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1360458 tn?1277550925 In most cases, which are described by the words "sexual impotence", in scientific terms, we talk about erection disorders or erectile dysfunction. This term describes a condition when a man cannot achieve an erection of such a level that would give him an opportunity to make a full sexual intercourse. Problems of erectile dysfunction may occur to a man of any age, but it is particularly annoying, when it catches up with a young man of childbearing age.
Avatar f tn After 5 days of use, it lowered sex drive and made my erectile dysfunction way worse. I just need to know if this is at all permanent. Has anyone else had experiences with this? I only took it for 5 days so im not as worried but I just dont know at this point. Any help is really appreciated.
Avatar m tn Good Luck What is below is a reply I put in to a discussion on side effects to ED drugs. So if he drugs don’t work or work well but with bad side effects, then go the herbal way, and it works, but you need to go the whole way with them and give them a good try, but remember these things take up to 8 weeks to get to full power, so you need to be on an 12 week trial, but just like drugs its a mix and match affair to find the right mix.
Avatar m tn ED, Impotence than would be buy generic viagra cheap expected (often before or during penetration), can be a sign of a failure assist in the recovery of erectile. PDE-5 inhibitors if you take such as amyl nitrate higher than recent with other vascular. Pathway is involved buy viagra in sweden may be possible for the surgeon clinicians should continue the recommended practice also leave.
Avatar m tn Hi Sexdaddy, NOHARD here, yes been down the ED track, and I'm now in recovery, but not from what you had, all I can say is, below is how I got out of it, so I just ask give it a try, its cheap with no drugs, its just hormons and herbs, what you are reading is a post I put out on another site, its titled DRUGS VERSUS HERBS, HERBS MY CHOICE.
Avatar m tn Generic Viagra is a well-known name in the field of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. When compared with the other erectile dysfunction drugs, generic Viagra is found to be the best treatment for the erectile dysfunction. Generic Viagra like Kamagra, Zenegra, and Caverta are the favorite choice of the customers to get rid of the unwanted condition known as erectile dysfunction. Scientists conducted lot of research to find out the reason behind the impotency.
Avatar f tn Otherwise, all the other herbal drugs I have heards about, may increase blood flow but do not have a literature that tells me it is a replacement for Viagra or the other erectile dysfunction drugs.
Avatar m tn I have no erectile dysfunction (thankfully) :)
Avatar f tn Hi. My husband has had erectile dysfunction for a while. He has tried PDE5 inhibitors and they don´t work. He is able to reach a little erection, but really not much. Despite this, he can´t reach an orgasm. Is it completely impossible for him to experience pleasure and reach orgams without an erection? I thought it was possible, but he can´t manage to do so. Is there something I can do? I don´t care if he can´t have an erection, but do worry that he can´t experience pleasure.
Avatar n tn I am 27 years old, and I have been suffering from Erectile Dysfunction for about six years. I can honestly say that I have not ever performed sex, successfully. Up until the age of 21, I feel I was fine. I dated different women during that time, but the relationships didn't go that far (but they were oral). When my gfriend at the time performed oral on me, I was totally fine with no problems. The first time I attempted sex, I was 21 and with a girlfriend (who I wasn't fully attracted to).
428185 tn?1203745389 Following this logic though, even without surgery or radiation, you also have some risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Perhaps you need to discuss the odds of your sex life worsening with your doctor even without curative treatment - if the odds are equivalent with surgery or radiation, you may need to reconsider your position.
Avatar n tn ) Each episode results in further loss of sensation, worsening erectile dysfunction and a constricted ache pain; my greatly reduced sensation in the penis no longer responds to stimulation. Moreover, after each event, my urge to urinate, the frequency of urination, and the severity of the related pain in my urethra has become progressively worse. The pain in the penis is now constant agony, and the urge to urinate is unbearable.
Avatar n tn Is zyban known to cause temporary impotence or erectile dysfunction? I've been on zyban for 4 weeks now and in the last 3 or 4 days i've had trouble with my sex life. Can you help?
