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374593 tn?1257883550 Also If they are concerned that I not only have severe endo, but maybe mild PCOS, does having normal lab values on the FSH and estradiol mean that I dont' have PCOS? (I have normal periods every month! and no other symptoms of PCOS!) Thanks so much for any help! its greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn My estradiol levels have come back repeatedly on the low end (in the 60's or 40's) but my FSH levels are normal. My last estradiol was taken on day 12 and it was 40 which is low but I don't have regular cycles. Honestly, I don't know if the low estradiol would cause the weight gain...I am actually afraid to start taking it because I think it will cause me to gain weight.
Avatar f tn I had a Salvia test done a couple weeks befoe the serum testing and the testosterone was slightly above high normal above and DHEA was double the high normal range. Estradiol and projest were normal on the salivia test.
Avatar n tn Does the body respond to iodine as a correction of values for the hormones? I would rather not take meds if I can do nutritional supplementation. I also take Selenium, Tyrosine, Vit D, B complex, Vit C, Iron, Magnesium Citrate, Probiotics, Biotin, and Cozaar 50mg (HTN). In May 2003: TSH was .93 .38 to 4.7 Free T4 was .84 .7 to 1.8 In Dec 2009: TSH was 1.7 .3 to 5 In Aug 2012: TSH was 1.54 3 to 4.5 In June 2014: TSH was 4.73 3 to 4.5 (Flagged high) Free T4 was 1.0 .9 to 1.
Avatar f tn The first thing to do is to stop using the Nuva ring for a month and then repeat the values. Your estradiol and progesterone levels are both being suppressed by the synthetic hormone in the nuva ring. If you were my patient, I would check your FSH also (on cycle day 3) and then repeat an estradiol and progesterone level on cycle day 21. Once you are off the Nuva ring, if your hormones don't normalize, then you may need to consider possible hypothalamic amenorrhea.
Avatar f tn Okay I am frustrated. The last 3 months or so I have been feeling awful. I have had dreadful bouts of fatigue, regularly feeling tired even after 12+ hours of sleep. My hair has been thinning, my joints ache, and I've gained 20 pounds. I am also constipated and depressed. I sound like fun right? I should mention that I under went surgical menopause at a young age, so at first I attributed this to that. But after a month on HRT my symptoms have not improved.
Avatar f tn You said that your estradiol and testosterone levels were both low normal, as well; that could have a bearing on how you feel. You should ask to get vitamin B12 tested, as deficiency can cause absolutely debilitating fatigue. You also need to get vitamin D tested, since deficiency can cause a lot of thyroid like symptoms. While you're at it, you might as well ask for calcium, magnesium and iron/ferritin.
Avatar f tn ur bloodwork seems normal...fsh and estradiol are normal...lh is normal however in follicular peak d normal level is 4.1-68.7....doesn't matter as a pathologist i can state that these are normal values...good luck...
Avatar n tn problem arise when i get all bloodtest of hormones and ultrasounds normal( simple ultrasound, trans vaginal ultrasound, FSH,TSH,LH,Prolactin,Progesterone,Testosterone,cortisol,estradiol,DHEA) and normal fasting and random glucose but high insulin around 110 (1st time) and 127 (in repeat). i m 27 and not obese having 47 kg weight. but have routine headaches n neasua with low b.
Avatar n tn Hi! Normal TSH values are 0.4 - 4.0 mIU/L. So a level of 6.06 is high and indicates hypothyroidism. You need to get a complete thyroid panel done: T3, T4, TSH, and would ned to see an endocrine specialist. Estradiol level of less than 35pg/mL is usually seen in menopausal or post menopausal women. You would additionally need to get FSH, and progesterone levels checked. PCOD can also affect TSH and estradiol levels, so this possibility too should be looked into.
1748995 tn?1427338464 So I got my cd3 BW and my estradiol is 108 My FSH 5.2 LH 5.3 TSH 2.36 Are those good values? They are all within normal limits but are the what the doc wants?
Avatar f tn Hi, I am so confused. I am 40 F, 65-75lbs overweight, exhausted, low energy, cannot remember anything, foggy brain, no gumption, etc.... (used to be a firecracker until recent years) - I have sleep apnea, and feel dragged down and miserable most days. I am treated and my sleep apnea doc says I am doing well as far as that is concerned. I am not depressed. I have had mono twice that I know of, and maybe more. I have PCOS, and oily face/hair but dry body skin, really dry actually.
Avatar f tn What we want on day three is a low FSH level in conjunction with a low estradiol level. If the FSH is normal but the estradiol level is elevated, the elevated estradiol will often be artificially "suppressing" the FSH level down to the normal range. The idea of using day 3 estradiol levels as an adjunct in evaluating egg quantity and quality is relatively recent. Clearly defined cutoff values for normal are not well established. We like to see the day 3 estradiol less than about 80.
Avatar n tn I was reading a site that defines normal values for FH, LSH and estradiol blood work. One of them, for estradiol, has a range of 20-400. Um, isn't that pretty broad? I came in with a low end of 42.9. Any comments? I don't really know what I should be looking for with this topic.
Avatar n tn I have 2 kids ( 5 years and 11 years) with normal and natural pregnancy. I took pill (yaz) for one year at age 38 as had some irregular period. My all hormone levels were normal before starting pill. Then I was on pill for one year. Just I stopped pill on December, 2009. After that I had no period until March 2010. February 8, 2010 my blood exam showed FSH 63, LH 30, Estradiol 7.7 Estrogen 0.
