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Avatar n tn I have been infertile for 9 years, I recently had blighted ovum without any assisted reproduction. I tested for FSH and LH at day 23 of my cycle and LH was 11.7mg/dl( NR=1-7mg/dl). and fhs aws within normal ranges.What could be the problem.
Avatar n tn is letrazole - i took it and it said clearly not to use if trying to become pregnant or pregnant - it's use was for postmenopausal women for treatment of breast cancer. i couldn't understand why my dr. prescribed me this to help with ovulation and conception and the pharmacist refused to give it to me unless he spoke to my dr. b/c he never heard of it being used for that. my dr.
Avatar f tn Here is the link for you. Fabulous group and I know they could help with this question.
Avatar n tn But it began to fluctuate since last year to (23-28 days) and the bleeding now lasts for 1-2 days only. So I went to the GYN and he did tests, on follicular phase day 2- the FSH-6.6, LH-3.5 but Estadiol E2 was just 25. Then the doctor did an ultrasound scan of entire abdomen. Everything else was remarked normal but was mentioned that "Ovaries not well seen, suggests TVScan" But Im scared to do a TVS now. Doctor, I am usually a healthy person, no complain of any sickness.
Avatar n tn IUI alone for unexplained infertility is not the best option. For unexplained infertility, most doctors suggest ovulation induction with a oral agent or injectables for the female and combine this with IUI. If this is not successful after 3-4 attempts then in vitro fertilization (IVF) is the next step for unexplained infertility. If you are not seeing a specialist called a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, I would suggest seeing one.
Avatar n tn I would suggest a complete evaluation of all your hormones like cycle day 3 FSH, LH, Prolactin, TSH, Estradiol, a midluteal phase progesterone, a semen analysis for your husband and a hysterosalpingogram to evaluate the fallopian tube patency and outline of the uterine cavity. If you have not done so yet, I would recommend seeing a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertilty so all the testing can be done and a plan for fertility treament can be done.
Avatar f tn I hope this helps. list of herbs for infertility.
Avatar n tn I was retested this month for FSH and estradiol and the results came back "normal"..(last month high count due to cysts from clomid)the RE this moment everything seems to be normal..sperm, fsh, tubes...only my progesterone was a little low...I have an appointment in two weeks with the RE to discuss options..I am 33 and have been trying with an ovulation kit and three rounds of clomid for over a year. Has anyone else had unexpalined infertility ? How is it treated?
1638713 tn?1300457924 as for your Hashimoto's, this also can cause infertility. typically your TSH should be in the 1-2 range for conception. Are you on medication for this? Medication, and proper eating can keep this and the antibodies in check. Gluten Free diets help tremendously. Good luck!!!
Avatar n tn Hi I am 29 years old and have regular periods and I have been ttc for 4 years I just started seeing fertility specialist but i am not sure what these test results mean I had blood work drawn on day 21 and the results are as follows thyroid 9.8 progesterone 6.9 prolactin 10.7 fsh 3.9.
Avatar f tn He also has a grade 3 varicocele on the left side (which he has had since the age of 10). We have been told that with such a diagnosis our only option would be to go for ivf with icsi and surgical sperm retrieval (if there is any available at all). There are no genetic issues - all results for karyotyping, cystic fibrosis and y microdeletion were normal. We have tried acupuncture and he has also started to take multivitamins specifically for men ttc but nothing seems to work.
Avatar n tn I'm 29 years old lady, married since 8 years, with no chance to get pregnant up-to-moment, since 4 years the symptoms started and were as follow: feeling of pressure on the front face of the neck, and sometimes on the left side, bone and joint pain, recurrent vaginal infection, stomach ache and hyperacidity, bloating, mucus in stool, diarrhea, constipation, weight gain, dry skin, but the cycle was regular, beside an every month cyst on the left ovary "2.
182632 tn?1259937648 Congratulations!!! Let's keep the BFPs coming!!
182632 tn?1259937648 Thank you so much for the info. According to my dr I don't have an infertility issue. I continue to wonder. I am 41 now. I ttc through most of my 20's without luck. Was on b/c for a few yrs in my 30's then went off. Wasn't ttc, nor avoiding and nothing. Late 30's ttc for 3 yrs and nothing. Then at 40, new dh and I decided to try. I told him I don't even know if it's possible. Amazingly, it happened on 1st try. I mc because of placental separation.
