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Monster Why would I have painful nodules, on thumb knuckle,elbow, index finger and foot joints at 48 yrs old.
Avatar n tn I acquired a small painful raised bump on small, lower finger joint. Tried to see if there was any fluid and found none. Very painful to touch. What could it be? And what can I do to relieve the pain and get rid of it? No, it's not red or has any color.
Avatar m tn I have had a 'flexible' callus like lump of excess skin on the top of my left middle finger, diameter being the size of an eraser of a regular #2 pencil. it is rough and hard, but moveable when felt. no fluid or hardness underneath the callused part. i think i've had it since i had a pretty bad cut from a knife sharpening accident where i lopped of a good portion of the skin about 1cm. after it healed i'm pretty sure it appeared, and that was 1 year ago.
Avatar m tn Thank you so much. What if if there was some undried vaginal fluid on my finger that touched the wound.
Avatar m tn It is a ganglion (tissue mass) of the adjacent distal interphalangeal joint (DIJ), caused by leakage of fluid from the joint into the surrounding tissue. Common treatments consist of injection of corticosteroids, repeated puncture and drainage of the cyst or surgical excision. If the symptoms persist then it will be best to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. The other possibilities of cutaneous horn and a callus have to be ruled out. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn About three years ago my pinky finger bent without pain, I went to the doctor and he had an X-ray made, but he could not tell me what it was he only said it had fluid build up on top of the joint, but that it was not arthritis. There was nothing he could do, so my finger is still bent with no pain. There are just some things the doctors have no answer for. Just to let you know you are not alone.
Avatar m tn It seems you have some joint inflammation problem which can be arthritis, bursitis, synovitis (inflammation of synovial fluid in the joint) which usually becomes symptomatic during any activity/sitting. In addition, your high body weight may aggravate your symptoms. I would advise CT or MRI scan of the joint to rule out such inflammatory condition with the help of an orthopedician.
284190 tn?1268329733 I have also recently discovered when the pain is extreme I have a discoloration of the finger joints. This is mainly on the joint of the proximal and middle phalanges. I originally felt that this could be RA because of my age, 41, and the sudden onset. Although, recently I have been wondering if SLE could be a possibility. I have history of it in my family and I have these patches of discolored, dry, scaly skin on my inner elbows and chest.
Avatar f tn I have hard knots on both sides of 1st joint on several fingers. they are there always but sometimes get bigger and hurt so bad I can't hold a pen o write or even bend the 1st joints. Rhuem dr said this is OA. Does anyone know if it will get worse or spread to other fingers? I do not take meds for OA due to medical conditions I have I can't take anti-inflamatories or advil, motrin, etc. Dr is not interested in discussing OA only fibro and I need answers. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Lyme tests reveal nothing but I read someplace that the Lyme disease bacteria may actually be encapsulated in body proteins in a dormant state within the joints - not detected in blood but causing direct issues within the joints. I don't know if pulling joint fluid out and testing that would reveal anything; I'm not a doctor. Just thought I'd mention it. I saw it here: In the section titled: "Devastating Survival Tactic?
Avatar n tn Index finger was slammed in door 2 weeks ago - it was cut on both sides of finger but the cuts have healed and were never infected. My finger is still very swollen around the joint and it really hurts to bend - could this be fluid buildup and if so, can I do anything at home to relieve it?
Avatar f tn they appear afternoon to evening lasting through the night.they are associated wth joint severely in the finger,wrist and legs.anyone with similar symptons please response. benadryl works but not for long.
Avatar m tn I touched my penis / wound with the finger , after the toilet, I realized that Ohh, I had fingered a girl with this finger and touched my penis with it afterwards. Not sure if the finger was dry or not. Will this be a risk for HIV and do I need to test for this. Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn The bumps started showing over a week and as they got larger the joint pain spread up the finger and across the hand. As it got worse we noticed the pad on her hand next to the index finger was swelling with a lot of pain to the touch. We talked to another ortho doc and he said it was carpel tunnel, or trigger finger and wants to inject steroids. He did xrays and the bumps did not show so he ignored them and no other testing was done.
Avatar n tn it is about 1cm long and protrudes from the inner portion of her pinky slightly above the main joint where the finger bents (not the joint by the nail). it is painless and i went online and searched and searched and i'm pretty sure it is a giant-cell tumor, which is supposed to be benign. my question is, do you think she should get it removed or just let it be. the problem is, it seems to be a pretty invasive procedure and my mom would rather just let it be if it is going to be benign.
