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Avatar f tn Most endoscopy (colonoscopy and EGD) is done with conscious sedation; generally with an amnesia drug (Versed) and some painkiller. You are actually quite awake, but the Versed blunts or eliminates your memory of the procedure. Propofol produces deeper sedation, requires an anesthesia person and usually costs more.
214864 tn?1229715239 So, bless your heart for going through this without conscious sedation! It sounds like a nightmare for sure....
Avatar n tn I can tell you they usually use medications named Versed (which is an amnesic and makes you sleepy and not remember the procedure) and Fentanyl (an IV pain medication). These two drugs together produce the sedation for the procedure and you will be comfortable. Most people don't remember the procedure at all.
Avatar m tn I have not had jugular biopsy but I have had an angiogram as a diagnostic for liver cancer. They do not out you all the way out for that because the need to have you hold your breath. Trust me, under the sedation you will feel no pain. Maybe someone else here can answer your question directly.
Avatar n tn I am a nurse in endoscopy and it is okay for you to have the upper endoscopy done but you should definitely not be given the sedation. It is not anesthesia, it is called conscious sedation and is generally versed and fentanyl or demerol. We ask all of our patients if there is a chance they could be pregnant for this reason.
Avatar f tn I had to look up midazolam and that's the same as Versed. I can't stand drugs but I love Versed. Such a happy med. I've had Versed and fentanyl (for pain) during all 3 of my catheter ablations. During the cath they will have the pulse oximeter clipped to your finger and will monitor your O2 levels the whole time. If they think you're going a bit low, they'll just give you some oxygen.
Avatar f tn Yes, they are safe. Most of us with cirrhosis commonly have an endoscopy and colonoscopy every year or so to screen and monitor the status of our varices. I have taken miralax many times with no adverse effects. What can more problematic is any anesthesia type drug(s) you may be given. I assume this procedure is being performed by your gastro and she/he is aware of your cirrhosis?
Avatar n tn Both procedures required some type of sedation (versed for the colonscopy and propofol for the GYN procedure). Both doctors said I had no problems with PVCs during the time I was sedated. Seems that the anes.
Avatar m tn She said that she could just use fentanyl only or the CRNA could give propofol or propofol/fentanyl. The sedation issue is more complicated; IMHO if all I could get was Versed/fentanyl, I would skip the sedation (the doc agrees that a lot of people have trouble with this combo). Many docs rush the exam and make it painful and that's why some (a minority) insist on sedation.
Avatar f tn totally painless procedure with proper sedation but the one i had wasnt exactly conscious more dream like and i only remembered the beginning. make sure they take a stomach snip for biopsy and h. pylori while they're down there.
Avatar m tn It's not unusual for them to use Versed which creates a conscious sedation. That sounds like an oxymoron but you feel like you're floating and tend to doze off. They can ask you questions if needed but after the procedure, you tend to forget any bits and pieces that you might remember at the moment. They also gave me fentanyl for any pain that may have occurred during the ablation process. Extra beats, usually called ectopics, are difficult to pin down during an ablation.
Avatar n tn Should I go without an amnesia drug and just use Fentanyl for pain instead? I have a pretty high pain tolerance so this experience was a surprise for me. I had an upper endoscopy a few years ago and was given 6 mg. of Versed and 200 mcg. of Fentanyl and don't remember a thing. I don't mind remembering, but I don't want to be in pain.
4356842 tn?1353312209 I had twilight sedation for mine. While I was conscious, it felt more like compressed time. It's very similar to when you wake up in the middle of the night, and then you try to get back to sleep. When you next look at the clock, it may feel like only a couple of minutes have passed, but then it's 30 minutes later...so you're kind of in and out, but technically conscious. For me, I only remember bits and pieces...but don't remember experience any of the scary parts.
