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Avatar m tn HI! If you were my patient, I would advise you that your estradiol and FSH levels are quite good for your age. Your fertility at 41 is better than most. Two things to consider is 1) you may want to have an AMH level done--some people consider this to be a better indicator of fertility than the FSH/estradiol. 2) The other part of fertility, unfortunately is that the miscarriage rate at your age is high and gets worse quickly as the months/years go by.
Avatar f tn How long after a confirmed pregnancy are you suppose to continue taking Estradiol? Just read on the internet that it can cause birth defects and I can't reach my doctor to confirm this.
Avatar n tn ) In fertility treatments, estradiol is often used until after the embryo is firmly in place, until your natural processes kick in and you start creating it in appropriate amounts yourself. Check with your doc to see if there is some reason your uterine lining wouldn't be thick enough on its own, mentioning what you have read about estradiol (as the other poster suggests). Good luck!
Avatar f tn I was told it is unlikely this pregnancy will result in a baby. Due to slow raising numbers. She is now 13.
Avatar f tn My husband and I have only been trying to conceive since November, and I also turned 35 that same month. I realize that pregnancy doesn't always happen right away despite temperature tracking & ovulation tests etc., but I've begun to get nervous recently that I won't be able to get pregnant. My OBGYN told me she wasn't concerned, as long as I was getting my period fairly regularly (which I always had), but then in January I didn't have a period at all.
Avatar n tn He did an ultrasound at the initial consultation, and said it looked good, but has not done any in connection with these two cycles. When I was in the US my estradiol levels were 69 170 64 107 These were taken 2nd or 3rd day, but the 170 was taken day 4. I think my doctor at home said 0.42 or 1.42 or something. Sincerely, C. A.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Lupron and Estradiol leading up to my IVF. I am having awful headaches and some nausea with the estradiol. Did anyone else experience this and does it go away? Thanks!
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that if a pregnancy is normal and viable, it will produce its own hormones and the supplemental hormones that are given with IVF are just that--supplemental. No type of therapy can help a blighted ovum ( a pregnancy in which the sac develops but no baby) become a healthy pregnancy. Taking extra hormones could only prolong the time until the miscarriage occurred.
Avatar n tn any way i didnt have my periods after 2ms after the miscarriage so on jan 5th i went to the dr to start trying again so he prescribe me provera for 10days and clomid 3-7days and on estradiol questions to u is combine this med is there a chance for me to cenceive?and with pcos should i start the clomid a little bet later cuz my ovulation is always late?and should i still take the robitussin and the baby aspirin?
Avatar n tn I have seen my blood test results and they are: LH - 31.2 FSH - 62.4 and ESTRADIOL - <10.0 These tests were taken on 10-24-08. He said that I am definitely in menopause. Is this indicative of that? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Honestly now that I think about it, I don't think they did only one estradiol test after my transfer. In fact, the highest number I got on my progesterone level was 62 - most often it was in the upper 30's so I think you're doing just fine - congrats on your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn 05ml a day, and I think it is better. But the 1st IVF I still had a BFP, it just ended in chemical pregnancy. . .Anyway maybe talk to your RE about going down on the lupron. Good luck!! I really hope it turns out to be an ok cycle with a BFP for you. We are pretty close in stim days. I am on 150 of Bravelle in the am, and then 75 of menopur and 75 of fostimon at night.. . I will keep reading for your updates. . .good luck!
216278 tn?1308864682 But I am 12DPO today (my LP is usually 16) and I am so tired, having headaches, shortness of breath, strange pains/tingles/cramping in my abdomen/ovary area (I actually woke in the middle of the night between 8-9DPO with menstrual like cramping).......
Avatar f tn My doctor said that estradiol my help thicken mucus and help with pregnancy...first of has killed my sex drive..I know I'm on a small dose, but i just looked up side effects and it said BIRTH DEFECTS PREGNANCY CATEGORY X. Why would he give me something like that when I'm ttc??? I've only taken three doses, but I'm stoping it. I didn't have a test come back and say that my E-2 levels were low or anything.
1464658 tn?1298792080 Progyluton is NOT known to be marketed in the USA. Progyluton may be available in the countries listed below.
578796 tn?1217770941 36.8. FSH,serum:5.4. LH,serum:16.4 Progestrone:0.51. Prolactin:8.4. All the hormones are normal except LH. But doctor said that is not a big problem to conceive. I did an ultrasound follicular study for 4 times. and dr gave me pregnyl injection on 22nd day of my periods. Can I become pregnent now?? wil the irregular periods or LH level cause any problems?? I want to become pregnent soon.
