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Avatar f tn Is there a chart that I can use to convert fentanyl patch strength to the Opana Er strength?
Avatar f tn If your doctor does it properly, there should be no withdrawals. It was a big fear of mine as we switched meds a lot. But they have a conversion chart they use so it's not usually an issue. Also, talk to your pharmacist. They have a wealth of knowledge and can help allay an fears. Having a good relationship with your pharmacist is nearly as important as having a good relationship with your doctor. Which narcotic are you coming off and which are you switching to?
Avatar f tn The accepted practice of switching from methadone to any other opioid is based on individual response to dosage, not a chart. Like when I took methadone and used buprenorphine to detox, my doctor used a chart and found that 16mgs of subutex was equivalent to my 200mgs methadone habit. I took 8mgs and was fine, which according to my doctor, was not enough, but my body said it was. So, I suppose my next question is, how does 50mcgs feel?
535089 tn?1400673519 t compare to the dose of Fentanyl your on. I think the dosage I am prescribed would do well for you at least to begin with and go from there. 8 mg every three hours sounds excessive I know but as I said I am only taking them every 4 to 5 hours. I am going to keep the paper prescription of oxycontin and not fill it unless something changes and have the Doctor change it to the ER formula of Hydromorphone.
Avatar f tn Initially when I saw that you were on 175 mcg/hr of fentanyl I was shocked as that it is a really high dosage of fentanyl! So you are getting almost twice as much oxycodone through Fentanyl TD. I'm very surprised that your doctor wants to keep upping the dosage. I don't think that is the right approach. Have you considered getting a second opinion from another pain management doctor?
Avatar m tn Hi friend and welcome. I would say you should start by tapering your dosage. Hopefully a doctor has prescribed this for you and can assist. You'll need to talk to the doc . Can you tell us a bit more so we can help? What dosage, frequency and how long you have been on it? Any medical problems?
1264863 tn?1391118193 I commented on your previous post just a few minutes ago. Also GeminiGirl commented as well and gave some great advice. Check your earlier post for these new comments. I think you can google a conversion chart, though my understanding is there may be more than one and you don't know which one your doctor used. Again, you could talk to your pharmacist; they will be able to tell you whether the conversion is appropriate or not.
267288 tn?1256278177 Does anyone know what the equivalent dosage of Armour is to 1.25 mg and 1.0 mg levothyroxine respectively? Also, if anyone knows the equivalent Armour to 1.0 mg levothyroxine/ .25 mg Cytomel... Thank you very much in advance....
Avatar m tn i am a ten yr plus fentanyl patient dosage 200mcg i am desperate i have a history of long term chronic pain and want to quit.
3222105 tn?1346080471 Since December, I've been taperiNg down my Fentanyl patch, after about 6byears at 100 mcg every 3 days.At that point I went down to a 50mcg every 3 days. I made the move because I had recentlycome across a GREAT supplement that really did what it said, as far as really helping with my pain, called Laminine, which I use faithfully and yes! sell it for 35.95 a bottle or 3 for 107.95, NO S&H! ANYWAY, though pain levels have decreased, I've become increasingly depresseed and SO fatigued.
Avatar n tn I have lower back pain , and have received Radio Frequency Legioning twice 3 years apart. Once with good results for a period longer than expected along with Patches, and once with extremely poor outcome with Dropfoot and nerve damage the outcome. Two different Dr.'s . I am still on Fentanyl but have had nothing for Dropfoot pain which is thoroughly debilitating. Chris.
Avatar f tn I have been using the fentanyl patch several years now. For me I had to increase the dosage, I think about ever three years. I am now on the 50 mg patch with meds for break through pain. I do go to a pain management doctor, and it is much better for you to talk to your doctor about the pain not being controlled. Your body becomes tolerant and increased doses are expected. I am surprised your doctor hasn't already increased the dosage after such a long time taking the same pain killer.
Avatar m tn ve seen of fentanyl detox and my own year long, slow methadone recovery, I think fentanyl and methadone are only different in dosage. The full synthetic nature and side effects of both methadone and fentanyl make them very close tie for the worst detox ever. As I vomit and shat myself in my yard from methadone detox, I remember wishing I was a heroin or any other kind of addict. Anyway, mute point, but wanted to share. How much and how long methadone use have you got under your belt bullseye?