225036 tn?1294509400 With my heart procedures I had Versed (the conscious sedation) but they also used Fentanyl for pain since burning bits of your heart can hurt. I didn't have any pain at all. Geez, it makes me want to scream and cry that it went so badly for you. Maybe we should all go egg her house or something. People like that shouldn't be in health care. Rest up. Gentle hugs and sweet dreams to you.
Avatar f tn My therapist told my doctor that I could not handle emotionally that test for now.Will sure be asking for conscious sedation and pain meds when the time comes.Had the Discogram last year with the sedation.Helped some until they hit the spot.Also had a IDET procedure the same way.I just cannot believe the torture with these tests especially in modern times.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have "conscious sedation" for a colonoscopy without having amnesia of the experience ? I don't mind being relaxed & sleepy, but I do NOT want my memory stolen from me (even if it is just 10-15 minutes). Thank you.
1348686 tn?1310654243 Try to get propofol for sedation rather than the usual crappy mix of Versed./fentanyl...............this often causes significant distress (it doesn;t work) then the patient gets sent home in a daze to experience nightmares/PTSD....
Avatar m tn They informed me for this 3rd surgery I would be under twilight or conscious sedation. They informed me that I would be able to talk with the doctor, but feel no pain. Well, like most folks that gives me some pose. I believe I have a more reasons than the average eye patient for this uncertainty of sedation. First, the drug Versed does not effect my memory. I have received this preoperatively for my last two surgeries.
746512 tn?1388807580 I have the option of doing it with or without sedation. I was wondering if anyone has any stories or opinions for which is better.
Avatar m tn I have reasd a lot about colonoscopy and want to get one without drugs; I had conscious sedation for dental work (versed) and really freaked out and it still scares me when it when I think about it. Googling "versed problems" brings up hundreds of people who have had the same, so I'm not alone. And only in the USA do they "insist" on sedation for colonoscopy.
Avatar m tn Actually, fentanyl has a very short half-life, which is one reason it's commonly used for twilight sedation for outpatient procedures. It's the method of delivery through the patch that makes it last 72 hours, not the molecule itself. If you've had the patch off for three days and feel fine, you're in great shape!
Avatar n tn I believe they use the conscious sedation, I think it is versed with something else. I am worried about something going wrong with my heart due to the PVC's during the procedure. I am also concerned about the prep used. 1. With a structurally normal heart is it safe to have the colonoscopy/endoscopy with the PVC's I am having? 2. Is these PVC's dangerous with any activity, do I need to limit my activity? 3. What is the chance of sudden cardiac death with the way my heart beats?
88793 tn?1290227177 No! I don't want that "conscious sedation"! I think about the "Happy juice" or sedation that will send me to the twilight zone. Otherwise I stay to the offer of general anesthesia. Even a sore throat, they postponed my procedure because they said the tube will bring all the bacteria into my lungs. They didn't tie me up. I asked a lot during the Cardiac catheterization. I want to wee after they inserted the cath at my groin. Take a long time in that drama.
Avatar f tn I was in and out within an hour. I had sedation but doctor proceeded before it started working.i felt everything was in so much pain had to stop the procedure. I was sweating, screaming in agony. About to be sick and he was still shoving that camera and he knew sedation hadn't worked because twice he asked if I felt doppy and twice I said no. I had 2mg midazolam,100mcg fentanyl, 20mg buscopan. As I was given a coffee and biscuit after my colonoscopy was when I felt my sedative work.
Avatar m tn for short if given by an anesthesia provider. Conscious sedation is sedation that is given for procedures to be done. That does not mean that you will be wide awake. That is why you do have a "recovery period" after conscious sedation just like you do if you had general anesthesia or also referred to as "being put to sleep.
Avatar m tn Any one have a bad experience with endoscopy? had it done earlier this week with sedation, but sedation didn't work right. I was really nervous, so my adrenaline was high. I felt like a brick that couldn't move while I was moaning, yelling, and gagging with the scope down my throat. It was awful and I remembered most of it. I think they like you sedated, so you can't fight them if you're one of the ones that doesn't respond to the sedation.