Fenofibrate alternatives

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Avatar m tn Unfortunately, in cases where gentics play a role, statins are the first line of therapy. You can ask your doctor about a Fenofibrate, they work well on TGL's and lower one's overall total cholesterol, but are not as effective on LDL. You are on one of the more powerful statins so you can ask your doctor about Vytorin which is simple Simvastatin and Zetia which works both in the liver and in the digestive tract. Simvastatin is usually better tolerated than Lipitor.
Avatar n tn I wish I could make better progress and am looking for help. 1)Are there other diagnostic or therapeutic alternatives I should consider? 2)What is the best way to monitor my cardiac health on a routine basis (I have LBBB)? 3)Any suggestions for raising HDL? 4) How good are the new stents?
Avatar n tn I am on hydrochlorathiazide for High blood pressure and Fenofibrate for high triglycerides and high cholesterol. and take a vit D supplement for a vit D deficiency. I've recently, within the last couple of months, stopped taking Lexapro (for depression), Analapril (for high blood pressure) and estrogen (HRT) because I thought I was having side effects that could be the contributing/causing my symptoms and frankly when you're taking so many medications it's hard to sort out anything.