691236 tn?1311203574 I had my trigger shot yesterday at 9am. My doc prescribed estradiol, prometrium (both in pill form) and progesterone suppositories for the next 2 weeks until my pregnancy blood test. Anyone else on these and do you know why? My doc just said my hormone levels were very low and he wanted to me take these to sustain the embryo if it does implant. Any knowledge/expereinece you have is greatly appreciated! Thanks girls!
Avatar f tn Taken in conjunction with the FSH level, a higher level of E2 on day 3 may be masking the true FSH level. So, if FSH is in the normal range, and E2 is high, the FSH may actually be higher than the number given. My dr said that E2 isn't indicative of anything taken on it's own (unless one is on fertility medications), but must be considered in light of FSH. What was your wife's FSH level?
Avatar n tn Cysts on and in the ovaries; Pregnancy problems that lead to miscarriage; Childbirth and breast-feeding; Decreased functioning of the pituitary gland; Eating disorders and dieting resulting in low body fat; Certain fertility drugs; Excessive exercise resulting in low body fat.
Avatar f tn All my children were preemie's and I never followed the normal pregnancy rules when I was pregnant in the past with the 6 of my children. I went through hell and for this reason I could not handle having any more children so fought with the dr and was forced to settle with having my tubes done.
Avatar n tn There are probably charts and ranges out there, google estrogen levels in pregnancy or estradiol levels in pregnancy and you might get some hits. My IVF clinic says that the ranges of normal on hCG tests vary widely even in the same day. I don't know if that also applies to estradiol levels, but I would judge a chart or range more favorably if it mentions that the range of normal in hormone levels (even in early pregnancy) can vary. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I found out today that my estradiol level is 108 (should be 200) and my FSH level is 15.7 (should be 20). Both blood tests were taken the day of "peak" on fertility monitor, although I had two peak days. I also had a positive on an OPK. We had an early loss/chemical pregnancy two months ago and my doctor does not know if the low hormone levels caused the loss or if the low hormone levels are as a result of the loss.
216278 tn?1308864682 I wore Estradiol patches - actually several of them - before getting pregnant in order to thicken my lining in preparation for conception (we did IVF). I doubt that wearing the patch would hinder your chances - I would think it would do the opposite but I'm no medical expert. As I said, I wore the patches for a different reason but I would think the result would be the same. What does your doctor say?
1834120 tn?1422945867 OK ladies, so I'm freaking out a little. My RE didn't get my estradiol level until this afternoon because the hospital is lame. Anyway it was supposed to be a stat test which means my RE would have had the result yesterday but never mind. So, I spoke with the nurse who said my RE would call me tomorrow but from what I am reading my E2 is low. I triggered last night for a natural FET on 11/6 and my E2 is only 109.
Avatar f tn My question is about estradiol, I haven't been ablle to find anywhere what are normal estradiol levels in early pregnancy. A week ago my level was 280, my Dr put me on estrace but I had an allergic reaction (probably the blue dye) so I couldn't take it anymore, yesterday's level was 450. They will continue to monitor it. I know progesterone is more important but I'm still concerned about it 1) what's the role of estradiol? 2) what are normal levels at this point? 3) any experiences to share?
Avatar n tn Approx 30 percent of people bleed in early pregnancy. It can be nothing or the start of a miscarriage. If it is only a little blood you should be find. Just rest relax and drink lots of water. Congrats on your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn Hi, Birth control pills containing a combination of desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol are quite effective in preventing unwanted pregnancies. So no other medicine is necessary. You only need to ensure that the pills are taken every day as per instructions without missing any active pills. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Inhibin; FSH; Estradiol, Prolactin; TSH; Progesterone, Testosterone; Hemoglobin and glucose tests. All tests came back NORMAL. I had a procedure done to check my uterus and tubes. All clear and positioned normally. Progesterone test in June showed that I ovulated. I had a light period, we tried to conceive again. However, test in July (this mo) showed I did not ovulate. I am waiting for my period and now its day 33 and no period/discharge of any sort. What can be done to fix this?
775065 tn?1311940165 My husband & I are wondering why I haven't become pregnant in 8 yrs. since having our daughter. He has almost completed his PsyD. and I will be done with my B.A before fall. We want to see if I can conceive before Winter. I am - 45 yo have regular periods no Birth Control for 8 yrs.