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Avatar m tn Going to the title of this post, the handjob was finished and there was copious amounts of semen as a result. The lubricant used was vasoline and I frequently have cuticle tears/cuticle breaks where the fingernail is attached to the finger. I do not remember if any were sore at the time and I don't remember any bleeding/injury to them but I cannot say for sure.
Avatar n tn I had a mishap at work in which my nail of my third finger was pulled out from under the cuticle area, but left attached to the nail bed. Emergency Doctor froze my finger, removed the nail surgically, stitched my fingertip back together, then reinserted the 'dead' nail (after thorough clean/disinfect) and stitched it in place to protect the nail bed and serve as a semi soft splint. I am on day 11 since my accident, and have been diligent in the care of my finger.
Avatar n tn So about 2 weeks ago (after putting a cuticle out) the base of my fingernail got infected its red and swollen doesnt hurt much but when i touch it, then about a week ago i began to have these little white bumps on my finger tips they very in size but none bigger than 1/16in, they have now sped to some of my palm, they have no liquid in them they are only white and they open easly when scrached but they do not itch or hurt, my guess is i touched something im aleric to but i have never really been
Avatar n tn I recently shook hands with a woman who moved into our neighborhood. I had several small paper cuts on my fingers and a few cuticle cuts as well. We have come to learn that this woman is a drug addict and have noticed that she has pockmarks all over her face and seems to pick at them all the time. Since she is a drug addict, I worry that she could have a bloodborne disease. I am concerned that she may have had blood or bodily fluids from these pockmarks on her hands when I shook it.
Avatar n tn I have a puffey tender area on the side of my fingernail where the skin meets the cuticle - cuticle area. It secretes a yellowish stickey substance where the cuticle and nail meet. The nail is fine. There is no discoleration or change in texture of the nail, just the skin next to it which is puffey and slightly tender.
Avatar n tn The funny thing is that part of my nail seems healthy, the other half (the half where the infection was) is just absent and there is nothing growing from where the cuticle would be. Is it possible that the disease could have killed part of the root? Is it possible nail growth might be absent for a few months because of the infection but come back? And other than going to the dermatologist are there any treatments or anything else I can do?
Avatar m tn 1056/NEJMicm1311820 Paronychia (bacterial infection adjacent to a fingernail) is much more common than herpetic whitlow, so don't blame your doctor on making the wrong diagnosis initially. I'm glad the truth was quickly sorted out. If you also had intercourse with your partner, in addition to the fingering episode, it is possible you also had (and still have) a genital infection with HSV2 in addition to the finger. Probably not, but it will be difficult to be certain.
Avatar m tn Hello! Paronychia is a soft tissue infection around a fingernail. Any infection will have inflammation and the usual symptoms are swelling, redness, warmth and pain. Sometimes with mild infection the pain and inflammation are the only symptoms. The area surrounding the nail bed like the tips of the fingers also have pain with pressure. When the paronychia infection subsides your pain will decrease. Take care!
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months i have a spreading rash on my finger. Started on cuticle and spread on the side and now under my fingernail. Gp took a skin sample and tests for fungal came back negative. I have tried bactroban, hydrozole and zinc ointment. I am wearing gloves when using cleaning products. Still it keeps on spreading. Please help!
Avatar m tn That looks to me like Onychomycosis which is a fungal toenail infection. Sometimes it can be a fingernail, though. The nail looks yellow/orange and the cuticle and surrounding skin looks inflamed and infected to me. Anyway, you can google Onychomycosis fingernail and see what you think.
Avatar m tn Most often it is trauma to the cuticle that allows infection in. Biting or picking at the cuticle, damage through work and overenthusiastic manicuring are the usual culprits. Individuals who work with their hands in water, such as health care workers and food processors, are quite prone to the fungal type of infection. Excess water weakens the seal and soaps or detergents will remove the protective skin oils, leaving the skin dry and more liable to split." Source:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Your description most closely matches paronychia, an infection generally caused by yeasts which get under the cuticle and inflame the tissue around the nail (what "paronychia" means.) Treatment involves minimizing water exposure and applying a topical anti-yeast cream. Do you ever pick at or rub the nails? If so, please stop. Most likely, you are correct in your surmise that this condition dos not imply any systemic involvement. Ask a doctor, to be sure. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn It was the worst i have ever got,pus was coming out ,all the tissue was red and inflammed and it hurt like hell.Even if i touched my fingernail at the end(i have long fingernails) my finger was i noticed,i havent looked at my nail closely lately nor at a natural light , i saw that my nail suffered some yellow discoloration as if there was something underneath it.It is near the location where the pus was oozing and it looks like the nail is detaching from the nail bed.
Avatar n tn pulling up from the cuticle. no sign of infection, no pain either. is it possible she sucked her fingers too much and killed the cuticle? will her nails regrow?