Avatar n tn The doctor started me at 225iu for the first four days of my cycle this month. At my appointment today, I had two 11 sized follicles and one 12 with numerous small follicles. My estradiol level was a 42. The doctor then recommended I cancel this cycle and not continue with shots. He wants to do day 3 blood work for my next cycle before starting shots. I was only able to talk to the nurse on the phone for a few minutes.
Avatar n tn My fertility MD has referred me to my primary care doctor to treat my hypothyroidism before continuing with fertility treatments (I was doing IUIs with injections). My question is what is the recommended goal for TSH level for someone like me with difficulty conceiving? Should I ask my primary care doctor to check my thyroid antibodies?
Avatar m tn Day 3 labs are: FSH Estradol Estrogen Prolactin Anti mullerian hormone (the big indicator of ovarian reserve and usually the culpret for "unexplained infertility") Kidney liver thyroid panel
Avatar n tn Dr, I recently started the Chinese Herbal Medicine treatment for fertility, focusing on tonifying kidney and boosting circulation. The latest Day3 blood test shows an elevated Estradiol above 70 and lowered FSH around 6, compared to my test last year's level of FSH around 8 and Estradiol in mid 40's. I am 39 years old.
370798 tn?1232079428 I don't know what's going on I have been on clomid for about 3 mos now and Im trying to get pregnet my peiod has came on, on time the same date every month. I went to the Dr so her could scann me to see if i was ovulation (yes) so he told me to go home and strat to have sex but nothing has happen yet. I can only take this meds for six cycles and I'm on my thrid cycle i don't know what to do. So can u please help me.
Avatar f tn I am still not working lest I lose the baby because of stress. I have been to an infertility specialist after the second pregnancy loss. He did a battery of tests but could not find anything amiss. He did chromosome analysis for both me and my hubby which was normal. The day 3 FSH = 5.9, LH = 1.8, prolactin = 10.3, TSH = 3.6, Estradiol = 50, anti-cardiolipin antibodies were absent, Protein S was absent, the Hysterosalpingogram was normal as was the the sono-hysterogram .
1057389 tn?1325469187 This is our first treatment for anything. We are unexplained infertility as well. I took clomid 50 for days 3-7 and went in for bw on day 10 and everything was looking good with 2 follies sized 11mm, 10mm then on day 12 they were 18, 19. On day 13 (saturday) they were 21 and 22. They then gave me an hCG shot to seriously encourage ovulation. Then on sunday, day 14 we went in for our IUI. My husbands counts were lower than they would have liked - post-wash they were 3.3 million.
870652 tn?1260323036 Since I've been running for years, my body is used to it. How did you find your acupunturist? Did you look for one that specializes in infertility trt? SSBD to everyone! Good luck this month!
Avatar n tn I'm 28, DH is 29 and we have been trying for 1st for 18mths after an ectopic pregnancy... Thanks for you help!!
Avatar f tn The business is now being closed and Rob and I have to come up with $1900 a month to pay for our place. This is the mortgage and the condo fee. We should be okay financially for a while, but will need to move out of our beloved home and move out of the city. I'm devastated by this whole thing. My parents worked very hard their whole lives and now my mom is talking about going back to work at age 76. I'm so sad for them. They are the most giving, selfless people I know.
Avatar n tn s i tried to login many sites with instant chat but nothing is there for infertility or ivf xccept this one :s anyways... i m soooooooooo nervous and anxious ... my hrt is sometimes beating fast.. i am getting some symptoms but don't know of wat, i m so silly at times. My boobs are so tender that i need a bra even to sleep at nite, i hv lower back cramps and abdominal cramps.. feel like somtihng is stuck in my throat from all the nervous.. omg can't even begin to describe my symptoms.
672662 tn?1323727114 Thank you very much. My Dr. on this told us to not worry again since there is enough semen to fertilize 1 egg, and since the chances of getting pregnant are high after HSG he told us to have intercourse, this is 4th month of trying naturally but the third since I ovulated in 3 months, one month was non ovulatory. Today I'm 8 DPO today, I will know in 5 days is something going to happen.
341240 tn?1203121451 I go in on Monday for Progesterone and estradiol levels and will talk to them about what I can do. I will be gone for 4 days and cannot imagine waiting that long! I will keep you guys posted.
134513 tn?1212969448 if prolactin and thyroid levels are normal and you still have not conceived, best do an evaluation for other causes of infertility, including a semen analysis, HSG to check fallopian tubes and uterus, and FSH and estradiol levels to evaluation ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have left). if all this is normal, and you still are not getting pregnant, seek treatment for unexplained infertility, with clomid and iui's or FSH and iui's. good luck and don't give up hope.