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1409672 tn?1281491412 Vertical ridges represent a normal aging pattern, though some people consider the presence of ridges to be an indication of the risk of developing athririts. At any rate it is considered normal and medically insignificant.
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Avatar n tn That is one of the better sites I have seen for fingernails, thanks for posting. That site suggested that vertical ridges could indicate disorders as simple as iron deficiency, poor absorption of vitamins and nutrients, overall poor health. Also, could be a result of vitamin deficiency, one of which is the B vitamins. I can see maybe iron deficiency, since iron causes me so much trouble.
3159358 tn?1343639853 My finger nails appearing to be in vertical line, just like the ridges. Firstly it did happen on one of fingers, but later all of them having this symptom. I am worry if something going wrong..
Avatar m tn Pronounced vertical ridges Nails are very soft (they haven't broken or split yet) Pale nail beds with band of pink on distal edge (also a wavy whitish line just near where the pale meets the pink) Lunulas gone except on thumbs and right index finger Nail beds seem to be receding from distal end (Note: I'm also noticing these symptoms on my toenails but they are not as pronounced) Here is an image of a few of the worst of my nails, immediately after trimming them:
Avatar f tn anyone have ideas on treatment, for ridged fingernails...vertical ridges..i have no thyroid, and am on synthroid and recently cytomel... thank you..
Avatar f tn One extremely common cause of ridges on fingernails is malnutrition or malabsorption. Many vitamin deficiencies cause ridges on fingernails, as the body's production of the materials in the nail is interrupted. Eating a healthier diet and supplementing with vitamins can help clear up the ridges; for especially strong, health nails you can eat gelatin, which will also benefit your hair.
Avatar f tn I appear to have developed ridges on my fingernails, they run vertically. Is there a medical reason for these ridges or fine vertical lines on my nails?
Avatar m tn Should I be worried about the signs in my fingernails ? Since two years I am having fine lines from bottom to the tip of the nails. Could this be a sign of endocarditis?
Avatar n tn Symptoms, #1 tired to exhausted, having trouble waking up, fingernails brittle with vertical ridges, skin dry, becoming moody, hair brittle, and falling out more than normal low libido, weight is starting to go up. Swelling of my legs and feet.
Avatar m tn I have vertical ridges that have developed on my thumb nails and when I recently went to the dentist she found tartar under the gumline on the back of my teeth and she asked if I was a diabetic? This all may be several pieces leading to nothing but I was wondering if anyone has ever been through anything similar.
2178116 tn?1337612881 Perhaps the vertical ridges are normal. I was questioning if that is normal or a symptom of the thyroid not working properly.
Avatar n tn One thing I forgot to mention, my fingernails have vertical ridges. People I've talked to have surmised that it is psoriasis I've inherited from my dad. Anyways, thanks for the advice.
Avatar f tn I take magnesium chelated with amino acids. There are various types of magnesium and some are poorly absorbed such as magnesium oxide with only a 4% absorption rate! I found a couple of articles with info on nail ridges and IST.... Steady Health - Ridges In Fingernails... "Reasons Behind Fingernail Ridges First and foremost, certain deficiencies in our organism, malnutrition as well as some other causes, may all trigger the appearance of these ridges upon a person's fingernails.
Avatar n tn I hate everyone and everything happening in the world, my feet and hands are cold but I feel clammy in the head around the stomach and in my elbow pits, my muscles feel like they are tight all the time and as a result have neck aches and body aches, my heart races a bit, very nervous, smell smoke although no one smokes, have vertical ridges in my fingernails. I will be seeing my doctor in the next 10 days but I just can't stand the way I feel. I am miserable.
Avatar n tn Since then I've noticed deep vertical ridges in all my fingernails. Some sites suggested thryoid problems and the more I read, the more I started thinking that maybe this is my problem. I eat like a horse. Anything and everything but never gain any weight. My weight has been pretty constant for the last ten years although I eat considerably more these days. Another thing is that I had radiation treatment for acne as a teenager.
Avatar f tn Lots of rule-outs here, but they include–Adrenal gland problems, calcium deficiency, chronic fatigue, chronic inflammation, iron deficiency, poor digestion/absorption in the small intestine, Vitamin A deficiency, yeast and other fungi. Red Bands: Allergies, liver overload, inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract.
Avatar f tn At times my chest is tight and breathing feels as if I am trying to pull air through a straw. Nails and skin I have vertical ridges in my fingernails and they are brittle and break off easily in horizontal strips.. almost like they peel off. I break out in small blisters on my hands and arms. My fingers will rash and be raw around my rings for no reason and then it goes away just as fast. I am noticing dry red patches the size of quarters on all areas of my skin.
Avatar n tn Doctors seem to focus on my other symptoms but not on the color of my fingernails. Before their colour was like that of normal, healthy people's fingernails. Also my lips, tongue, scars, scratches eg my face after shaving have this same discoloration. Please tell me all the causes of the discoloration. I'll attach more pics here. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn The only thing I did was paint last week and I don't know if the excessive scrubbing off the paint from the fingers and fingernails would have made it worse. I am going to see my doctor today, but I'm sure he'll probably refer me to a dermatologist. I don't want to have my thumbnail removed...