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Avatar m tn There are no exercises for the penis which can help in erectile dysfunction but doing moderate exercises may help in regularizing blood sugar levels which can reverse erectile dysfunction. Also do not take any over the counter drugs as it may be having potential more dangerous side effects which you are already having due to the drug. Lastly, at your age and with your previous sexual history, it can be psychological as performance based anxiety.
Avatar m tn Men can get rid of the erectile dysfunction, improve their relationships with the partner, and save their marriage with the help of the erectile dysfunction drugs like Kamagra, Tadalis, or Zenegra. Men have to take the ED drugs 1 hour before the sexual activity. ED drugs improve the blood supply to the penis and treat the erectile dysfunction.
Avatar n tn Hi, Most of the antidepressants have the adverse effect of erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. Sometimes changing the medication does help in improving the symptoms. However, you can take Viagra after consulting your physician if you have the problem of erectile dysfunction. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn I can't post the complete address here, but if you do a google search you'll find several lists of drugs that can cause impotence.
20783293 tn?1506299369 I have switched to a previous medication Seroquel which did not cause erectile dysfunction before, but I am still experiencing erectile dysfunction. I am unable to get or maintain an erection. I have been given Cialis by a urologist to help with the problem, but I am afraid of side effects that can cause vision loss to blindness as well as hearing loss or deafness. What should I do? Is it safe to take the Cialis?
Avatar m tn Issues I have in recent years is significant and worsening swelling of ankles and legs , as well as Erectile dysfunction . Is there any better drugs or treatment?
Avatar n tn I am 35,I noticed I had erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation for the first time over 10 years ago. It is still almost impossible to have a hard one that can last. Firstly, I was told by doctors then it was probably pschological. It continued and I was given priscription drugs(sildenafil up to 100mg) which worked temporarily and in a lot of instances unsatisfactorily. I have had a partner for 8 years that has been on & off.
Avatar m tn Another thing that is slowly on the rise informational wise and causes erectile dysfunction is over-masturbation. A lot of men claim they can achieve a full erection during masturbation but not during real sex. That is an obvious red flag that masturbation is interfering with your normal sex life and it would be wise to either minimize masturbation or quit all together. This practically sums it up.
Avatar f tn I have been with my boyfriend a year and we have never been able to have intercourse because he can't keep an erection. He is now 52. He has tried generic Viagra and over the counter things for testosterone also but nothing has worked. I have recently found out that he has been getting off to pornos this whole time by himself with no problems! Why can't he make love with me? What should I do?
Avatar m tn over masturbation is affect on erectile dysfunction. if you are suffering from ED apply Generic Viagra 100mg pill to overcome on erectile dysfunction.
Avatar m tn just to name a few. Anxiety and stress play an important role in the development of erectile dysfunction; and is the most common possible cause. At a primary level, I would suggest being a bit relaxed and working on the psychological factors with your partner. You could also see a psychotherapist/ behavioral therapist for the same. It might also be beneficial to get rid of factors like smoking/ alcohol/ drugs, if involved.
1132002 tn?1260268657 does anyone know of anything over the counter i could take that would or could help me with this problem or does anyone know anything i can do ?
612551 tn?1450022175 Cialis may, even a higher mg of Viagra may. First understand the way these work are not instant unless you have been taking the Cialis daily for a few days. For some people it can take several hours before they respond to them. For these people the effect normally will go for longer. I suggest you check out the time table for yourself and take them accordingly.
Avatar m tn t prescribe erectile dysfunction medication to someone outside of a monogamous marriage, because the health center is run by a Catholic University To the doctors in the crowd, is that first reason accurate? To everyone else knowledgeable on policy and law, is that latter reason legal? (Unfortunately I suspect the answer is yes... Though the medical center had a portion on their website espousing impartial service to those of any religion, sexual orientation, etc.
Avatar f tn - Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence) also know as Erectile disorder Erectiel Dysfunction occurs due to the insufficient blood supply to the male penile organ or the penis is not able to hold the blood for a long time. Erectile Dysfunction may cause due to:- 1. Psychological reactions such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression 2. Smoking: Smoking effects blood flow in veins and arteries, and hormonal abnormalities(Low Testosterone) 3.
Avatar n tn Your head is in the wrong place. You need to be relaxed. You can learn to relax without drugs with relaxation therapy with biofeedback. Vigorous exercise can also help show you what it feels like to be relaxed.
Avatar m tn Is this the cause for anxiety or sleeplessness or erectile dysfunction? Whom should I consult; treatment and what are the treatment duration for this? If so, then I have to search an eminent psychologist. If I get good sleep, then erectile dysfunction is okay?
Avatar n tn Though men taking saw palmetto may develop mild nausea, reduced libido, or erectile dysfunction, the rate of such problems is clinically and statistically far less common than in men taking drugs to treat BPH symptoms, based on the JAMA meta-analysis cited above. There are no known drug interactions. It is not proven that Saw palmetto causes a reduction of a libido, nor erectile function.
Avatar m tn I had a couple more bad relationships but over the next few months I started thinking I might have performance problems. In December I had another sexual relationship and I got a erection but lost it quickly. Then I really started to worry. I started relationship a couple weeks ago. We haven't had sex but might this saturday. I've tried masturbation but I get a erection but it isnt very hard. It might not be hard enough for penetration and it goes away in a couple minutes.