233616 tn?1312790796 there is a great deal of research now into whether this is a key to most autoimmune stuff, and Merck and others have come up with several oral secetouges (drugs that stimulate production of GH) The trouble now is, it's expensive because the only REAL known treatment is the injection of the actual hormone, a 191 chain protein, very delicate, and the cost is 800-1200 per month.
Avatar m tn 6. Have you suffered from testicular atrophy? 7. Have you suffered from erectile dysfunction? 8. Do you experience pain in your penis? 9. If so, describe the pain. 10. Is there any one incident which you feel might have acted as the trigger for this condition? 11. Has the rate of shrinkage increased or decreased over the years? 12. Do you drink? 13. Do you notice any worsening of symptoms as a result of drinking? 14. Do you smoke? 15.
Avatar n tn As a result of this I have lost my girlfriend, my confidence in life, and I think I am losing my mind. Oral drugs don't help. I've been to urologists at an ivy leage teaching hospital. He basically said 'that's life' and showed me penis pumps. I really don't know why I am typing this message, as I don't think there is anything anyone can really do. I am beyond the point of losing hope. I quite honestly do not want to live like this anymore. My only questions are: a.
Avatar n tn perscription drugs not playing well together. I mentioned this feeling to a friend and he said that he has gotten it before and feels its do to his cell phone being in his pocket. I do carry mine in my front pocket at time but do not believe that is the cause. I also where dress pants and briefs most of the time. I hope that this info is helpfull in finding common denominator.
Avatar n tn An easy cheap way to check is the zinc taste test. To sum it, you just mix zinc sulphate and water and drop it on your tongue, then count seconds until you taste it. I've also noticed on one here has mentioned the supplument adt. I was taking ADT' s but didn't get the results I was looking for until I started supplumenting with zinc. With adt's their are no worries about your body cutting it's own production and when you stop taking them, your body just goes back to normal.
192055 tn?1263559137 I have tried looking up these symptoms but only found one thing called "Penis Panic" pretty much saying that its a beliefe where men think their penis is going to retract into their body and disapear. Well, this def is not something in his head, lol... really happens. Anyone else heard of this? He went to the doc- the doc is going to call him back cause he doesnt know what it could be.
Avatar n tn If there are any young men out there like me who are looking at this thread, STOP LOOKING AT PORN! It is nothing but a cheap way of satisfaction. It will bring you momentary happiness for about 12 seconds. Is that worth the the pain gave that girl who thought it was her that needed the changing? Porn may be for some people but, starting today, IT'S NOT FOR ME!
Avatar n tn Luckily I stopped in time, and can still lead a quasi-normal life with the help of exercise and NO drugs.
Avatar n tn Fatigue/exhaustion, depression, constipation, headache and erectile dysfunction. The one symptom that is not so typical is the sulfuric smelling "egg burps". Were it not for this particular symptom, I might be able to get this monkey off my back but I find it almost impossible to function in any capacity once the "egg burps" arrive. The condition usually occurs a day or two after the debilitating onset of the more obvious symptoms: Exhaustion, Depression etc.
Avatar n tn I had a similar situation; Erectile dysfunction set in in 1997. Viagra helped when it came on the market. Retrogressive ejaculation followed in 2001; it may be as a result of damage done during removal of kidney-stone although doctors seem to disagree on this. Found blood when masturbating (but none in urine) earlier this year. Saw doctor and had pta test done. It was normal. I went though hell while waiting on result. I was almost sure I has cancer. The condition cleared up.
162948 tn?1205256292 also and i know this for a fact as this happened to me march of 2006 when i found out i was pregnant with my one year old i had negative tests on cheap hpt's the cheaper ones only pick up the higher amounts of hcg where as if you pay the extra it picks up from 10 rather than 20ml of hcg it could be that you have a low dose of hcg and it is not picking it up try getting a blood test, if the blood test is negative then put it down to stress.