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233616 tn?1312790796 I think the point is not to scare everyone, but to alert people to possible dangers they do not know exist. as liver disease progresses the chance of having a toxic reaction to raw shellfish goes up substantially. also, if one's iron levels go above normal, regardless of disease stage, the risk again goes up considerably. that means those on tx should definitely be alert to the danger and maybe avoid shucking oysters?? Hello??
Avatar n tn The place immediately stinks and, in childlike protest, I'll open the window and stick my head out (obviously, checking for dangers first) but that usually gets them to stop. My dentist took me by suprise when, a couple of visits in, she announced she'd ordered some non-mint toothpaste! Very happy with her for that. I don't drink because of my epilepsy, mint makes me ill and I can't mix foods together -apparently I'm high maintenance!!