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Avatar n tn However, it is not surprising that epinephrine caused your heart rate to speed up (its expected to do this), though you might just be more sensitive to it than most patients.
Avatar n tn (I am still using ice for the swelling) I'm wondering with my heart problem how dangerous is it to get a dose of epinephrine and how will that affect my heart? I had an epinephrine dose in the early nineties due to a breathing problem, but that was before I was diagnosed with the mvp and atrial misfire.
Avatar f tn About two weeks before the procedure when my heart was doing that atrial fib dance and knocking my heart rate up into the 300's i unfortunately had to have my last root canal. Talk about scared!! I almost asked them to call my heart doc to be on stand by i was so worried...but no worries...i had it done w. the anesthesia and was absolutely fine. I know everyone is different but i think the incident rate from what i understand is incredibly low .....
Avatar f tn epinephrine is most commonly thought of in terms of t effect on the sympathetic nervous system - increasing heart rate, increasing blood pressure, hyper alertness, etc. Noreoinephrine is also released directly in the brain. It performs a specific set of functions in the brain that "fight-or-flight," alertness, and "pleasure centers" in brain.
Avatar m tn Also, I've been much more strict on an exercise regimen. I make sure to get my heart rate up a few times a day (to create that natural adrenaline). I wish I could find some studies or research to explain the actual effects of the Primatene inhalers. All I've been told is that it's bad and it's synthetic adrenaline, but never why. Doctors want me on prescriptions (because they make money off that). Pharmacists, same thing. I want to know what the actual long term ill effects are of Primatene.
Avatar n tn What hormones affect heart rate? I can think of two: thyroxin and epinephrine but I am told there is a third one.
Avatar n tn list=PL9FxWnfq1Oyo9pHHUPHeQne4iqoZ4zTN_ Figure your heart rate by this formula The Karvonen Formula is a mathematical formula that helps you determine your target heart rate zone. The formula involves using your maximum heart rate (MHR) minus your age to come up with a target heart rate range (which is a percentage of your MHR). Staying within this range will help you work most effectively during your cardio workouts.
Avatar n tn Just a couple of drinks will increase my heart rate to over 100. My resting heart rate used to be 120 on a daily basis. I take a beta blocker (toprol xl) and that helps with the tachycardia. I used to suffer from several PVC's in a row through out the day (some would make me light headed) but my brother who suffers from PVC's (and atrial fib) mentioned that after starting fish oil his PVC's diminished in frequency.
Avatar n tn How much and how rapid depends on blood pressure, blood volume, room temperature, hydration, stomach fullness, lots of other factors and of course how much attention you pay to the heart rhythm. If you expect the heart rate to increase a lot, it will.
Avatar f tn This was a new dentist for me who I gave a complete history to and explained in detail how I could in no way ever have epinephrine in my novocaine due to the fact that 4 years earlier I was found on my kitchen floor and had to be revived and since have had heart issues that included rapid heart rate and high blood pressure. When given the epi these are worsened and I get palpitations and skipping beats I have an EKG I keep that I have to carry at all times in case of emergency.
Avatar n tn Fever and tachycardia (rapid heart rate) in the setting of respiratory distress are alarming signs and you should seek emergent medical help for your one year old. He may have a bacterial or viral pneumonia and need immediate treatment in the form of oxygen, nebulizer treatments, racemic epinephrine and antibiotics.
Avatar n tn The medicine that they use to numb you for the dental work often contains epinephrine....which does temporarily increase your heart rate....I would definately call ahead.
266195 tn?1215314011 I'm a 22 year old healthy male, about 20-20 pounds overweight and very out of shape. My heart rate is usually between high 70's or low 90's while resting, just depending on how relaxed I am. When I stand up it jumps up to the 120's, I also notice it hovers in the 120's while doing things around the house, like just walking to the kitchen and stuff like that. It nearly immediately goes back down to my resting rate when I sit down. Does this sound normal?
Avatar f tn I am also very concerned because I have a serious food allergy to nuts and peanuts, and in the last two years I've had many reactions (one needing injections of epinephrine, which caused my heart rate to race over 140). Will this be an issue in the future if I have heart disease? What are the risks?
Avatar f tn In the ER, they monitored my vitals, and were concerned because my heart rate and blood pressure were low. My heart rate, typically in the 90's at this age, had dropped to the 60's (not too concerning, but it was atypical for me... Even at rest it never got below 85... And increased in my sleep! That's it's own conundrum). My blood pressure was of greater concern; I don't recall the exact numbers, but it was so low the doctor said I should have passed out.
Avatar f tn I had an episode last year where my pulse rate was 180 and I went to the er they thought I was having a heart attack. They did an ultrasound and my heart was fine my TH levels indicated Hyperthyroidism. I then went to my MD she told me I may have hyperthyroidism my ths were high they did an ultrasound of my thyroid and it was enlarged. I was sent to a endocrinologist and all he did was test and re test my blood and put me on high blood pressure medicine, which made me extremely dizzy.
