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97676 tn?1340408973 I stumbled across a few posts referencing the Lucinda Bassett program (Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety). Browsing the net, I was skeptical as to the validity of the reviews for the program. I was wondering if any of you have tried the program. For those of you who have, how would you rate the program and were the results significant and sustained?
649848 tn?1534637300 I am working 10 hour days, beginning at 5:00 am and ending at 3:30 pm. In order to do this, I have to get up at (or shortly after) 3:00 am. This allows me just enough time to brush my teeth, shower, get my hair dried and acceptable; get dressed and get a quick breakfast that usually consists of a yogurt, a hard boiled egg or an egg/canadian bacon sandwich and of course, my coffee. I leave home shortly after 4:00 am in order to insure that I arrive at work on time.
Avatar m tn They use adivan and some other anti-nausea drugs as needed but it is basically a six day, residential, cold turkey program, The counselor that I talked to at the program said that he did not really think it was appropriate for my situation because they didn't have any provision for dealing with underlying pain during withdrawal. He thought I should probably be hospitalized but did not have any specific program or doctor to refer me to.
1741471 tn?1407162630 Breast Cancer and Exercise. Englewood Hospital funds my Pilot exercise program for Breast Cancer patients. Follow Up 6 months after Original post: http://superbodysuperbrainblog.wordpress.
Avatar n tn Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise program will help.
Avatar f tn Its is available on amazon and walmart but no reviews..but my friends are told me its is very good try that for weight loss....
Avatar f tn I tried taking weight lost pills before for about two weeks. Though I did lose about 5 pounds. The side effects were horrible including sleepless nights, mood swings, paranoia...etc. I ceased taking them after those syptoms. My advice, shortcuts can never be the real solution in life. Including for weight loss.Proper diet and exercise is the real key. Don't waste your money on these tempting shortcuts.
Avatar n tn Your diet and exercise program sound really good to me. Have you tried to take a good, digestive aide or enzyme, sometimes, this is all that is needed for a healthier BM when constipated. Do you take any vitamin or mineral supplements, if not, I would try adding the herb Dandelion and Milk Thistle to your diet, these come in capsules and are great for helping the constipation, so is alfalfa, in other words, the "green" herbs are great for this condition.
Avatar n tn I have read many positive reviews about HCG, but I know the results varies from person to person. I inject my self 5xtimes a week in the stomach and i am on a 800 calorie low fat diet. Even thou i take an ap. suppersant 2twice a day i am sometimes still very hungry, esp. at night. I feel a little discourage that my results are not as good as others. I am considering the Lipo w/B12 which is not as restrictive (diet) as the HCG shots. At this point I really don't know what to do.
Avatar n tn Not if you don't follow a diet and exercise program for hypothyroidism. What are your thyroid issues ? Hypo patients are carb resistant. They can not absorb carbs into energy very well. And carbs become stored when not used. Weight gain. This is just one thing that happens when going hypo and eating certain foods Sugars are a big no no too.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are making some good choices! Increasing exercise, drinking less soda, etc. are great ways to go. But I always remind people - it takes a while to gain weight, and...it can take a while to lose it. Don't limit yourself with deadlines or strict goals that might be challenging to achieve. You will likely lose quite a bit of weight early on, and then it will slow down a little. Just don't get discouraged, try to avoid extreme changes in your diet - small changes work best.
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations on starting your weight loss journey! My advice for starting out for someone in your condition would be Callanetics and Oxycise. Both these exercises are low impact and strengthen the muscles while helping you to burn fat. These exercises also tighten and tone so you won't have to worry about excess skin after shedding a lot of weight. They are gentle and do not put any pressure whatsoever on your knees or any other joints on your body.
Avatar f tn Those people have bent over backwards and about tied themselves in knots to adapt the program to my specific needs, rather than making me fit into some pre-fab program (which was my fear). My exercise stress test was done on a seated piece of equipment rather than standing on a treadmill (!
Avatar n tn Its a focus, stretching, excerise program that was originally designed for dancers. It's nice exercise for the mind and body.
Avatar n tn If you cut down on the caffeine, then when you get used to this, just have a cup when you get the headache, it will help. Also, try exercise or something like yoga or pilates. The other thing I can think of is allergies. Do you have any allergies to things like mold, dust, pollen, pet dander? That could definitely cause headaches also. As far as the tremors, they could just be from anxiety because you don't feel well. I'm not a doctor, but I have had a lot of headaches in my life.
