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Avatar n tn When you simply tape the 4th and 5th fingers together the bottom joint of the finger is still mobile. I'm assuming that's why the dr. recommended the splint. Also consider that the 4th and 5th fingers are the most mobileof the 4 fingers with respect to the palm moving. For instance when you make a fist the pointer and middle finger bones in the palm stay in about the same place, but the ring and pinky actually wrap toward the thumb.
476246 tn?1418874514 Not very much, but it is a little uncomfortable. The middle joint of my right middle finger has been hurting for about a week and is slightly swollen. It is getting a little worse every day. It feels a bit hotter to the touch, than the others. (I did NOT hit or twist this finger) Does anyone know what this could be? It kind of sounds like the onset of RA or RA in a mild form to me??? Could that be right? FYI, I'm seeing my doctor about it next week.
754228 tn?1233714351 *a rash on her face, neck and chest so bad that her eyes were swelled shut *protein in her urine *daily migraine headaches *daily stomach aches *fatigue *joint pain *acne *thyroid problems (Low TSH levels) *low grade fever for months *no menstrual period for a year *a seizure *major weight gain (40 lbs in one year) *warts on her wrist and finger that wont go away *depression *low self esteem *low immune system (She catches every little bug that goes around) *Diagnosed with Hashimoto
Avatar n tn Mild weight gain even while dieting Weight loss when not dieting Extreme fatigue/napping GERD/Heartburn/chest pain Mostly constipation mixed with diarrhea Depression/anxiety/forgetfulness/brain fog Abdomen swells for no apparent reason Neck/jaw pain/swelling/pressure Scratchy voice Migraines, dizziness and back of neck/head pain Very cold feet and hands and sometimes a feeling like ants are biting my feet Endometriosis (2 years ago – cured after one year of birth control) Irregular/heavy peri
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I'm hoping for some help with the following problem, as having just finished a course of antibiotics ( Azithromycin 500) for a suspected "lymph node infection" which apparently is pressing on the Trigeminal nerve. I am still finding the pain unbearable, & feel its only subsided slightly.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that usually the cysts that are in my hip joint are caused by a labaral tear so he had me get a MRI Arthorgram and found out that I had a tear. I have been trying to find out some information about the surgery he said I was going to need and have found so much mixed information to recovery only being about 2 weeks to several months.
Avatar f tn I have been told that there is nothing more that can be done for me. But I don't believe that can be true. Even if nothing can be done to fix my pain, isn't there some way to manage my pain better so I can return to work? THANK YOU MED HELP AND THE DOCTORS VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!! 1994 July-neck pain of unknown origin. Tests revealed a disc problem at C6-C7 and the disc was removed in November. No fusion.
Avatar n tn Then immediately following this finger pain I felt pain in my right foot at the joint of my middle toe. I have no idea what causes this and both of my siblings report similar type of pain issues. Friends think this is quite strange. As a teenager, everyone called these "growing pains" but I am 30 years old and don't believe this title still applies. Any ideas on possible causes? A friend of mine recommended acupuncture but of course I cringe at the thought of needles.
Avatar n tn One of the most common is temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction. This is a problem of the jaw joint that can cause jaw, ear, and neck pain. From the history given, this is not likely here. The hyoid can also cause a neck click. This was evaluated with a CT that showed normal hyoid anatomy by report. One more cause is the thyroid cartilage (the main cartilage of the larynx) rubbing against the cervical vertebrae.
Avatar n tn - the problem should occur in 16-40 year olds mostly and usually in the twenties or thirties - it should get progressively more difficult to click as more calcification/ossifcation occurs over time (timeline of years) - a point should be reached (timeline years) when no further clicking occurs as the joint cartilage is now fused Alternatively this could also be costochondritis - an inflammation of the costal margin, though it seems to go on too long for this I think (5 years in my case).
529159 tn?1224994626 It could be from the extra exercise on the cruise and wearing of open toed shoes with little arch support as far as my feet and legs but I also am suffering from thumb and index finger cramps that are ugly and painful too. Any suggestions or ideas?
