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374593 tn?1257883550 Also If they are concerned that I not only have severe endo, but maybe mild PCOS, does having normal lab values on the FSH and estradiol mean that I dont' have PCOS? (I have normal periods every month! and no other symptoms of PCOS!) Thanks so much for any help! its greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn Does the body respond to iodine as a correction of values for the hormones? I would rather not take meds if I can do nutritional supplementation. I also take Selenium, Tyrosine, Vit D, B complex, Vit C, Iron, Magnesium Citrate, Probiotics, Biotin, and Cozaar 50mg (HTN). In May 2003: TSH was .93 .38 to 4.7 Free T4 was .84 .7 to 1.8 In Dec 2009: TSH was 1.7 .3 to 5 In Aug 2012: TSH was 1.54 3 to 4.5 In June 2014: TSH was 4.73 3 to 4.5 (Flagged high) Free T4 was 1.0 .9 to 1.
Avatar f tn My doctor sent me lab results with no explanation. I am 53 years old have been on BCP for years, went off them to get blood work done to see if I am in menopause. My FSH was 13.1 and estradiaol was 84. Have I reached menopause? THe thought of a change of life baby scares me to death, we have a 30+ and a 21 year old! Until I can get to a new doc can anyone help ?
1571146 tn?1399913292 So I checked my site to see if I got any results from BT yesterday, and lo and behold, there was my estradiol level! It came in >50 which is all it said. I wish it would've read the exact value, but I'm sure I'll find out from RE when I go in. Now just waiting for other results to trickle in.... Staying positive!
Avatar f tn He felt if there really was something going on it would have been found sooner. Below are my lab values. I would like some help interpreting these as I know there is some controversy on what should be considered a good reference range. Last piece of info, both my parents have hypothyroidism. TSH 2.9 (0.36-3.74) T4 8.1 (4.7-13.
Avatar f tn as I've found some of the MDs and endo's I've been seeing too hung up on only trying one course of treatment or relying too heavily on lab values and not taking symptoms into account. I went on Armour's site ( and you can search for a provider there...or Another good site to check out is He has some good info and also some links to find a holistic doctor or DO.
456874 tn?1218143341 Did they check Cl, Na, K and phosphates??? your LH, FSH (values depends on the fase of ovulation) and estradiol looks ok. I know what you feel , I went to a internal medicine doctor and she did so many analysis, and I have Hashimoto (antibodies TPO more then 1000) but normal lab values, so they wanted to check other autoimmune diseases (You should check too). With all my autoimmune results now I can go to the ENDO and tell him what I feel is really my thyroid.
10880850 tn?1413514085 lab results: FT3 5.11 (3.8-6) FT4 11.07 (7.86-14.41) TSH 0.25 (0.34-5.6) Hi, I am male, 25 years old, weighs 73kg, had my thyroid totally removed last 2010 because of nodules, underwent radioactive iodine and currently taking 1.5 grains WP and 12.5 of T4( Euthyrox). Currently studying medicine in China which is difficult for my case because no doctors here will advise me about taking these meds. Instead I self-medicate to relieve my symptoms.
Avatar f tn My endo tested my Estradiol on day 2 and day 12 of my cycle. There are specific lab ranges for each. A good iron is Ferrochel. It is iron bis-glycinate and is known to be gentle. I use it and do well. I take it at bedtime. Ferrous sulfate was terrible.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism based on lab work-ups from last year and have been monitoring my condition. Here is a summary of my labs. Concerns with a couple questions follow. 8/01 Ca=10.0 mg/dL 1/05 Ca=11.1 6/05 Ca=11.2 8/05 Ca=10.7, PTH=94 pg/mL 10/05 Ca=10.4, PTH=58, 24-Hr Urine Ca=598.0 mg/24-Hr 11/05 Ca=10.8 12/05 Ca=10.3 & another at 10.4 1/06 Ca=10.8, PTH=48, 24-Hr Urine Ca=675.7, 24-Hr Urine Creatinine=2.
Avatar f tn The antithyroglobulin ab is positive (40??'), she should do an ultrasound of her thyroid (but lab values are ok). Where are her hormones tests? PTH, free testosterone, LH, FSH, estradiol, progesterone, ACTH,??? and autoimmune tests???'she should more tests to figure out what it is.
Avatar n tn Hi, Pelvic pain can be due to pelvic infection and inflammation, endometriosis, colitis or urinary infection. Remnants of ovarian tissue can be left behind after a total hysterectomy and this may undergo cysts formation. Lab results need to be correlated with symptoms and findings of examination. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
739091 tn?1300669627 For FSH, LH, and estradiol hormone levels, can you tell us how often you have these values checked? Do you have them checked in the lab or do you do a home test? Thanks for the information!
Avatar f tn Obtaining a day 3 FSH and estradiol Take 2 tablets of clomiphene (100 mg) on days 5-9 of the cycle Repeat an FSH level on day 10 of the cycle The normal Clomid challenge test result is a low FSH on day 3, a low estradiol on day 3 and a low FSH on day 10. Cut off values for the day 3 and the day 10 FSH values are assay dependent and must be determined by experience with the lab being used.
