Epipen needle size

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Avatar n tn I think I did it better than my Dh because it really didin't hurt that much. I know the size of the needle is scary but don't worry you'll get through! The anethesia during egg retrieval was kinda cool. You'll probably fall asleep but before that it's a nice relaxing buzz!
Avatar f tn Reminds me of a burn bubble and mosquito bite together. Usually about fingernail size. Itches like a mosquito bite. It goes away in an hour or so. It comes at different locations anywhere along my recent bunion surgeries 2 scars. Wish there really was a medical explanation for this. I lucked out this time on my google search. Nice to know we are not alone.
Avatar f tn MSN granules, 1 tsp. trace minerals, 2-000 size super greens, 4-000-capsules 250,000,HU Cayenne Pepper, 1 tbs. Ruby Reds Powder in 8 oz Filtered water, 1-tsp. 900PPM liquid Potassium, ( 1 tsp. mixed minerals, calcium, silica ) 1-500mg Paba, 4-multiple Amino Acid cap 500 mg, 1- Soya Lecithin 437 mg, 1-triplegarlic, 1-Beta-Carotene cap 25,000 IU, 1 E 400 IU cap, 1- capsule D-alpha Tocopherol, mixed Tocopherols 1,000 IU, 2-Enzymes 500 mg, 2-EsterC 1,000 mg, 1 tbs.
530191 tn?1214166411 I thought of acupuncture, but was worried I would have a hive on every needle spot. For me, the Cyclosporine is working well and I have had very few hives since I have been back on it. Could just be the Predisone, but I am off of that tomorrow, so we'll see! Hopefully she won't starve too much on her everything free diet.