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Avatar f tn The fingers on my right hand are swollen (clubbing?)....No discoloration, no tingling, to itching....A couple days ago all of the blood vessels in my right arm dialated and you could see them all popping out of my hand and arm, it lasted about a minute....I have no idea if that is involved in this at all....ahhh why do I have another crazy symptom to add to the list?!?!?!
Avatar f tn Hello, A shell fish allergy causes hives, itching or eczema, swelling of lips, face, throat etc. It seems that you have developed some infection in your middle finger which has resulted in swelling and stiffness. It is possible that you have developed cellulitis. You may need anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Consult a doctor for clinical examination and I hope it helps. Best luck and regards!
645800 tn?1466864555 I didn't notice the rash like area until after one particularly maddening itching session when I noticed blood on my finger tips after scratching. Since then it has gotten a little larger and more of an oblong shape about the size of a silver dollar. The area has a reddish color to it and feels rough, though it doesn't look rough at all. I think this is just due to the scratching damaging my skin.
Avatar f tn I am not sure what is wrong. Is the swelling, itching, and pain just part of the healing process, since I must a gotten a small tear on the inside of my vagina? Or is it likely that I have a yeast infection or something like that? Could a vaginal injury lead to a yeast infection? What should I do?
Avatar f tn In the past few months I've been to 2 eye Drs. and a Dermatologist for swelling/itching/puffing eye lids, mostly inside corner and under the eye. Could this be any type of weird symptom caused by the MS? Anyone experienced anything like this? I've tried drops, creams, lotions. I believe it is the MS or a new allergy? Any ideas?
Avatar n tn About four days ago the area around my clitoris and inside my outer vaginal lips started itching. The next day I was still itching in the same spot, but it was painful to pee and the area on the outside of my outer lips started to feel chaffed. The next day all the syptoms were still there, and then the skin in between my vagina and rectum started to feel chaffed also with small fleshed colored bumps, and also my period started that day.
Avatar n tn 3 days later I had INTENSE itching, and a great deal of swelling only on the side of my penis where i had used the oil. I saw a doc and he decided that 1)i have HPV-he set me up with a derm. for the end of week, and 2) he thought the swelling was probably just a reaction to the product i had been using for weeks with no swelling. The swelling in that area is now gone, though still very itchy, and the skin looks strange- very irritated in the whole area close to where oils had hit.
Avatar f tn My vagina had been itching the past few days and i put it down to thruth but today my vignal lips started swelling really bad its very painful. i have no idea what it is or what to do ? its been a week or so since i had sex with a condom is it possible its a recation to the condom ??? Please help.
Avatar m tn I am just seeing what could somebody be missing. Itching now accompanies the swelling along with some pain. I have had catscans, bloodwork ect. Nothing is helping. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn There is a spot on the side of the tip of my left index finger that has been itching more or less constantly for about 2 weeks now. There is no visible rash, skin discoloration, bumps, etc. It is not exceedingly dry, and lotion does not seem to make a significant difference. I went to a dermatologist who said that it looked fine, and that I probably had a "nerve that is misfiring". Is that a likely cause? If so, is there anything to do to relieve the itching?
Avatar n tn when reading through what others have posted, here is what i do know. the itching around the swelling is caused by the skin being streched beyond what it should. it wont kill you its just itchy and uncomfortable believe me i understand. and yes it does hurt like hell sometimes to walk when your feet are swollen but again it wont kill you. the swellings without fail will subside within 24-48 hrs sometimes 72. what does work is benadryl. its an antihistamine and will keep the swelling down.
Avatar n tn Not sure if this is the correct forum for this but here goes... I've recently started having heartburn a lot. I'm a 47 yo male and have only had heartburn a couple times previously in my life and never severe. When this first started happening I went to the ER because it was so sever one night that I thought I was having a heart attack. This was the first time I had gotten it in years. After a battery of heart tests nothing was found to be wrong with my heart-- Strong like bull!
Avatar n tn I had lymphedema while getting radiation following lumpectomy and removal of 25 axillary nodes (one positive) 13+ years ago. Cuts on my hand do not heal well unless I use medicated band-aids. A few months ago I had a all cut on my forefinger that I let heal naturally( but slowly); but continued to feel itchiness in my palm & finger after it appeared healed. About 2-3 months ago I got another tiny cut on the forefinger & also the skin on my thumb had a small crack.