Avatar n tn All serum levels in my basic chemistry panel, CBC plus differential, thyroid panel, and urine analysis were normal except my estradiol. It was 84 with a lab range with an upper limit of 54. My testosterone was normal at 630 and my DHEA was normal at 265. I am thin and I have no masses on the testicles that can be felt. But, i am nervous about the elevated estradiol. My doctor seems not alarmed and will be repeating the test.
1580318 tn?1492443745 LH - 1 FSH - 2 ESTRADIOL - Less then 70 So why all the crazy symptoms? Hot flashes, loss of sex drive, mood swings etc... Maybe she'll have some answers for me when I go for a physical feb 11.
Avatar f tn Hi, My FSH was about the same as yours (I'm 39) 5.6 MY LH was 4.9 MY Estradiol was 156 (which I thought was really bad and it meant I had no good eggs....) But It only took me 2-3 months to get pregnant so I guess my estradiol number didn't mean I had no eggs. Successful month I did lh surge strips, bd'd when it said to and used pre-seed as I thought my mucus wasn't mucousy enough to help the sperm travel.
1636472 tn?1439186588 This means that a value that falls outside the normal values listed here may still be normal for you or your lab. Ask your doctor for normal values of your luteinizing hormone test. Follicular phase: 1.68–15 international units per liter (IU/L). Midcycle peak: 21.9–56.6 IU/L Luteal phase: 0.61–16.3 IU/L ESTRADIOL: MY RESULTS = 357.1 Normal For girls and women between puberty and menopause, estrogen levels vary throughout the menstrual.
Avatar f tn Cortisol, Random..................15.2 17 Hydroxyprogesterone..........14 Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate......71 Estradiol (E2)................................2.5 Free Test......................................0.7 % Free Test..................................0.3 Sex Hormone Binding Globulin........201 Test. Panel (Total)......................... 24 Progesterone Level........................<10 Prolactin.........................................6.89 Follicle Stim. Hormone Level.............1.
Avatar n tn My family doc and I are trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm 32 years old, 145 lbs., 5'6" with no family history of heart problems or epilepsy. My current meds are Effexor XR 150mg, Yaz (birth control), and Lisinopril 2.5mg. Lately I have had sudden/instant dizzy spells that hit me like's not the "normal" brain shivers from missing or being late on a dose of Effexor...this is physically debillitating. I will just be sitting here at the computer...
Avatar m tn Your test results does not show LH , SHBG and total T values. High SHBG values can reduce free T levels while not reducing estrogen levels, thus upsetting their balance. SHBG values increases quadruply with obesity in combination with prediabetic conditions. You should definitely check if your post prandial sugar levels are with in limits. Further, the liver health has got a great control on our metabolic rate. So it is important that you get your liver health assessed properly.
1076386 tn?1255971162 I have an Endo that bases every decision on lab values. During this time frame, I have had Amenorrhea - no menstral periods, not even spotting. OB/GYN confirmed that it is NOT stemming from a Gynecological problem. My hair has been falling out, and the last couple months it has gotten so bad that I rarely wash my hair, and never use a brush on it. My family Doc does not believe this is a nutrition problem or anything else he can confirm.
Avatar n tn I don't know what your lab's range for normal is, but from everything I've read, it sounds like your lab values are all consistent with PCOS. PCOS is a "catch-all" term for a syndrome which has symptoms like extra hair growth, irregular menstrual periods, infertility, insulin insensitivity, weight gain, multiple tiny cysts on the ovaries when seen on ultrasound etc.
Avatar f tn HI, I suffer from severe migraines, my gyno tested my blood and have found my DHEA is really low ( 441 ng/ml) (normal values 1000-4300). The rest of hormones are in the limit for my age ( i am a 28 year old female) Prolactine: limit high 21.4 ng/ml ,estradiol 24 pg/ml (limit low), plasmatic testosterone 0.2 ng/ml ( limit low). So i was wondering what should i do??? my gyno says it would be bad if DHEA was high, but i don´t feel ok. And my headaches are driving me mad.
Avatar n tn 6-hr 8.9%; 24-hr 19.6% All T hormone tests are Euthyroid (lab results below). Sorry post is so long, and thank you in advance for any response.
Avatar f tn Ok, Free T4 range 0.7-1.6 Free T3 range 2.3-4.2 TSH 3RD GEN 0.400-5.
Avatar f tn Assuming success in getting those tests done, when results are available, please get a copy of the lab report and post results and reference ranges shown on the lab report and members will be glad to help interpret and advise further.
Avatar m tn 299 My TSH levels were above the normal range, my test levels were again roughly half what they should be and crucially, the prolactin level (while clinically normal) was still very high for an 18 year old when measured against mean values. I'm sure if my prolactin levels were measured last month, they would be very high. Is this correct?
Avatar n tn problem arise when i get all bloodtest of hormones and ultrasounds normal( simple ultrasound, trans vaginal ultrasound, FSH,TSH,LH,Prolactin,Progesterone,Testosterone,cortisol,estradiol,DHEA) and normal fasting and random glucose but high insulin around 110 (1st time) and 127 (in repeat). i m 27 and not obese having 47 kg weight. but have routine headaches n neasua with low b.
787406 tn?1339206783 The problem with autoimmune diseases they seem to mimick to some degree each other. It can be difficult to narrow it down. I don't see lab values to help in that area. You could even have problems with your adrenal system. Your body seems stuck in the "fight or flight response" with the high nor epi. That alone could cause many of these symptoms too.