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Avatar f tn t worked because twice he asked if I felt doppy and twice I said no. I had 2mg midazolam,100mcg fentanyl, 20mg buscopan. As I was given a coffee and biscuit after my colonoscopy was when I felt my sedative work. I felt floaty like I'd had a drink .
Avatar f tn I found out today what meds they will be using for my diagnostic cardiac cath on Friday. One is Midazolam, the other is fentany. I looked both of these up and it says that they can cause lower oxygen or respiratory problems. My oxygen already goes low when I am sleeping. I am really scared now. Has anyone had these meds with low o2??
Avatar m tn I just underwent a colonoscopy yesterday and despite telling the doc beforehand that I wanted "bucketloads" of sedation because (and he knows this) I have a very poor pain tolerance and very high drug tolerance (am on chronic narcotics for multiple chronic pain syndromes incl fibromyalgia), I only got 4 mg midazolam and 100 mcg fentanyl - I'd have given anything to have had your dosages given that I was wide awake all the way through and screaming my head off as he wound his way ro
Avatar m tn Hi, This is not a question but rather I just wanted to post back my experience with my ablation that I had yesterday in full to give an insight to any others who might be going through the same. I opted to go without sedation so I can remember every step of they way. My hope is it will clear up some of the mystery for others looking to do the same.
Avatar m tn I've had 4 bad reactions to anesthesia. My GP says it was midazolam and to list that as a drug allergy. When I do that, I frequently get interrogated like I'm some sort of nut case. I have to have a colonoscopy this year and from my reading it looks like midazolam is the drug of choice. Are there other options? I've read about propofol, but the cost and risk discussed in the various articles make it seem like a controversial choice.
Avatar f tn I'm going to assume that you had a procedure called a medial branch neurotomy, which destroys nerve tissue providing sensation to the spine's facet joints. We call this RFA because this is the machine used for the procedure -- a pulsed Radio Frequency Ablator. An ablation essentially melts the nerve tissue. The needle, catheter, and probe used during this RFA procedure does not enter the spinal canal and cannot cause those symptoms.
Avatar m tn I just had a colonoscopy with very little drugs at all. I had a tad of Valium and a bit of Fentanyl. I was awake the whole time and remember everything. I wasn't painless and was uncomfortable at times like when going around corners but the doctor told me how to breathe through those times. Overall, it was not an unpleasant experience and at one point we all started making fart jokes. I thought I'd hurt myself laughing!
Avatar m tn I'm scheduled for colonoscopy and told them that I don't want any sedation and that I'm allergic to midazolam and to propofol..and that the severe allergic reactions were terrible an I won't consent to trying any other drugs. Despite this, I get a call from a nurse anesthetist and she says that she will be present during my procedure anyway. Since I'm not consenting to anesthesia or sedation in any case, why would a crna be present?
214864 tn?1229715239 Fentanyl 50 mcg and Midazolam 2 mg. Duck soup....I came round gently in the recovery room. Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a talk with an anesthesiologist well before your colonoscopy, to discuss your concerns. I have never had an anesthesiologist present for either endoscopies or colonoscopies, usually just my gastro and a specialised endoscopy nurse. This last endoscopy was actually done by a Registrar Physician, who was supervised by my Consultant Gastro.
Avatar n tn I remember the pain quite well in spite of a huge dose of Versed (8 mg) along with 50 mg. of Benedryl, and 100 mcg. of Fentanyl. I am overweight, but not obese. A pediatric scope was used. I have endometriosis with obliteration of the cul-de-sac and 3 ovarian cysts that were not removed during laparoscopy because they were so inaccessible (10 weeks ago). My ovaries are adhered to the back of the uterus and my rectum is likely adhered to the vagina and cervix.
1348686 tn?1310654243 Propofol (otherwise known as general anesthesia) is a lot more dangerous and has many more risks that versed/fentanyl and other sedation medications. If they use propofol, they will usually need to intubate you which means a tube will be put down your throat and it will breathe for you. I assume newpatient2011 is one of the few people that had a bad experience with versed/fentanyl, but this is not the norm and I truly recommend against propofol for something simple like an endoscopy.