Avatar n tn It is really bad now over the past 3 years. I have the bumps, itching really bad, open sores, cuts, swelling from it. I also went to the OB AND they did all the test to rule out SID. I was fine. They he says it is detergents so on. Well i used dreft baby wash as he told me , nope still have it, i use detergents for people with allergys, NOPE still have it. So I have done all i am suppose to do and it wont stop. I get near tears to. It hurts.
Avatar m tn The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar m tn By labor day (Sept 6), the area was still generally itchy but the small blisters had mostly disappeared, but the area in which they had appeared still itched and appeared dry, red, and swollen. Over the course of the next week the itching and swelling subsided on that pinky and ring finger.
Avatar n tn Well it's 7 Mar and I don't know if I have herpes on my finger. I never developed blisters redness itching or swelling. I still have subtly sensitive skin on the last segment of my finger. Based on my experience with herpes for 3 years this symptom doesn't ring a bell. If it was herpes would a symptom like that linger for so long. Since my first symptom, it's been 56 days or 8 weeks! The big question, this discussion brings up, is immunity.
Avatar n tn well, the doctor thinks its bedbugs...the swelling and itching have subsided.
Avatar f tn Hi Carrie187 I think that you need to observe this for some time to see if the bumps decrease or increase in intensity. Are they also accompanied by some other symptoms such as pain, swelling, itching or rashes/swelling in other parts of the body? Also have you recently used any new soaps, perfumes etc which could have resulted in some kind of an allergic reaction? It could be just a dust allergy after cleaning your room.
Avatar n tn What causes severe itching of the palm area only? There is no rash, but the area will get dry and white after scrathing. I thought it was caused by allergies, but my allergist hadn't heard of this symptom on the palm only. It happened on the right palm only until I had carpal tunnel surgery. Then the left palm started itching - only the palm; no other area of the hand. I talked with someone who said her doctor told her this may be a symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome.
Avatar n tn Yesterday afternoon while in the dentist office with my son my hand started itching. First in one spot on one finger and then on to two more fingers and then the whole side of my hand. It only got worse as the night went on. I woke up scratching my hand all night and in the morning my hand was burning and swollen. I have never experienced this in my life. Its still itching pretty bad now and only gets worse with more scratching.
Avatar n tn For those who don't remember me , i am 37years old male suffering from Hashimoto's for last 3 years and suffering from many symptoms, i must admit lot better then before but again not feeling same way as before . I have been dealing with muscles weakness and arm finger/foot joint pain, although for last 2 times my TSH level is 1.54/1.84 with FT4 1.44/1.52. Because of those muscles/joint pain and fatigue smyptoms , i am going through lot of anxiety which is effecting my daily life lot .
Avatar n tn For the first few months I was treated for a reocurring yeast infection, but everytime I had sex my symptoms would return (swelling, burning, itching, pain when sitting and urination) - so again I would do a round of RX yeast infection treatment. My doctor said that this may be a form of vaginal dryness attributed to my bodys lack of being able to produce enough of it's own estrogen because I have been on birth control for so long.
Avatar m tn I have itching and swelling in my right pinky finger and a little spot underneath my ring finger. I have had this reoccurring for the last year now. Ever since I broke my wrist this has occurred. It intensely itches so badly to the point of crying. I have taken all the anti-itch creams there is on the market and not one has helped. I tried benadryl and it didn’t work either. The swelling is so bad I can't bend my finger. The only thing I can do is put ice directly on it for hours at a time.
Avatar m tn There are about nine of them, more easily seen when I press upon the skin to make it white. The slight swelling still exists, but there is no itching, loss of feeling, bumps, or anything that may hint a bug bite, rash, etc. What could it be? I don't recall any recent harm done to any part of my body.
Avatar n tn The symptoms include dryness and recurring skin rashes associated with redness, skin edema (swelling), itching and dryness, crusting, flaking etc. Treatment is with corticosteroid steroid ointments, creams or lotions. You can start with a weak steroid like hydrocortisone or desonide. They do not cure eczema, but are highly effective in controlling or suppressing symptoms in most cases. They should be used only for a short period of time, long term use is associated wuth skin thinning.
Avatar n tn Itching, irritation, swelling to labia may be as benign as dermatitis. This is often related to contact with irritating substances/objects (tampons, pads/pantyliner...esp. those with perfumes, colored TP, non cotton panties, tight clothing, deodorants/soaps/detergents/dryer sheets used during laundry, lubricants or condoms...etc.) stick with unscented hygeine products, white TP, never douche, use plain KY brand lubricant, and polyurithane or lamb skin condoms if latex sensitive.