Avatar n tn Why would a DR put her on a laxative for that long without putting her on a diet or exercise program first and if there is digestive issues why wouldn’t they do a fiber rich diet? Also why wouldn't they test her for thyroid or pancreas issues or diabetes before doing anything? Please help, this is really concerning!!
Avatar f tn As is the case with a meal plan, and you need to make sure to find a diet program with a focus on learning new eating habits and exercise. These are the basic, for weight loss, not only, but remains in good health after your diet! And it includes many of the diet programs of thousands of recipes that are perfectly balanced to help you to live in good health and lose weight. http://www.musclestacks.
Avatar n tn com has a good website for everything from exercise to supplementation. There are many articles, forums, and product reviews. If you are interested in further information regarding your questions, you may look there. In the forums you can post your questions and you will usually get multiple responses. Below is the link to the endurance article section of their site. Hope this all helps. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/bbinfo.php?
Avatar f tn com/Breathing-Free-Revolutionary-Bronchitis-Respiratory/dp/0609604244 The revolutionary 5 day breathing exercise program for Asthma. See the reviews! I know the techniques helped me... I have some ayurvedic formulas which are proven to treat asthma . Do you want to try? The herbs are all safe and natural...worth a shot...I can ship them to you...I bought them from Ayushakti NYC.. azithromycin therapy has really helped me ...
Avatar f tn I feel disorganized and overwhelmed and my motivation to exercise and eat healthily is low despite wanting the health benefits of both. Where is a good place to start? Also, do I need to resolve the psychological issues before I can achieve and maintain a healthy weight?
8428738 tn?1400362075 Some reviews also seem to show that getting more exercise and activity can even help to increase the chances that the cancer will not come back! If you think that exercising after your cancer diagnosis is important and want to engage in physical activity please do not hesitate to speak to your cancer doctor or breast care specialist about a viable program to be on!
Avatar f tn I'm there with you, I want so badly to lose some weight, but haven't figured out how to manage it. Between the fatigue and my legs and feet not wanting to work I haven't found a way to exercise. I know without the exercise it will be hard to lose much weight. Hopefully someone will jump in here and give us some good ideas!!
Avatar f tn I was just a little desperate to get some feedback or reviews on the mentioned video / program. Apologies and I am definitely NOT promoting I just want make that clear.
Avatar n tn I USE B12 COMBINATION WITH LIPOTROPIC/IT WORK PRETTY GOOD,BUT YOU NEED TO USE BOTH IN COMBINATION, CAUSE B12 DONT WORK BYIMSELF BESIDE THAT, YOU have to DO EXERCISE, no diet will work while you sitting around at least do 30 minute exercise a day walking, and i loss 20 with in amonth and another thing you got it eat 3 times a day ,the lipotropic and the b12 it could make your sugar go down so you got it well and healthy, everyday it happened to me.
Avatar f tn After being diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis several months ago I was finally able to adjust my diet (no refined sugar, no refined carbohydrates) and begin a good exercise program once my thyroid medication was adjusted appropriately. I also take a number of supplements (probiotics, vitamin D, B-12, digestive enzymes, CLA, etc.). Anyway, I've been interested in doing a colon cleanse and am trying to find the best product.
Avatar f tn I strongly encourage you to consult a naturopath, herbalist, practitioner of TCM, somebody who can work up a program for you. Individual herbs aren't how herbalism is practiced, instead combinations are used. It would be something directly for anxiety, something for depression, something for your adrenals, possibly something to clean out you liver, exercise, meditation, diet. It's very unlikely one herb will solve such complex problems. It's more of a process.
212720 tn?1304379015 I tan the lady who works at GNC and she told me its really good and it works, and she has really great reviews on it. She also said there is no magic pill out there, with diet and exercise its a great weight loss system.
649848 tn?1534637300 I’m still not making a “formal” resolution; however, I know I have to make some definite changes in my eating/exercise habits. My goal for the Maintain; Don’t Gain challenge that we just ended was to maintain between 145 and 147 lbs; I did not do that. I actually gained 5 pounds; now I have to struggle to get it back off, plus get back to moving in the right direction.
Avatar n tn 5 yrs is pushing it!!! LOL!! i am 5'4 about 138. i will admit, i do not eat healthy nor do i exercise. sometimes i will go on what they call a 3 day diet which has worked for me and is healthy, but i feel like i starve myself and get crabby. i have also been on slimfast but again, the same thing. i have never tried diet pills but am willing to at this time. i am not overly huge, just flabby in my belly. any suggestions?????