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Avatar f tn Followed up with family doctor in a week, another xray, he said yes cracked around middle joint (side of the middle joint that faces towards middle finger). However the next day he phoned and said no its not broken. About a month later went to physiotherapy which included ultrasound treatment and compressions stocking. This lasted about three to four months. In Spring of this year I had no improvement.
Avatar n tn I am a 37 year old mum of 1 (13) I was diagnosed with 3 spinal compression fractures and oesteporosis 3 years ago, over the last 6 months i have suffered increasing joint stiffness and pain, to the extent where I can no longer turn a key in the lock or lift a kettle to make a drink single handed.
477912 tn?1207978040 my dad age 57 has been to about ever dr there is and speicalist all of his joints have severe pain feels like shattered GLASS when joints move,his hand swell esp under finger by palm and fingers lock up and after tryin 2 work his hands will become swollen and have streaks of red and itll bleed if he keeps tryin to use them his hands will get like a cats Paw ,fatigue,any activity he trys the next few days he suffers by being tired and hurting cant move etc well any advice id appreate it !
Avatar f tn Now, I'm having pain in my shoulder and even in my jaw which continues to lock up. Occassionally I'll have very brief tinglining in my hands or feet or numbness in my pinky finger which is followed by more pain. The tingling/numbness lasts for only a few seconds or minutes. The pain continually moves around my body and I've experienced it regularly in both arms, both legs, back, and neck although it tends to favor my right side.
Avatar n tn Should you find that these areas become red, hot, swollen, joint(s) lock up, decrease range of motion, or having increased flares, fatigue, fever, generalized aches, just not feeling need to see a doctor (preferably a Rheumatologist). They may order tests or do some diagnostic testing as well as exam you.
Avatar n tn I think that may have been what has been slowing down the complete healing of the finger. However, my doctor also told me that it can take up to 8 months for the joint swelling to go down. So I'll just keep up with the PT and hope for the best. This finger fracture has been BY FAR much more tricky than the time I fractured a bone in my foot.
Avatar f tn Now, I'm having pain in my shoulder and even in my jaw which continues to lock up. Occassionally I'll have very brief tinglining in my hands or feet or numbness in my pinky finger which is followed by more pain. The tingling/numbness lasts for only a few seconds or minutes. The pain continually moves around my body and I've experienced it regularly in both arms, both legs, back, and neck although it tends to favor my right side.
798555 tn?1292791151 I also get extreme toe crams, where they completely lock up and I cannot move them at all. It is extremely painful and I just have to wait for it to pass. I am now wondering if all this is related to ???
Avatar m tn It can even be trigger finger where the joints lock up. Once you unlock the joint by moving your finger, the finger straightens. It can also be a tense tendon. Stretching and strengthening exercises may help. Please show this to your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn For the past couple of weeks I have woken up to my right pinky and ring finger is locked up. It takes me a while to get it moving. Now I have noticed it locks up during the day and now I looked at my pinky and the joint is larger and bent in looking! That's why I googled it and found this web site. It is interesting that you have thyroid issues. They test mine and it is within the limits but on the high side just under the limits. My heart flutters and jumps around.
Avatar f tn It's made me a lot less active than I usually am. So, when I started noticing that both pinky fingers were starting to lock up, I thought it was just due to my lack of movement and really only being on the computer all day or sleeping. Now that I've gotten a bit more active, I'm not so sure anymore. The joint locking is painless and mainly in my pinky fingers except for after I sleep, then it tends to impact more fingers. I noticed that there are some fingers I can't lift completely.
Avatar n tn specifically, the two finger joints of the pinky, the top joint of the ring finger, the central joint of the middle finger and sometimes the knuckle and central joint of the index finger. My thumb's central joint can be popped but causes no pain or tightness. Pressing my hand flat on a surface and forcing it to remain there causes tightness at the wrist and I can feel what can only be described as a 'spring effect' at the knuckles when I release.
Avatar m tn it just doesnt make sense to put a 1/4 in long piece of plastic in a knuckle joint only 3/4 in wide at the most they said it was a suture lock. but wouldnt you want somethin that would dissolve inside?. i was just curious and worried about the constant infection. thanks alot for the input.
Avatar m tn If it is neurological - and my bet is that it was - it would be from tight spasm of the big masseter muscles. Generally when the joint locks up the person has some history of the joint clciking and popping and of some mechanical "thunk" preceding the locking up. I agree that TMJ dysfunction is really common, but coming out of nowhere, lasting 5 minutes and then resuming sounds more like a sudden muscle spasm. It was not tetanus.
Avatar n tn I can feel the gap between the large (unbroken) section of patella and the part that has broken off. When I put my finger in the gap and bend my knee, I can feel the joint moving. I have quite a bit of fluid on the knee as well. However, the pain is not too bad, and I'm mobile (walking and doing stairs). I can fully extend my leg. I haven't sought medical treatment here because I'm going home one week from today.
Avatar n tn 55 am , and i have to catch up a follow up appointment with my doctor and when i come back i'm going to continiue my story. i'm sorry if someone find what i'm writting boring or silly , but since it's a journal i wanted to use it as a gate-away and see if other people's experience are semilar to mine. or we can suppost each other. So plaease feel free to comment and share yor thought with me.
