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Avatar n tn The reactions were like described by another poster (started in my inner thigh, worked across body) with the added bonus of having a feeling like my stomach was tightening around and grinding on a sack of marbles (lovely really). This reaction usually happened 4-6 hours after ingesting beef/pork and I could feel the onset of symptoms after a couple of hours. My whole GI tract would be irritated as well (waste excretion of any sort hurt).
Avatar n tn Also, have to stay close to related-thread in responding. Bugs itch so this person gets welts/hives/bites. If poster has no answers soon, get to Dr. w/ a 'new spot' & have a punch biopsy. Have it analzyed for venum fluid & tissue pathology. If others are getting them from you, this should be done. Also, deododarant soap like safeguard or ?, bugs don't like. Perfumes/fabric softener-smell, they like. If you find bug crawling, collect in jar & take to pest control & they'll ID it.
Avatar n tn At least I'll be at home if brand given me similar side effects. From what most of the poster are telling me, it seems like there is an adjustment peroid some people have to suffer through until the bodies gets used the new thyroid levels and/or meds., and that I may have to try different brands until I find one that "feels better". -- I've never experienced anything like this with any other type of medication!! And as far as I know, I don't have any allergies.
Avatar n tn He must carry an epipen around at all times and start allergy shots the end of Dec. The allergist told him to increase the Xanax if possible. Since just the thought of this happening again gives him 100 % more anxiety. He has tried to ween himself off the Xanax ,goes to an Acupunturist and does all his follow ups as well. His major health issue seems to be extreme leg weakness not all the time but atleast 2 to 3 times per week.
Avatar f tn Anyway, I said all that to say that there are some natural remedies for hives, although they may not work as quickly as drugs. I think you or another poster mentioned quercetin; this is an effective remedy although you need to take it for a while before it starts to help. But you can take it all the time as a supplement and it can help prevent hives before they start. Another one is stinging nettles. This works better than quercetin. I always have a bottle of nettle tincture.