1817071 tn?1366231843 All of a sudden, my rate in 100 with erratic heart beat. Can I really be in afib with a heart rate of 100?
Avatar f tn Your heart rate will increase, breathing will increase and you may shake and sweat. All unexpectedly, so anxiety will add to this. I doubt if the episode would have cause MI, unless your heart was seriously defecit in oxygen to cope with the stress. Your heart rate will be increase during the nuclear testing, and if you are unable to increase your rate enough with a treadmill, they will chemically induce stress to the heart.
Avatar m tn is there any significance in how high your heart rate jumps? My resting heart rate in supine position was 53 beats per minute. During tilt, it rose to 117 beats per minute, and I was tilted down after 15 minutes. It jumped 64 beats and I was diagnosed with "mild" POTs, but the thing is, while I recognize I am high functioning, I don't feel that it's "mild". I guess my question is - what does it matter, in terms of symptoms, of how high your heart jumps?
Avatar n tn Lidocaine and epinephrine is used in the suturing of millions of wounds every year with no cardiac events. My guess is that that is a coincidence here. The temporary fast heart rate in the absence of chest pain, pressure or other symptoms should have no long-lasting effects whatsoever. An EKG will verify that because tissue death is reflected in an abnormal ST segment. I'm not sure why you "couldn't move for an hour". If that was the case the dentist should have called 911.
Avatar n tn when i got home my bp was 143 over 100 and my heart rate was 104...then i went to the kitchen and check my blood pressure standing up it was 139 over 93 was a heart rate of 129 just standing does anybody know wht this is happening..is it the extraction and how much blood i swollowed or is it the antibotics ...what my friends please help!..
1399363 tn?1462346210 If you heart rate is very fast, or you feel lightheaded or sick, go to your local ER for evaluation. You never want to play around with cardiac symptoms.
Avatar n tn 0 inclination, which is not very strenuous, and my heart rate was at 80%.... all of a sudden it dropped to 52% and then to 32%... during the rest of the 30 minute session I was unable to pick up my heart rate again! Should I stop exercising? Could it be hypolgycemia that's causing it? Could it be the Glycine being so high? Glycine is the only neurotransmitter I am not yet taking aminoacids for (balancing).... Should I visit a cardiologist for a stress test? Please help!
Avatar n tn I do have a history of sinus tachycardia and palpitations, but just had a full cardiac workup in April and he said I was fine just having PACs and they were harmless. Does this anesthetic issue have something to do with heart rate possibly and is it dangerous of just uncomfortable? I also can't understand why the non epi injection caused the same issues and epinephrine. It's never happened until just recently and I've had more than my share of dental work through the years.
Avatar f tn Wish I had seen this thread before I posted my question about alcohol and my fast heart rate afterwards. It seems that others have experienced this same thing. I think I will keep it to one beer when I do go out with my husband and IF I decide to have a second, I'll drink some water and wait a while before having a second.
Avatar n tn Will losing weight lower my resting heart rate? If I become very fit, by how much can I expect my resting heart rate to drop? Is there a heart rate I should not exceed because it is unhealthy? (my doctor said 160 is the limit, even though my maximum heart rate is just over 200) Or can I just train without heart rate monitor, relying on if I feel good doing a certain intensity of workout?
Avatar n tn The lack of fluid in the system can cause the blood pressure to fall, which then causes the heart to speed up to try to keep the amount of blood flowing to the brain and body normalized. The heart speeds up because the body puts out epinephrine, or adrenaline, to stimulate the heart rate. However, it also can cause some other uncomfortable sensations, such as nausea, sweating, and a jittery feeling.
Avatar n tn Why would a beta blocker be helpful since I have a pacemaker that controls my heart rate? Why are they increasing the coreg every two-three weeks? The cardiologist has been very careful with increasing the coreg. My BP is around 100/60 but my pressure is alway pretty low. I still have 1-2+ edema and shortness of breath with activity.
981936 tn?1248601073 I just posted on the heart rhythm regarding that very thing. I have had this over 2 years now and it still scares me pretty badly. I get the skipped beats and sometimes I get the real bad ones where they make me feel tingly all over. It is NO fun. I have anxiety/panic disorder BECAUSE of this. Well, let me say that I probably have always had a bit of anxiety, but the I tell you, once I started having the palps it gave it a new meaning. Mine get really bad during that time of the month.
Avatar n tn Because of it, I became so traumatized, that I would be afraid to climb stairs, run or do anything that would produce a quick pulse or heart rate. I would wait for my heart to race, and you know what that does - you bring it on yourself. From that point on, I had all of the typical symptoms on anxiety - including hypochondria. Going to the doctor was a nightmare for me. White Coat Syndrome and full-blown anxiety attacks! Unless you've been through it, you can't understand what it is like.