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Avatar n tn They then put me on 80 mg a day, not too bad at first, slight increase in joint pain and lethargy...but after a week or so later...omg...severe chapped lips and bleeding (cut lips - especially in corners), mood swings, constantly dry mucoused nose (extremely annoying), horrible spots, skin cuts really easily and now nearly 3 months later, I feel like I have rheumatoid arthritis, and have absolutely no energy, these tablets have drained the life right out of me.
Avatar n tn When you simply tape the 4th and 5th fingers together the bottom joint of the finger is still mobile. I'm assuming that's why the dr. recommended the splint. Also consider that the 4th and 5th fingers are the most mobileof the 4 fingers with respect to the palm moving. For instance when you make a fist the pointer and middle finger bones in the palm stay in about the same place, but the ring and pinky actually wrap toward the thumb.
Avatar n tn my brother, a professional guitarist, had unhealing chronic cracked and bleeding finger tips. His doctor took all of the item out of his diet containing silver. It is helping.
760862 tn?1243100904 Has anyone ever had their shoulder feel like it's coming out of joint? My right collar bone is plated and my right shoulder blade is broken, and it is my right shoulder that feels like it is coming out of the joint. Feels like there is a ring all the way around my arm just about where your arm pit is, and it just hurts and i swear I can hear a click. I believe that they would have known if my shoulder was broke.
Avatar n tn immediatley my finger felt like I was getting shocked! The pain generated throughout my hand and my wrist! Now a week later I still experience the tingle and numbness in my pointer finger! I should have gotten stitches but I didn't! The wound is heeling though! Whenever I bend my fingers backward or move my hand a certain way I get the shocking feeling back! Its my right had that I need to use all the time! If anyone knows if theres anything to do or if its supposed to be like this for a while?
Avatar m tn after i finished the antibiotics the pain was not any better and I had developed new symptoms extreme fatigue joint pain muscle pain bone pain (all these pains are all over my body but the worste pain is in my hips) small joints in hands and fingers look all red and discoloured irregular heartbeat flutters shoirtness of breath weakness pain under left ribcage and sometimes right ribcage.. hurts more if i cough or sneeze.. like a pressure kind of pain...
Avatar n tn I broke my pinky finger through the joint playing rugby about 6 months ago. I didn't have to get surgery but I had like exercises I had to do everyday so I didn't loose movement in that finger. Just last month I got full movement it could take a while. Hope all goes well!
Avatar n tn This drainage can also back up into the Eustachian tube behind the ear causing pressure to build up in the TMJ that may appear as a very slight swelling of the joint. Some doctors will think you have an allergy and will treat the "allergy" instead of the eye problem. Since your problem is re-occuring and the allergy meds aren't working very well, it might be a good idea to see the optometrist and get your eyes checked out.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing on my index finger,is there anything I can do for my finger? I cut the top joint in my index finger and 2 and a half months later the cut is healed but a relatively large bump has formed underneath the scar on the joint,please can some one help me on this one.How can i post a picture of my finger?
Avatar f tn 4 nights ago, I stabbed my left palm with a paring knife, right between the pinky and ring finger. It went in pretty deep, but it stopped bleeding after applying pressure for about 15 minutes. I cleaned it up, put a band aid on it, and went to bed. Both my pinky and ring finger were numb, and very hot. They were also numb but I attributed it to the swelling.
Avatar f tn He had a small cut on this finger and one at the joint of where nail meets the skin. I think his finger was bleeding slightly as when he left, I saw blood stain on the bed sheet where he kept his hand. That is the only activity i was involved in. He fingered deep and was there for 5 minutes or so. Am I at risk for HIV, (assuming he was HIV positive)? I do not know him and cannot contact him as this happened out of town. I am very worried after this incident.
798555 tn?1292791151 Many do not realize that what they think is joint pain may not be caused from within the joint, unless there is physical joint damage or Rheumatoid. Referred pain simply means pain felt in a different area from its true origin. Knee, ankle and shoulder pain is usually from tight muscles (nearby or far) pulling on a joint, so that's where you feel it. Loosening the muscle (if it wont stretch) via acupressure or trigger point release can relieve joint and muscle pain.
Avatar n tn I developed the numb and wrinkled finger tips after being sick with a fever after reacting to a pneumonia injection. I also have joint paint in my finger. I went to a hand specialist and was tested for carpal tunnel. Tests came back posititive showing nerve restriction in all finger tips. Doctor said it was carpal tunnel. Surgery is scheduled in four weeks. For the last couple of weeks I have also had joint pain in my toes.
Avatar f tn Interferron and riboviron treatment for 2 years in 1999-2001 and now have no cartilage in my shoulders and have chronic joint pain. I need bilateral shoulder and hip replacements and have acute lower spine pain which causes bilateral sciatica. It seems strange all my joints are breaking down at once. At 55 years old, my Dr's comment I am young to need joint replacements. My Doctors don't seem to know what has caused this condition and one said it was probably congenital???
Avatar m tn hiv can only infect a very few, very specific types of cells. these cells are not found in your finger. if you had a cut on your finger larger enough, open enough and bleeding enough to be a real pathway to cells that hiv CAN infect, believe me, you wouldn't be sticking it into some woman's vagina. no one has ever been infected with hiv from fingering.
