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Avatar n tn Viagra and Levitra are the two FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) approved anti-impotence drugs that are indeed effective in helping men.Viagra needs no introduction! Pfizer's wonder drug, sildenafil, better known as Viagra, is the trusted treatment for male impotence problems.
Avatar m tn If you do have erectile dysfunction, your doctor may prescribe viagra, cialis or levitra to help you maintain and achieve a full erection BUT those medicine only works if you're sexually excited in the brain. In other words, if you're still worrying about your sexual performance, the medicine may not work. Another thing that is slowly on the rise informational wise and causes erectile dysfunction is over-masturbation.
Avatar f tn If you think your husband is suffering from erectile issues, you should consult an urologist and if you want some good information on Erectile Dysfunction disorder and its medicines like Levitra you can have it from http://www.levitrabliss.
Avatar m tn Please do more web searches and DO NOT use Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. I also have RP and ED. I bought L-arginine/Orinithine but am wary about using until I read that it's ok. Blood flow changes seem to be very bad to already bad retinal cells.
Avatar m tn then once they realize things are still working OK, they can get off the meds. This can apply to Rx drugs like Viagra, Levitra or Cialis as well - just getting the confidence back is sometimes enough...
Avatar n tn Hi, Most of the antidepressants have the adverse effect of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Sometimes changing the medication does help in improving the symptoms. However, you can take Viagra after consulting your physician if you have the problem of erectile dysfunction. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn Can ongoing use of generic substitutes for erectile dysfunction such as tadalis, levitra and viagra cause paraesthesia and muscle pain? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went back to the Doctor and he prescribe me Levitra for erectile dysfunction and told me that other patients have secondary effects after taking Levaquin. So, I took the Levitra and I started gettin my erections back and ejaculated without pain. After a month he switch me to Cialis, then after month of taking cialis I decided to stop taking cialis because I was able to get erections on my own, but a few days ago I started having painful ejaculations.
Avatar n tn Yes the medication could be causing erectile dysfunction. Not just the medication, but hypertension, diabetes, etc. can cause ED. The first step is to see if you can change your medication. If you have a heart condition and need to take nitrates you will not be able to take Viagra, Levitra, or Cialis.
Avatar n tn Erectile dysfunction is a becoming quite common in heavy porn users. It is not psychological, it is due to an addiction process occuring in your brain. Specifically, it is a numbed pleasure response manifesting in the reward circuitry of the brain. Viagra does not act on the brain it acts by preventing the breakdown of a chemical in the penis. The numbed pleasure response (a loss of dopamine sensitivity), reduces the impulses coming from the brain down to the penis.
Avatar f tn I found that my husband has been buying levitra for sexual dysfunction (pyronise's). He insists he uses it for masterbation and that it helps with the plague of the pyronise . We do not have sex.
Avatar n tn I read a lot of forums with people looking for cures for Erectile Dysfunction, and I hear a lot of responses and feedback. What I don't read too often are success stories. The only success stories I've ever read were from sites that were promoting the sales for their ED products. Has anyone ever recovered, or know anyone that has recovered, from Erectile Dysfunction? Or are us ED sufferers just fooling ourselves?
Avatar m tn It is true that diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction but even people with prediabetes may experience erectile dysfunction (ED). This is because nerve damage can occur even before a type 2 diabetes diagnosis, when a person has prediabetes. Poorly managed blood sugar control can damage the blood vessels and nerves, including the blood vessels and nerves in the penis. This type of nerve damage can prevent a man from getting and sustaining an erection.
Avatar n tn I am 35,I noticed I had erectile dysfunction time over 10 years ago. It is still almost impossible to have a hard one that can last. Firstly, I was told by doctors then it was probably pschological. It continued and I was given priscription (prescription) drugs(sildenafil up to 100mg) which worked temporarily and in a lot of instances unsatisfactorily. I have had a partner for 8 years that has been on & off. We got seperated for almost 5 years in which she got pregnant & had a kid.
Avatar n tn I am not a health professional but have NEVER heard of masturbation causing erectile dysfunction. But if you are suffering guilt from your masturbation, then that could easily cause ED. But there are a slew of things that could also cause ED - but I really don't think masturbation is one of them. To silent23lamb - your issue could also be some sort of mental think - feelings of inadequacey or fear of not getting a hard erection. (The very fear itself can CAUSE what you fear.
Avatar m tn Please take the Generic Viagra 20 to 30 minutes before the sexual activity to enjoy the effect of Apcalis to its fullest. According to the study, in which 300 men suffering with the erectile dysfunction were asked that they prefer which drug (Levitra, Viagra, or apcalis) for the best sex. The answer given by the majority of men was Apcalis. Thus, you can also chose Apcalis and enjoy sex anytime in the day.
Avatar n tn I am taking no prescriptions, have no diseases or health issues.However, I do have problems with erectile dysfunction. My wife and I have been married for 5 years now and our sexual relationship has gone down the drain. I still find her very attractive but I do not have near the desire to have sex with her like I did 4 years ago. We usually have intercourse maybe once a week and I can never stay fully erect during it.
Avatar m tn So many physical and psychological situations can cause erectile dysfunction, in fact, that a man should consider brief periods of impotence to be as normal as having a cold. In your case has there been a diagnosis made or the cause has been identified for erectile dysfunction? Erection is caused by the action of muscles, blood vessels, nerves and hormones. As you mentioned your hormone levels are in the normal range, other factors which influence erection need to be evaluated.