Avatar m tn I had major toe nail fungus since I was 7 or 8 yrs old. My father had fingernail fungus when younger and now its happening to me. I will have benefits soon but I am curious to what kind of nail fungus I may have because its pretty extreme. It started as a small brown spot on the side of my finger close to the cuticle, eventually turned yellow and grew out with the nail. The fungal outbreaks would normally happen once every 5-6 months.
Avatar n tn I've had this,what appears to be, fungus on the middle finger of my right hand at the fingernail. It's actually affected the growth of the nail on one side. It ges better and it gets worse. At it's worst, around the cuticle is sore,red and the nail appears to want to come away. I've tried over the counter nail fungus creme but to no lasting effect. In the past there has been pus that I've 'forced out'. I've had it for about a year now. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Lamisil tablets are thus the recommended option in treating an infected fingernail or toenail as fungal infection tends to be located near the cuticle or at the nail bed. Oral consumption of lamisil also produces good results in treating severe cases of fungal infection. http://saferxmeds.
Avatar f tn On Sunday afternoon, I had bitten off a cuticle on my left hand ( never thought twice about doing so )... as I had never had a cold sore on my mouth. Monday morning I woke up with pain in my glands near my armpits that lasted about 24 hours... 2 days later I developed a small split in my upper lip. Now I am experiencing itching and tingling in my pinky finger. I am scared to death that I have transferred this from my mouth to my hands ( even though I had no visible sore on my mouth ).
Avatar n tn My concern is because I went shopping the other day and noticed that my finger had been stinging slightly on and off, but when I looked at it I didn't really notice anything so I ignored it for most of the day, until a little later when I inspected it more closely and saw that I actually had a pretty deep cut in my skin from the cuticle and down the skin under my middle fingernail. It bled when I pulled the skin to the side slightly.
Avatar m tn After a week, I still seemed to have the same symptoms, though hopefully starting the meds on the first day I noticed visual symptoms helped address the problem head on right away.I never experienced the blisters near the cuticle as shown in most pictures of whitlow, but those could be extreme cases in the online photos. Currently the skin on my fingers is peeling so I hope that means this is healing.
Avatar n tn Can vaginal fluids get underneath the fingernail through the bottom front or sides of the fingernail causing HSV or HPV infection? 3. If I don’t get any blisters on my finger up to 21 days can I assume I don’t have herpes? Can I be infected without any blisters appearing? 4. On some posts, you say there’s no way you can get herpes or any STD from fingering, but in other posts you say there is a slight, slight possibility. Can you explain why there’s a difference in response albeit very minor?
1156883 tn?1262431356 when I got in my car I kept feeling a little burning on my finger but when I looked I was shocked. There was blood around my fingernail in the cuticle area and underneath on my finger. I put sanitizer on it right away and inspected my finger for any cut. I couldn not find a cut anywhere on my finger and I am so confused. I don't know how the blood got there. I know it couldn't have been anyone elses but I also know it wasn't mine and it must have come from somewhere.
Avatar m tn I also feel it around the whole cuticle, which is swollen. This makes me think the infection is occurring through the entire thumb tip and under the nail. The tiny sore spot was just the tip of an infection iceberg. The entire thumb above the knuckle has been stained orange-black by the iodine and looks like something out of the Walking Dead, so I cover it with a bandage and/or finger cot when I go out.
Avatar m tn The dermatologist’s comments were that my fingers, specifically surrounding the fingernail and cuticle, due to having been "picked at", had microscopic indentions / breaches in the outer most layer of skin that could theoretically have allowed for transmission.
Avatar m tn If It is removed to quickly it tears bits on skin from the wall, you get the picture. Anyway it can tear in thin ribbons kind of like a cuticle that tears back on you fingernail, it just keeps tearing in a line as long as it has tissue to tear. The good news is the skin will grow back but might take a month or so to complete. Till then try not to push to hard when urinating, and goes easy on the sex if you catch my drift! I hope this help ally your fears. Take care.
Avatar m tn the partner with a geno 1 did not transmit a genotype 3 infection, no matter how HOT and heavy the sex action was) The only way of knowing would be to follow people around and test them for antibodies and PCR's after every risk event. To some extent the statistics can point towards probable methods of transmission, though.
645800 tn?1466864555 For those not familiar with that term it is an infection of the fold of tissue around a nail. My case was fairly acute and they informed me they would need to cut open my finger and drain it. When they doctor was having me sign the consent form she said that there are really no risks since the finger was already infected and besides I really had no choice. Both the PA and I laughed at that one. After all how often can a doctor make that kind of statement.
Avatar f tn Although my nails aren't as short as yours, I also bite the skin around the nails, many times to the point of bleeding, and I've even lost a nail twice to infection. However, there have been two times that I stopped biting completely: when I got fake nails put on, and when I went to a counselor. There are nails you can get that don't damage your real ones...they're just plastic and you can apply them with a little drop of glue.