Avatar m tn hello please help now i get symptoms fever joint pain cough in throad etc im now too much scared about vaginal fluid from condom actually what are chances of transmit outside of body if i have open fresh cut also it depends on viral load or not
Avatar f tn Sometimes, the capillaries around the affected joint will burst due to increased fluid pressure into the tissues, leading to bruising. Your swelling may become more evident when you try to move your fractured finger. 3. Look for Deformity or Inability to Move In a finger fracture, you have broken a segment of your finger and it is usually not possible to move it. You may also notice bone deformity such as unusual bumps on the affected finger.
Avatar m tn Today I noticed that on the inner side of my left foot, an inch below the ankle joint and just above the sole of the foot (but on the side of the foot, not on the sole) there were four soft bumps within in an area of one square inch that were observable when I flexed my ankle sideways so the skin was taut. When foot is in normal position, or flexed so the area is not taut they are not seen. Even when taut they are not hard and you cannot feel a bump, swollen area, nothing under the skin.
Avatar m tn They are about 1mm each and about 1mm apart from each other right where my index finger bends. They are white, contain no fluid, and were painless. They became more pronounced when i would bend the joint. I had somewhat similar bumps on my hand about a year ago and went to a dermatologist because I thought they might be warts. The dermatologist said they were not warts and that there was nothing he could do.
Avatar n tn It is definitely on the inside of the finger joint on the index finger side. I do not have insurance but I will be seeing the doctor in a few weeks if this does not heal. I have no fevers and the joint is not hot or warm when I touch it to my lips. There is no redness. Meanwhile I have found some things that help if anyone else has this. First, go to the drug store or Walmart and get self adhering sports compression bandages. They come in a roll. Snipping off about 3 is all you need.
Avatar f tn I dislocated my pinky finger 5 weeks ago. From joint to tip was perpendicular to bottom of finger. Was so horrified, I pulled up and put it back in place and iced it, but hurt so badly I went to the ER. X-ray showed no break and they said I did a really good job (straight). Taped it to a splint and told me to ice every 2 hours for 20 minutes and wear splint for 2 days.
Avatar f tn It started at the middle of my cuticle on the middle finger and as slowly crept it's way to the right side tip across to the left side and down to the first joint on the left side finger. This time they started off very itchy and tiny little blisters. They merged together to form .5cm large, painful, itchy blisters. At first, the blisters remained in their clusters, but this time there's a cluster on each part of the left side of the middle finger.
Avatar n tn Have you had your eyes checked lately? Try to remember back to the "beginning" of the problem and think if you got something in your eye(s). Do your eyes seem somewhat "sticky" in the mornings when you first wake up? Have they been watering more lately? Does it seem like you have a film on the eye that can be blinked away? You may have a unhealed scratch on the eye that is causing the eyes to water.
Avatar m tn She may have some vaginal fluid on her hand (not sure). No condom was used. I have not touch her vaginal area in any way. It has been 4 days and i'm having pink eye (from 2nd day), tense muscle (3rd day), feel like feverish and dizzy(4th day), shortness of breath (4th day). Does this looks like a HIV symptoms? I was tense after realizing saliva and potential present of vaginal fluid can transmit HIV and other STD for the pass 4 days and wasn't able to get a good sleep.
Avatar n tn I just got through removing all the fluid from my pinky, and the finger right next to it as well as the same two fingers on my other hand seem to be getting worse. I hope it doesn't get too bad wheer i have to miss work.
Avatar n tn But I'm more concerned now because I'm noticing more leaking of the clear fluid. Does anyone else experience this clear fluid leaking? What is it? Lymph fluid trying to heal the area? CSF leaking, in my case maybe from trauma to the ear canal from the severe scratching episodes I go through?
Avatar f tn fever, chills swollen nodes in neck, sore throat, headaches, Muscle and joint pains, sinus and respiratory issues...lasted about 3 days. But I didn't feel right for a while. In fact the next two weeks I came down with the flu again!!! The flu is going around though. I went to the doc and he gave me anti-biotics for a cough that would not go away. They worked...but then it came back, but dry cough this time. Still didn't feel completely right.
1175033 tn?1492204828 Stacey, it also sounds like u may have a connective tissue condition, ehlers-danlos since u said ur wrist moves out of joint.....that shifting may be contributing to ur CTS. Do ask to be checked for it if u weren't yet. And keep us posted.
798555 tn?1292791151 Many do not realize that what they think is joint pain may not be caused from within the joint, unless there is physical joint damage or Rheumatoid. Referred pain simply means pain felt in a different area from its true origin. Knee, ankle and shoulder pain is usually from tight muscles (nearby or far) pulling on a joint, so that's where you feel it. Loosening the muscle (if it wont stretch) via acupressure or trigger point release can relieve joint and muscle pain.