Avatar n tn Everytime it hurts and there is inflamation let say in the knee, it invides and erodes cartilage and bone with the joint. The joint may lose its normal shape over time and become deformed. There is no medication to stop the process, they can slow it a litlle bit and help with pain + inflammation. I feel OK with the medicine right now but I don't want to give up and don't look for causes. I had my x-ray done today, maybe at next visit doctor will tell me something more about the inflammation.
Avatar n tn Lay around or sleep 20 hrs/day Will do nothing constructive then fret about conditions(totally clustered apt, etc.
Avatar n tn Recently, I am experiencing numbness in my right index finger and middle finger. I've seen a chiropractor, had the epidurals, can longer get mri's because they show up fuzzy so I have to get something called a mylogram (or something like that). All I know is it is painful because they have to put you on your stomach jab you with a series of needles than one big needle in the middle of your back, turn you upside down and let the ink flow to your head.
Avatar n tn It normally connects along the top edge of the scapula (shoulder blade), but apparently in some people it connects to the clavicle or other locations in that area. If I put a finger just inside the acromion (that bone that sticks up on top of my shoulder), and roll it backward and down into the notch between the outer end of my clavicle and the top of my scapula, I can feel the end of the omohyoid. It is extremely sore - on the order of the pain other people are describing here.
Avatar m tn I know what the being frightened at night and having a bad night because ur throat is swollen and it feels like someone has their finger on ur voice box. The medication have found out causes the not being able to breathe and then u have to sit up to start breathing again along with reflux. The choking feeling as well as the not being able to get breath in because the air is to light and thick to breathe or being sustainiing.
429155 tn?1205676864 00, ARMS AND LEGS DRIVING ME CRAZY,REAL BAD,got up at 23:00 went on computer, then went for a drive, home at 01:30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ).
Avatar n tn You may also have blood or mucus in your stools, fever, unexplained weight loss, skin rashes, tiredness, or joint pain. Possible Causes: Crohn's disease (pain in the right side) or ulcerative colitis (with pain in the left side). Dysentery is also a possibility. Action to Take: See your doctor promptly. Be sure to tell your doctor if you may be at risk for dysentery, or diarrhea containing blood, which is often caused by exposure to water contaminated by bacteria or protozoa.
Avatar n tn Happy Easter everyone! I haven't posted in a while. Some of you may remember me from a week or so ago. I was on a 13 year, 20 a day 10/500 Lortab & 3 a day 20mg oxy habit due to chronic back/knee pain. (Degenerative Joint Disease or Bone on Bone in knees and low back. Anyway...I planned to stop cold turkey and detox out of my home 11 days ago. I sent my 13 yr old to my moms and bought the Thomas recipe and prayed. Thanks to God and this site, I did not touch anything for 7 days.
Avatar m tn I saw a specialist who found arthritis in my jaw joint and my joint also pops out of place and back in if I open my mouth wide enough. I clench at night. It is important to note that the side I have TMJ in is the same side as the problem with my eye. Here's the weird thing.... Whenever my TMJ is acting up really bad, the spot is most noticeable.
Avatar f tn Mine also include increased textural awareness, like being acutely aware of the tastebuds on my tongue and how they feel in my mouth or how my fingerprints feel when I rub my thumb and finger together. The episodes most frequently occur when I'm either in bed or driving on long trips. Wish SOMEONE had an answer. Meanwhile, I just try to change whatever it is I'm doing - take a drink of water, chew gum, anything to change my focus.
Avatar f tn I'll bet you - I'll just bet you- that you hear a critical voice in what I'm saying, that you see me wagging a finger at you. NOT SO. I'm simply showing you what you have told us. Mary Lou, it is a jumble, layers of confused emotional material which only serve to drive you crazy -which is why you came here! So the first step -and a step upon which ALL others depend, is to get YOU squared away.