Avatar m tn its not severe an it doesnt last more than a minute. an the other day i notice i got a bruise when i was liftin some stuffs on my top finger i sometimes feel a burning sensation on my skins .an i been having stomach problem 2 weeks now , lock of appetite, sounds in my stomach, often blechin an poop that smell very bad. does this mean im hiv positive, or is anxiety problem. or others..
Avatar n tn I have had some trouble over the years with stiff joints in my hands, mostly in winter, but around four months ago I started getting real pain in my hands and fingers followed by them swelling, this then started in my feet and ankles, legs, knees, arms elbows and shoulders and seems to move from one place to the other on a 2-3 day basis, it sometimes even changes from being severe to the point of not being able to use my hands to just a slight pain and completely moved to, say a knee or a foot
Avatar n tn At 24, I suddenly came down with what felt like a severe flu w/ fatigue, muscle, and joint pain. Episodic 'brain fog' would accompany this. Blood test showed positive ANA; rheumatologist tested me for 'everything'. Abnormalities seen were low WBC and a mildly elevated CK; negative for RA, lupus, etc..ANA remains negative to this day. These muscle and joint pains never went away, but seemed to wax/wane as time went on.
Avatar f tn Then on the middle finger, same hand and joint. Then Thumb on right hand crease of top joint, and now top joint crease on ring finger of right hand. Also, I've noticed that on the first two infected areas, it almost appear as if it's multiple "hole potential" areas immediately around the trouble spot. In addition, it almost looks as if it's two holes sharing one growth?
Avatar f tn Hi all, I am a 23 yr old female, I have been struggling with GERD for about 6 years... Lots of meds, but the symptoms never seem to go away. I have had test that show inflamed stomach lining and delay gastric emptying, but I still feel the symptoms my GERD after meds (regurgitation, pain, sore throat, acid taste, enamel wear-down). Could it be that EDS or Hypermobility is actually causing the GERD (weak collagen and loose joints)?
4494800 tn?1355444091 ear pain, temple pain, and bottom of jaw pain), the clicking in the back of your head would not fit. Clicking in the jaw joint, however would match up with a TMJ issue. So, you are likely describing two different things- one has to do with your TMJ, but the clicking in the back of your head (if not being misperceived as coming from that location) may have a different source- have you tried neck exercises where you hear this clicking? (I noticed you mentioned shaking your head)?
Avatar m tn Ever since I can remember I have had twitches. When I was a younger kid, I would lock and unlock my knees every minute or so. This twitch lasted for a few years. From 4th grade to 7th grade my eyes would roll to the back of my head, almost like you would do when you think what someone says is stupid, about once a minute. The next twitch I can remember started in my Freshman year, and I would flex my Jaw muscles.
Avatar n tn *Burning feeling on skin all the time, at times my husband cannot even brush his finger tips over a certain area of my arms or shoulders without me tensing up and feeling a huge jolt of pain. *Feeling in bones as I describe like when you were a kid and someone gave you an "indian burn", a sort of twisting, tight pain.
140622 tn?1190102529 Wish you well Lostpass Hold both hands straight out palms up... now, cup your thumbs in to touch your finger tips... that is how my hands cramp with the concentration of pain in the thumb. Hurts like heck... Misery loves company & you got it. Hang in there. Post treatment still side effects. I thought I'd feel great after the initial 12 months. Not so, but I am an achiever so far. See Dr. tomorrow, and I pray for the best .
400099 tn?1282958464 Hi, in the context of MS, a cold is a potent stimulator of the immune system and so it often causes a flare -up of symptoms - a relapse. Yes, fasciculations are common in MS, other neurological disorders, after viruses, etc. and may be representing a relapse. You should add the cold, when it started and when these twitches began. The knee locking and bucking I have had.
Avatar f tn I am a 42 year old female. I was diagnosed with having bi-lateral carpal tunnel syndrome, stemming heavy computer use. I had right carpal tunnel release surgery on 2/20/09. The numbness was alleviated to a great extent but I continued to experience pain, swelling, & stiffness. Shortly thereafter, I developed right middle & ring trigger finger, where my fingers would lock. I had trigger release surgery on 6/26/09. To date, I am still experiencing pain and stiffness.
627818 tn?1271780626 If I slowly moved it toward my body and then let it relax down to my side it went much better. I constantly felt as if either shoulder could lock up and refuse further movement at any moment. My PCP checked it for possible rotator cuff problems but neither side appeared injured. We talked about using baclofen and decided to wait a while because I hate to risk adding drug induced fatigue to what I already have.
748543 tn?1463449675 Symptoms may include headaches, neck pain or stiffness, ear aches, congestion or ringing in the ears, cracking, popping or grating noises in the joint, dizziness and fainting, difficulty swallowing, pain behind the eyes, limited opening or discomfort on opening, numbness in the hands, along with shoulder and neck pain. It seems to me that this should be our moral responsibility to treat these patients. Most members of the medical community are unprepared to deal with these patients.