Avatar m tn propofol, midazolam and fentanyl. I slept for about 2 hours and as soon as I woke up I was abnormally acting like a drunk. That being ended up in a couple of hours but unfortunately some symptoms and problems remained.
Avatar m tn what exactly are you taking? its rare that they use barbiturates anymore. i heard most commonly they use fentanyl and propofol...neither are benzo's or barbiturates...but what they use and how much doesn't really matter. what matters is that your anesthesiologist knows what you're taking. it can make a big difference.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, Well I had my ablation done at new cardiac centre in Blackpool this week, and it was done without using sedation, even though I was promised I would be..... It was 3 and half hours of hell. No-one spoke to me, nor explained things. The burns did hurt, they did give pain relief but the consultant was reluctant to do that. I had been involved in a car crash the week before so at end of op I was in agony.
Avatar m tn hi, i had this papatation problem my pulse use to go above 250 per minute so to control it sometimes the medicenis dint work and the doctor had to give multiple number of shocks . I wanted to know weather is it necessary for a ventricular tycharchia patient to give anasthesia which makes the patient unconsious befor giving shocks. my id is raj377 so could u please mail me the answer on my id cause i haved mailed this question 1 time before also and havent got a answer.
1310633 tn?1430224091 Florida will execute Henry with the drug midazolam, in combination with a paralyzing drug and potassium chloride. Midazolam is new for this purpose; it produces sedation, amnesia, and, in medically prescribed dosages, it lacks the ability to kill. Florida will make deadly what is naturally not by using a dosage much larger than ever given by a physician. Scientifically, this reasoning is flawed as the drug works like a key in a lock.
Avatar n tn s and PAT and he was not in the least worried. By the way, they use versed and fentanyl and from what I am told these have no affect whatsoever on pvc's. You will be fine!!! The prep was no problem either. I took the pills instead of the drink. No problems with pvc's.
1034172 tn?1393042602 Also, sometimes I do no twan to go outside for a walk/ jog because I have been sexually harrassed by local group of people - I still see sometimes when driving by that they are still out and about and up to no good as usual. So yes, sometimes I just make an excuse just to stay inside, when I really want t o go out.
390388 tn?1279636213 I have had colon cancer and two previous colonoscopies, and am scheduled for another next week. I can't understand any doctor who wouldn't give proper sedation/anesthesia for this - surely it's much easier to do properly if the patient is out of it and not wriggling and complaining. The "conscious sedation" I'm given is midazolam and fentanyl.
Avatar f tn More like a contract not to accept opiates from anyone else. Fentanyl is a powerful drug and if your using the patch form it takes longer to get in and out of your system should you have complications with it.
Avatar n tn I just had a my third colonoscopy; the first 2 were done wsithout drugs and were quite tolerable. I'm an advanced practice nurse and have ercommended this test to many patients. Never again, if they insist on the dangerous and memory-altering, brain-damaging use of "onscious sedation".
Avatar m tn And i gotta tell you, when I had mine done, I was suffering with months and months of constant diarrhea, I was a total wreck, AND SO because of the pleasant sedation, that was the best day I had that entire year! Ha! But not everybody says the same thing! Anyhow, just trying to help you deal with it when perhaps one day you might try one.
Avatar m tn I would have one done without the sedation, but doctors (and outpatient) clinics insist that it must be done with sedation and that it is safer that way. Safer for who?
Avatar m tn However, I have done some research and have noted that these patches have a long half life i am 72 hours clean right now and feeling well enough to eat and type at a computer... am I in for a nasty surprise in the next few days as it really starts to clear my system?
47427 tn?1238439251 of the sedatives to take the edge off and injected 2 mg of midazolam and 10 mcg of fentanyl. It did take the edge off and made me droopy, but I was still able to take in what was happening. The nurse told me she could not put me all the way out until the EP study was over, since the sedative meds could make it difficult to induce the arrhythmia. The doctor came in as they were prepping and draping the access sites: both left and right femoral veins and the right jugular vein.