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Avatar m tn , doesn't sound like a lot, but it's been shown that more reps with lighter weights tone muscles and burn more calories, rather than bulking up. Resistance bands might be good option too, so she can hook her wrist or arm through it rather than using her hands. Swimming or water exercise is also an option. The water supports the joints, lessening the impact on the knees, hips, etc. Chair yoga, balance ball...try a variety of things and choose what works best for her.
Avatar n tn I don't feel stressed and why does it come on when I exercise or do heavy work? Isn't exercise supposed to relieve stress? I don't know if I am making it worse by plowing through or if that is the best thing to do.
Avatar m tn NASA studied patients with dysautonomia when they came up with the exercise program for astronauts because our symptoms mimic what it is like to go in weightless space. They recommend using a rowing type exercise or one of those low slung type bikes and mixing in resistance exercises. The main idea is to do these sitting not standing. As I remember they mention aerobics but since my heart rate doesn't rise (PAF) I haven't figured out how I would do that.
700223 tn?1318169294 The following 10 tips are meant as a guide to the pursuit of that goal. 1. Consult your physician before starting any exercise or sports program. A proper medical evaluation can spot potential problems and correct weaknesses that may be worsened by starting a sports program. Previous injuries can result in chronic problems if they have not been properly rehabilitated. Ideally, a pre-season physical should take place within 6 weeks of the start of the season. 2.
Avatar f tn Resistance training is working against resistance -- lifting weights, using tension bands, even using your body weight as when you do push-ups. A well-rounded exercise program, meaning doing different things, reduces the chance of overuse injuries and tones the body as well as helps reduce weight.
427265 tn?1444080036 I hate to say this, but all of us tx-ers basically need an exercise program suited to a healthy, vibrant 72 year old. That will do us just fine. -;) Personally, I like having a membership in the local YMCA because they have all the equipment. As you improve you'll need heavier weights, so you really need a whole set. You can spot me at the Y; I'm the 98lb weakling doing my workout among all the big, brawny guys. Good luck!!
2022474 tn?1328705151 Suggested Equipment While you do not need any equipment for the majority of the exercises, sans those with resistance bands, I have put together a listing of stuff that could be useful for you personally now or while you progress with the program. Priority devices are starred. Sinking Belt: This can be to include excess weight for your pull-ups and dips. $30 25lb Plate: You are able to attach this towards the sinking belt or use while doing crunches or hyperextensions.
Avatar f tn My wife has fibromyalgia/costochondritis does meditation and I have her at the gym doing light stretching with resistance bands and or machines using light weights. First you both need to get the OK from your doctors! That said take a look at the Atkins Diet http://www.atkins.com/Program/Phase-1.aspx Paleo Diet http://www.paleodietfoodlist.net/paleo-diet-food-list/ The Peak 8 routine it will quickly raise your heart rate 8 times for very short bursts, with a cooling down period in between.
Panda I do squats and lunges in all my gym classes, but it's just painful on both of my knees. I have kettlebells, resistance bands and an exercise ball.
Avatar f tn Resistance training does not require weight lifting -- using your own body as the weight, which is what it sounds like you're doing, will work. Resistance bands work. It's also going to be hard to get your body to a good metabolic rate if you keep switching your diet up.
Avatar n tn As for Fibro. My wife has it and what I have her using very light resistance bands. You want to warm your muscles first slowly start wit your feet and just rotate your ankles and work your way up till you have warmed all your muscles. also look into doing Qigong and Tai chi. It's important to warm the muscles before and after exercise!
1936411 tn?1333835449 wii - exercise games, yoga, zoomba (balance isn't good enough for it, you?) Resistance bands - stretchy elastic thingy thing - you maybe working your legs but your arms are getting a work out too. Bench top stretching - I do semi yoga, i cant do most things anymore because i need various forms of support or i go over. To make sure i stay stretched out, i got my self into the habbit of using those few minutes whilst the kettle was boiling.
Avatar f tn Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you but it has been a very rough few weeks. I started a heavy (well heavy for me, not anybody else) exercise program with a PT that actually knows what she is doing. I also was sent to a physiatrist who either doesn't know anything or couldn't care less. She told me on the 3rd visit for acupuncture before she put in the needles, that she couldn't help me and I should see a counselor to learn how to live with the pain.