Avatar f tn I'm taking fentanyl patches and Percs
Avatar f tn My doctor said to wait 24 hours after its off to start subs. But someone so nicely sent me a cows chart so I'm going to go by that also. Is there anything I can take or do to help the w/d until I can take a sub? I know I can't take benzos cuz the doctor said those with subs will kill you :( Also he is starting me on 4mg 3 times a day. I am currently on fentanyl 50mcg every 48 hours and percocets 7.5 mg. 2-3 times a day.
1279189 tn?1275244868 No, with fentanyl on board you will have no withdrawal symptoms from the vicodin. However, it takes two or three days for the fentanyl to reach a steady dosage in your bloodstream, so you may need to overlap with the vicodin a bit as your body gets used to the change. You will not get a "buzz" or as you put it, increased spike in energy from fentanyl that you experience with vicodin.
Avatar f tn With fent I found the withdrawal period was much longer and more intense. What fentanyl dosage were you on? Why did you doctor refuse to fill?
1364139 tn?1280791344 I use the fentanyl patch for my neck and back pain and my pain management doctor feels that it is okay for me to continue to wear the patch during surgery (he is an anesthesiologist). I talked to the pharmacist today and he said that I absolutely should take off the patch, and even should take it off a few hours before since the medicine is still in the body and releasing so I don't technically need the patch attached to my skin for the last few hours before the surgery.
Avatar f tn I've been on fentanyl 50mg for 7 months and I really want off of it now. I tried to just rip off the patch several months ago...very bad move. It was terrible. I've read where you could cut the patch if it was a mylan patch only. I also read where someone went from 50mg to 25 to 50 then went 25 to 50 to 25 and then 25 to 25 to 25mg as a way to work my was down on the dosage. I'm really scared.
Avatar f tn Keep in mind that you also may want to reserve some of the fentanyl dosage as oxycodone IR or some other immediate release medicine for breakthrough pain. Fentanyl is not a breakthrough pain medication, it is for coverage of your baseline pain, not pain that breaks through the long acting Fentanyl...oxycodone IR, morphine IR, vicodin, opana IR is instead used for those events.
Avatar m tn The Fentanyl that is. It was pointed out that the dosage is most likely low and I should be on the 50mcg patch, but I'm not a big fan of the patch in general. Maybe the dosage issue has just soured me, but I feel like having the patch on all the time, and the possibility that it could stop working short of 72 hours is an issue for me. I ask for advice because my PMP brought up taking a sabbatical from the meds.
1326023 tn?1274867436 They are great over there and can probably give you some first hand knowledge. I looked up a conversion chart for Fentanyl. I found a few charts and they are all basically similar. 315-404mgs of morphine is equivilant to about 100 mcg of fentanyl. Thats oral morphine. The IV morphine chart is different. I do know that fentany is one of the strongest opiate medications available.. I believe it is much stronger than oral morphine. At least that is what I have heard and read.
Avatar f tn where your optimal dosage lies and you just need to work closely with your doctor to titrate up your dosage of long acting medication. I think the Fentanyl should lie somewhere between 200 mcg/hr and 300 mcg/hr with another long acting opioid medication added at bid or tid dosing.
Avatar f tn Fentanyl can be very hard to come off. I truly believe this is an end of life medication. You've made tremendous progress. Personally, I think it's easier to taper down the Fentanyl and then taper the pills. You can more easily adjust the dosage of pills than the patch. Are you using a gel-filled patch or the flat one?
Avatar f tn So I would just discuss with your doctor the fact that the fentanyl is no longer working. I have heard that fentanyl tends to work a lot longer than longer acting opioids in pill form before effectiveness begins to wane. The options that your doctor will most likely present to you are, an increase in fentanyl (which will require wearing a couple of patches versus just one), an increase or change in breakthrough pain medication and/or an addition of a long acting medication in pill form.
Avatar m tn FENTANYL IS A DANGEROUS DRUG!!! You mind has no idea of what changes are going on in your body with this drug. Please be aware of this.