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Avatar f tn Hello Doctor, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis last year at age 57, but I'm not sure what kind. I started out hyper which my doctor treated with beta blockers to slow my heart rate. Then I went hypo, and I've been on 50 mcg of Synthroid for the past year. My last TSH was 2.98. My question is regarding blood glucose. My last fasting test was 127. I've always tested under 100. I'm fearful of developing diabetes. Is the synthroid causing my blood sugar to rise?
514349 tn?1272801633 Blood tests last week - fasting glucose was 115 mg/dL. A1C was 5.6%. Does that mean pre-diabetes, diabetes, or neither?
1310035 tn?1305621642 elevated fasting glucose, elevated hemoglobin A1C, waist > 40" in males or >35" in females, decreased levels of HDL, etc. I don't remember the whole list. It is normally considered "pre-Type 2 Diabetes." and there is quite a bit that can be done with diet, exercise, weight loss, etc.
Avatar n tn I assume your mother had her blood work done after overnight fasting and before she ingested food or liquids onther than water. If that is true and her: (in your words) "Glucose is 180." she could have diabetes. Her next step should be to see her doctor about both the high cholesterol and the elevated glucose levels.
Avatar f tn I am sure the doctor will get back to you, but you really have to make sure and show this to your child's doctor. I have learned that the blood sugars he is having are not normal and he needs to be seen tomorrow. He needs the follow up testing asap and needs an A1C test. This shows the average blood sugar over the last few months. It showed my daughter to have a glucose intolerance. Good Luck. Becky This is on the american diabetes association website.
304573 tn?1345577338 Anyone start having problems with their blood glucose levels...seems I am becoming hyperglycemic.....
Avatar f tn 80 and glucose pp: 50 . Why my pp sugar is less than fasting. I experience weakness and feel hungry just after an hour after having meal. I also tested my son for the same n results are glucose fasting:90 glucose pp:85..why is my son sugar pp levels r also less just like me though is not genetically my son. I again tested my son insulin fasting which is 12 and insulin pp which is 18 . This result is more than the range. What does it signify.
Avatar f tn I have been monitoring my blood sugars at home since at a doctor visit my fasting glucose was 135. Every morning in the past week I have taken it (on empty stomach) it has been in the 130's, only one time it was 114. All throughout the day it is between 129 and 158, sometimes it is 192, 263. I had blood drawn today for A1c, should get the results in a couple of days. I am wondering if these numbers are normal, or do I have a problem?
Avatar m tn Both of your values suggest that you have impaired fasting glucose (range 100 - 125). The measurement is the same in fasting and non fasting testing - the difference is in the reference range. A normal fasting glucose is < 100 and the current thinking seems to be that even a result in the mid to high 90s might suggest close monitoring. The answer to your question is that it doesn't matter whether they call it non fasting or fasting glucose test result.
Avatar m tn And yet the symptoms have remained, no matter what I do. Did pinprick blood glucose test when I have the symptoms, and it always came out normal. Fasting glucose levels were normal until recently. I'm not overweight (male, 44 yrs, 5'8" and 146 lbs), but I have added inches to my abdomen. I also don't exercise regularly, which I know I have to rectify. I've been to many doctors, including endos.
Avatar f tn I have a fasting blood glucose level of 101 and 102 for several years now and have been taking diovan hct and excedrin. I know these drugs have the ability to raise blood sugar readings. Should I be concerned about these readings? If I get off these drugs will my levels return to normal?
Avatar n tn My fasting glucose levels over the years have been between 75-85, my reading Sun (which was NON-fasting) was 140...Will glucose be elevated generally if there hasn't been fasting?... 2. What do some of these other numbers/readings mean, they are from the ER report: Serum Protein EPP - 7.
Avatar f tn I would recommend recording your blood sugar levels fasting, and 1 hour after you eat and speaking about it with your doctor. The fasting level that you mention in your question is elevated. You want to speak with your doctor soon, so that you can get your sugars regulated either by diet and exercise or medications if that is what is recommended. It also might be helpful to keep a food journal until you see your doctor.
Avatar f tn It is also possible to have elevated blood sugar if you fast for a longer than usual period. It is good that your subsequent tests were ok. Anyway, use this as your motivation to stay healthy. Minimize sugar and processed foods, exercise. A regular check of blood sugars every once in a while (and certainly every 6 months) is a good practice so you can monitor yourself over time.
Avatar m tn The A1c is instead a measure of glycated hemoglobin, which serves as a marker for average blood glucose levels over approximately previous 8 weeks, as this is the half life of red blood cells.
Avatar m tn While fasting usually the blood glucose is arround 90. 1 day happened to be 108 (i ate a lot the night before).
Avatar n tn I recently did a glucose fasting test. The test states that normal is 70 - 100 mmg/dL. My result is 128. The test also found that I have a "slight" bladder infection that I was prescribed an antibotic for. It must be slight, as I have no discomfort at all. I am taking the antibotic now. My question is: could the infection effect the number 128? How do I lower the glucose number? what foods effect glucose?
Avatar m tn (DP) also hits in the morning and can raise BG (Blood Glucose). It is well known that the fasting BG numbers are last numbers that go bad, meaning you can have problems with BG before they show up in the fasting test. Like checking to see if the barn door is open by looking for horses in the stalls, if the stalls are empty then the door is open. much better to look at the barn door. So get a meter test before then drink 24 oz of coke or 2 cans of coke (12oz cans).
Avatar f tn Thanks for your replies. Wave: I'm not sure it was you who gave me the info on the HgbA1C. I recall someone else telling me about it. Yes, it's been requested. Labs need a Doctors order for it and my insurance won't pay until I've had three Fasting Blood Glucose Tests with elevated BC. In about a week it will be my third ( provided it's elevated, as my last wasn't ).
Avatar n tn I believe there's some confusion on glucose levels so I'll try to clear that up for you. A fasting glucose of 97 mg/dl is not high but is leaning towards the upper range of normal. Normal fasting is between 60/70 to 99 mg/dl Prediabetes is 100 to 125 mg/dl Diabetes is considered 126 mg/dl and above The 5.2% A1c does indicate a slightly elevated level of 103 mg/dl but I would rule that towards your pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Elevated fasting triglycerides, anorexia, elevated serum glucose/hyperglycemia, elevated alkaline phosphatase" https://www.drugs.com/sfx/vemlidy-side-effects.
Avatar m tn The ADA and the AACE always differ in their interpretation of what is a normal level for the fasting blood glucose. It is constantly being revised downwards and I think that it is getting ridiculously low! The level of 6 as an A1C used to be considered normal and OK. Then it went to <6 and now there is talk of making it <5. Absurd!
Avatar f tn 89 10 mmol/l) from 30 minutes to 1 hour after administration of the oral glucose dose, and should then return to fasting levels of 140 mg/dl (7.78 mmol/l) or less within a 2- to 3-hour period." thank you for your help!