose and under my eyes. It also isn't there 100% of the time. In the morning it is fine, but by mid afternoon it starts up.
808904 tn?1307061409 I have had this horrible sinus congestion/headaches for the last couple of months. My nose is constantly stuffed up and my ears hurt...especially the right one. My PCP said she saw a little bit of fluid in this ear I have a lot of scar tissue on ear drum in this ear from ear infections all my life) and gave me amoxicillin. It has not helped. She also prescribed Loradene for me ..this just dried me up more and added to the congestion.
Avatar m tn I went to my local walk in, and was diagnosed with Sinus inflammation. I took Biaxin for 2 weeks, and it went away. 10 days later, it came back. A lot of eye strain, forehead tightness / discomfort, and some head tingling. I went to an ENT, and received a sinus / face CT scan which showed some mild sinus inflammations & polp in maxillary sinus (frontal sinus looked ok). I stopped the Humira, and am back on 14 days of antibiotics w/ flonase.
479419 tn?1208131285 It's why taking all the regular sinus stuff doesn't work for it. So many people have been misdiagnosed throughout the years as having sinus headaches when in reality they have migraines. Sinus pain can be just as part of the migraine as any of the other migraine symptoms like pain behind one eye, nausea, an aura, sensitivity to light/sound.
Avatar n tn I also tried to adjust my Zyrtec and take it early in the evening so I'm sure its effective during the night. Thanks for posting this...... my doctor is talking about the sinus surgery for me, and its nice to hear about some of what comes up? I haven't heard one person say they love it. I kind of feel like why not work on getting my allergies totally under control????
Avatar n tn I have had an ongoing sinus infections for the last 3 months. I have had 5 rounds of antibiotics, which have helped while I am taking them - just as soon as I get off of them I am miserable again. I use flonase, zyrtec, nasalcrom and allegra d and a prescription decongestant to relieve the extreme congestion in my neck. I also do nasal washes every other day. I should add to this that I have an immune deficiency - CVID. I cannot kick this sinus trouble.
519035 tn?1348279373 I started with a bloody nose maybe in middle of Feburary. I felt a little congested but not bad. By the end of Feb I broke out with the worst sinus infection in my life! I was draining everywhere. Heres how it started the day before I got sick I was eating dinner and felt as tho I got something caught in my throat. I went to the doc the following day and she said ooh its something viral. The following day I had nothing but drainage from head to ears to nose.
Avatar n tn I can tell you your sinus issue don't have anything to do with HIV. Sinus is sinus. There are no tests marketed or sold to give a conclusive negative test earlier than 3 months post exposure.
Avatar m tn I have had sinus issues for a good 3 years now. At times they flare up and get pretty bad. However, most recently I've developed a new symptom. It's gotten to the point where I can not drive or go many places without feeling very dizzy. Almost like I'm falling over slowly. Other times it will feel like someone is pushing my head to one side. I've noticed it get worse when I'm in an open space and while walking. My stumach gets really upset when this happens.
464237 tn?1315674393 So I'm terrified to use it because I don't want the infection to get even worse. How is it ok to use flonase for bacterial infection? Have any of you used flonase for infection. My infection is not allergy related, it came from a cold that was going around. Thanks so much for reading. and yes I have been using nasal irrigation along with all of the other home remedies I have found on the internet.
Avatar f tn She put me on Augmentin for 8 days for a sinus infection and said that she saw fluid behind my left eardrum. After the 8th day of pain, the augmentin did NOTHING and I went to the ER. The ER doctor was concerned about my family history and me being a smoker, and recommended a CAT scan and a spinal tap! I had both. I also insisted he do a full sinus scan. The CAT and Tap came back normal. My sinuses were a "little cloudy" on the left side.
Avatar n tn hi i have been suffering from a blocked nose for two years then two months ago i had a sinus operation but now am blocked all the time and i feel like i cant breath from my chest as well but every time the doctor checks my lungs they say there clear it affects the front part of my chest and somtimes i feel like am dying am on nasel drops antihistamines been doing steam inhalasion but nothing works its like i can blow bubbles inside my nose can anyone help me please cant cope with this
Avatar n tn the sinus infection could be an allergic. Ive had sinus infections for maybe a year since my sinus cavities fully formed.I was put on antibiotics for about 30 days but it didnt raelly get rid of my sinus issues and my sinus infections come back when im done with the antibiotics.sinus wash really helps.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that when they saw that my husband had Sinusitis, they gave him a RX for Flonase. From the time he first started taking the Flonase to the time he got the MRI, a few months had passed. So that's why the sinuses cleared up.
6579347 tn?1388505968 Can't get to my dr or to a pharmacy. I suffer from chronic allergies that I take shots for. I'm currently taking Mucinex maximum strength, D-Allergy, singulair, levocitirizine, flonase, & patanase. I'm taking hot showers with tea tree oil, drinking lots of hot tea, and sitting with a heating pad on my head to try to loosen things up but no luck. It looks like I'm going to be stuck in my house for at least another 1-2 days.
Avatar m tn I took antibiotics for 2 weeks + and used a nasal spray with a steroid in it called Flonase....(sometimes temporary nasal relief with Flonase but it comes right back...any suggestions I've tryed hot showers, drinking plenty of water..the pressure has let up some on my nose but hasn't improved anymore same with my head.
Avatar n tn thanks for the suggestions. i spoke with my pcp today, and she suggested returning to my neurologist for fear that my migraines may be coming back disguised as sinus pain. we'll see where that road takes us...
Avatar f tn I went to an ENT wednesday, May 8th and he gave me amoxicilin and flonase for my post nasal drip and said I have a sinus infection. I stopped the neti pot and salt water gargles because I burnt my lips and nostrils from doing it too much. Today I still have the swollen uvula and it is swelling up again and my post nasal drip is worse. I have pressure in my sinuses and I have cut dairy, spicy, and hot foods from my diet.
Avatar m tn drain the mass, and there is nothing for the bacteria to eat. I have bad sinus allergies, and I've dealt with many sinus infections. This works every single time within 24 hours. Try it before you dismiss, please.
Avatar n tn A former Mayo researcher is looking for an anti-fungal sinus spray, but nothing yet. I've developed a saline Sinus Flush that dramatically removes any sort of infection from the sinuses. It's slightly risky, because you have to bend over in a shower, but sounds like you're in fine shape. All it does is recreate the water-up-your-nose experience, one that you are familiar with, but with safe hypotonic saline solution.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor on Thursday with a headache, sinus pain and drainage and bumps on the back of my throat. No fever. He put me on a Z-pack and Flonase. I went back today because I looked at my throat and saw white stuff down the side where my tonsils hide. That doctor said it's an Adenovirus and to continue the meds and gargle with salt water. He said the white stuff is not pus but is sinus drainage. I looked Adenovirus up and got scared!
Avatar f tn So now after 3 years now I have been suffering from horrible sinus congestion, pressure, pain all over my sinus areas, headaches, also associated with sickness to my stomache and dizzeness with light headness also I can't sleep do to all these problems I have taken everything from over the counter medicines live advil congestion,anything with decongestion nose sprays like prescribed flonase also clariden d and zytertec d, also many headace relief medications like anything you can imagine over t