Avatar m tn Hello all, I recently went to a strip joint and had a private dance with one of the girls. While in the back I started to finger her for about 5 minutes. When I was finished I washed my hands and went home. When I got home I realized that I had fingered her with a finger that had a day old cut on it. The cut already had a scab and was not bleeding. I was wondering what my risk was of getting HIV from this? I am really starting to worry and it is all I think about now. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I did noice however I had some skin missing from the finger but no bleeding that I can recall. I know that symptoms arn't everything but I just can't convince myself that the pains are just coinsidance. What are the chances that I could get HIV from this once off encounter? Your help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I engaged in this BDSM with this transvestite. She took off her gloves and fingered me. Was my first time so I'm afraid her finger had a cut and my anus had some tears though it didn't hurt. Also when kissing, she bit my upper lip quite hard and it stung for a while. After the session I noticed a small puncture Mark slightly bigger than a pinhead. No visible blood but still afraid she was bleeding in the gums and bit me. What are the risks.
Avatar m tn finger when the self-test (1 hour before the break, in the right index finger joints under, size, can see rice inside the organization, were not bleeding, cracking the injury should be) fear their wounds on the blood, when miss miss two ZhangYaPei for Yin, fear false Yin or miss in the window period. Testing experience: 4 weeks, six weeks, 52 days, 65 days, 78 days, 87 days, 106 days four generations enzyme league Yin!!!!!
Avatar m tn hello dr, somedays ago when i was giving local anesthetics to a pt the pt moved his hand so fast that i failed to observe any potential needle prick on my hand, but i felt a dull pain on the lateral side of my middle finger near the joint. aI was useing a21G hollow bore needle. after that I removed my gloves( i was useing double gloves) and washed the area with a lot of water but i did not find out any breach or pore or any sort of bleeding from that area.
Avatar f tn For the first time in a long time my right knee is very inflamed and my feet are painful to walk on and my hips, wrists, and finger joints are all affected now. Dr said this proves I need all three drugs because anytime I have to go off of one, this happens. I correct myself, it's now all four drugs. My gums have not been bleeding lately and that is due to a decrease of mtx, I believe. I stopped the plaquenil in June because of reactions I get from the sun.
Avatar m tn Next day in the morning I discovered I have a hangnail with small spot of dried blood at the finger I used to finger her. I didn't had any ARS symptoms but only joint pain in knees that lasted for 1 week and it comes 3 weeks after. 9 days after I had combo test that come back negative.
Avatar m tn the sword cut off a piece of skin, although it has no bleeding, but the skin is very thin, a touch will be pain, especially after washing hands, that day I went to a sauna, and a gay men masturbate, I gave him he has a lot of prostatic fluid, but I could feel my hand is wet, lubrication, but at that time, my finger the wound did not feel pain, he finally ejaculation in my hand, I use it to seminal fluid lubrication to masturbate, ended, I take a shower, saw his wound, I yank, the wound is not b
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a small lump, about size of your baby finger nail, on my forearm, it appeared 2 weeks ago very tender, it is no longer tender but it hasn't changed its size or location. I am highly concerned about it. Its not movable, and has not grown. Wondering what it could be and what would classify it as a more serious lump ?? Any info would help !!
Avatar f tn My opinion but any suspicious bump that won't heal should be checked by a Vet. The fact this is on the foot complicates the problem as the dog is on it and irritating it all the time and the skin on a foot can take a long time to heal. You can try soaking and bandaging it but I doubt that will resolve the problem. Best to have it Vet checked especially since it has been there fir so long and it getting worse.
Avatar f tn same as above... no bleeding at all except in sudden massive flows and clots ...On and off throughout the years I have times where I suffer from these things simultaneously: chronic bowl issues (fluctuate from constipation to diarrhea), bad breath, slight hair loss, finger nail deterioration, fatigue, migraines, body and joint pain. If anyone can help give me some answers it will be very appreciated. I know there is a reason I have had all these problems... especially loosing my two babies.
Avatar f tn same as above... no bleeding at all except in sudden massive flows and clots ...On and off throughout the years I have times where I suffer from these things simultaneously: chronic bowl issues (fluctuate from constipation to diarrhea), bad breath, slight hair loss, finger nail deterioration, fatigue, migraines, body and joint pain and kidney issues. If anyone can help give me some answers it will be very appreciated. I know there is a reason I have had all these problems...
Avatar m tn Hi all, The fingertip of my left index finger has been inexplicably hurting for more than a week now without improvement. I don't remember injuring it in any way, although there is a small dark purple spot just beneath the very tip of the fingernail. It is very sensitive to pressure and when I hit it head-on against something, even lightly, it hurts enough to cause me to shout. It is only the fingertip, not the joint. While it is very sensitive to pain, the fingertip feels slightly numb.
Avatar f tn Scurvy can lead to swollen bleeding gums, weakness, joint pains and muscle pains. In periodontitis there is soft tissue and bone deterioration with tender swollen gums. These are only few possibilities. For exact diagnosis and treatment a dental examination is necessary. Do keep me posted. Best luck and take care!
Avatar m tn Hey i am a boy from denmark For some weeks ago, we had some bloodsugar test in the classroom with lancets were u prik ur self and get a tinny blood from your finger, but i accendienlty used the same lancet as a other person had used. Without thinking about it i pricked my self with it, the other person had used it 5 min before i pricked my self. The lancet was without a hole in it just like a pin. So my question is how big is my risk for HIV, and Hep? And sorry for my bad english.