Avatar n tn Dieting Community. I'm new to this particular forum and am beginning the Nutritarian Diet. and exercise program for myself:) Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. When did you find out you had Graves disease.? WHOA , i read that Treatment with antithyroid medications must be given for six months to two years to be effective. Are you being treated for this condition?
620923 tn?1452919248 U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose, but u may want to get the tracker up and running so u can track ur progress. SO...post ur name and if u want to participate in a diet modification/exercise program for those with limitations. and hopefully we can support each other as we shed weight....
233622 tn?1279338505 If you do have weakness in the anterior tibialis muscle (the one that sits against and just to the outsied of the tibia) you need to find out if it can be strengthened by resistance exercise or not. If not, no matter the cause, you might need an ankle/foot brace to keep the forefoot up as you walk. Your primary doctor (what's the opinion there as to the cause of all these neurological problems?
1317224 tn?1378708734 Please forgive the Pity Party I threw for myself in my prior post. I just needed to "vent" so I wouldn't explode...or implode. In addition to thanking you for your note, I wanted to congratulate you. 17 lbs. is a HUGE amount to lose over 1 month's time. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You can't expect to lose at such a fast pace for a sustained time...1 to 2 lbs a week is what the experts advise as reasonable...so don't judge yourself too harshly or become too discouraged when the pace slows.
723660 tn?1247167111 One of the best exercises I ever did was one involving bands. Also, thanks for reminding us all of our exercise trackers. Mine is certainly going to get much more use this year with concerted effort on increased exercise. Barb - What care and concern you continue to show the members of this community and you have a great depth of knowledge. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in detail; it is an honor to read your post.
Avatar m tn My wife has fibromyalgia/costochondritis does meditation and I have her at the gym doing light stretching with resistance bands and or machines using light weights.
620923 tn?1452919248 U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose, but u may want to get the tracker up and running so u can track ur progress. SO...post ur name and if u want to participate in a diet modification/exercise program for those with limitations. and hopefully we can support each other as we shed weight....
475555 tn?1469307939 Although I've rebounded pretty well through eating well, not drinking and exercise, the damage has been done. I'm going to run this by the doctor again next month (as to waiting for a less dangerous treatment) and will post his response. The best of luck to you...
Avatar m tn Since I no longer get natural highs, except from sex, I am ready to go through the arduous and drawn out detox that is a suboxone detox. I have been through many short term detoxes using suboxone and buprenex some as early as 95-96. I would like to share what will be my final detox with this community as I am actually going through it. In fact, I would like to invite others to detox with me at the same time.
748543 tn?1463449675 a simple Google search for TMD would have provided this author with a wealth of informative sources regarding her subject. I, as most responsible medical professionals, believe in using the most conservative successful form of treatment. As one who treats patients with most severe TMD symptoms, I can assure you that my patients are unable to manage the pain associated with these conditions by simply receiving counseling on their habits.
Avatar n tn I know that hydration and using lotion everyday seems to help some. I am trying to make friends with my older self...it's the only way I'll ever be happy! It's not easy.
429155 tn?1205676864 I feel the need to be alone overpowering sometimes, maybe not a good thing, I will need to exercise more as that helps, but it's a merry go round, more exercise equals more tired, but then cannot sleep equals more fatigue, am at a loss.
Avatar n tn So, the moral of my story is that it is possible that you are suffering with some or all of these symptoms, but not have severe pain, and not realize that it is classic migraine. I have a program to follow with my neurologist and I'm looking forward to feeling better! I hope this helps someone! God Bless!
Avatar f tn To assess whether a component of GH resistance supervenes in senescence, we studied plasma GH binding protein (GHBP) levels in 50 normal subjects between the ages of 61 and 98 yr. The GHBP is a soluble, circulating ectodomain of the GH receptor (GHR); its plasma level is thought to reflect GHR levels in tissues and, hence, GH responsivity. GHBP activity in plasma declined progressively between age 60 and 98 yr. The GHBP levels in nonagenarians was about half that of persons aged 60-65.
Avatar m tn They are super tired all the time and can’t do anything. Forget about exercise, it’s the worst thing for them. Exercise to an anemia patient is like dairy+sugar for us. It’s a no no. But if you look around, there are athletes, footballers, military personnel, marathon runners among us. That’s not a sign of low oxygen intake, probably the opposite if you ask me. Maybe we should breathe less with the analogy given above…lol. I’m honest with my opinions all the time.