1580318 tn?1492443745 So I just got results of my blood work, and i'm baffled. Everything came back normal. LH - 1 FSH - 2 ESTRADIOL - Less then 70 So why all the crazy symptoms? Hot flashes, loss of sex drive, mood swings etc... Maybe she'll have some answers for me when I go for a physical feb 11.
Avatar n tn All serum levels in my basic chemistry panel, CBC plus differential, thyroid panel, and urine analysis were normal except my estradiol. It was 84 with a lab range with an upper limit of 54. My testosterone was normal at 630 and my DHEA was normal at 265. I am thin and I have no masses on the testicles that can be felt. But, i am nervous about the elevated estradiol. My doctor seems not alarmed and will be repeating the test.
Avatar f tn so my answer is based on that. FSH Normal values are 3-20 FSH is often used as a gauge of ovarian reserve. In general, under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 fair, 10-13 diminished reserve, 13+ very hard to stimulate. In PCOS testing, the LH:FSH ratio may be used in the diagnosis. The ratio is usually close to 1:1, but if the LH is higher, it is one possible indication of PCOS LH Normal values are < 7. A normal LH level is similar to FSH.
Avatar m tn im 23 by the way. 5'6'' height 152pounds Here are my Current blood values from last week E2 ESTRADIOL 31.70 [_*_] 0-56 FSH 2.69 [*__] 0.95-11.95 LH 6.69 [__*] 1.14-8.75 T4 FREE 1.08 [_*_] 0.70-1.48 TSH 2.455 [_*_] 0.35-4.94 GLUCOSE 63.40 [*__] 60-100 TOTAL TESTOS TERONE 264 [*__] 262-1593 2 years ago, august 2007 I had DENGUE feber, lost 10pounds, then i started gym and gained like 15 pounds in the next 3 months after that, alot being body fat.
Avatar n tn If you continue to have irregular cycles despite normal thyroid values, you may very well have PCOS. If you think that you may have an ovarian cyst, you certainly should see a gynecologist. You should be seeing a gynecologist yearly anyway for health maintenance. I'm not sure why your husband would object to your being healthy. Depression can be related to hypothyroidism, so that may improve with time too. It also sounds like you could use a little relationship counseling. Good luck!
Avatar f tn org/posts/Autoimmune-Disorders-/Direction----which-way-to-go/show/2428649 The great people at the thyroid forum suggested central hypothyroidism since I have normal tsh, and low normal ft3 and ft4. I have had no success getting a trial of thyroid because my labs are all normal, despite a multitude of symptoms. The relevant labs I have most recently had are as follows: T3 2.65 pg/mL. 2.3-4.2 T4 1.08 ng/dL. 0.8-1.8 TSH 1.62 mIU/L. 0.4-4.5 RT3 16 ng/dL 8-25 Estradiol. 71 pg/mL.
Avatar n tn My family doc and I are trying to figure out what's wrong with me. I'm 32 years old, 145 lbs., 5'6" with no family history of heart problems or epilepsy. My current meds are Effexor XR 150mg, Yaz (birth control), and Lisinopril 2.5mg. Lately I have had sudden/instant dizzy spells that hit me like's not the "normal" brain shivers from missing or being late on a dose of Effexor...this is physically debillitating. I will just be sitting here at the computer...
1636472 tn?1439186588 This means that a value that falls outside the normal values listed here may still be normal for you or your lab. Ask your doctor for normal values of your luteinizing hormone test. Follicular phase: 1.68–15 international units per liter (IU/L). Midcycle peak: 21.9–56.6 IU/L Luteal phase: 0.61–16.3 IU/L ESTRADIOL: MY RESULTS = 357.1 Normal For girls and women between puberty and menopause, estrogen levels vary throughout the menstrual.
331422 tn?1309930249 Is there an optimum time within the menstrual cycle to get good values for a better diagnosis for a hormonal imbalance? I would also appreciate any comments on the muscle weakness and at times severe muscle fatigue that I have been experiencing together with the irregular period after a miscarriage two years ago. My HMO doctors have not been very helpful. Other endocrine levels have been in this period of two years: TSH 2.66 - 3.
Avatar f tn Hi All,, I have been trying for a baby for past 2 years and still unsuccessful due to polysistic ovary. And last May 08 I did an ovarian drilling and on September I got pregnant with the help of Dunium (Clomid) but 5th week I had a miscarriage and Doctors don't know the reason for it. And every month we are trying. Thats why we decided to go for a IUI.
Avatar n tn This is not hyperthyroidism -- ie consistently normal thyroid hormone and TSH levels. The uptake is low-normal, suggestive against thyroiditis which has very low uptake. I have not seen convincing evidence about adderall or wellbutrin causing thyroid problems. One can have Graves with a normal TSI. But there is no current evidence that you have graves. Would add TBII as another antibody related to thyroid eye disease. All the other antibodies are negative.
Avatar n tn I don't know what your lab's range for normal is, but from everything I've read, it sounds like your lab values are all consistent with PCOS. PCOS is a "catch-all" term for a syndrome which has symptoms like extra hair growth, irregular menstrual periods, infertility, insulin insensitivity, weight gain, multiple tiny cysts on the ovaries when seen on ultrasound etc.
Avatar f tn my husbd semen reports are as follows: 1 report: vol. 2ml sem color colorless sem clarity opaque sem ph 8.0 sem liq comp 30-60 min sperm count 124 Grade A RAP MOT 50 Grade B SLOW/SLUG 20 Grade C NON-PROG 10 Grade D NON-MOTILE 20 MORPHO >30 2 report: vol. 1.