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648527 tn?1234154336 and my temperature also v high above 37,, im sure im not having fever, and i have pain in lower abdomen middle sometimes mostly at evening. is this signs of preganacy, im wondering this too early to take a desicion, does anyone experiensced this in early preganancy...
1530658 tn?1299769924 and since there really are no symptoms of pregnancy (you can be pregnant and feel nothing or have all kinds of signs and not be pregnant) you really just have to wait until test time to know.
151668 tn?1239924705 I have been exhibiting some of the early symptoms of pregnancy that I had during my tww with my son (dizziness, boobs a little tender...but not much, and lower abdominal cramping for starters). I know that our minds play tricks on us, though, so I'm not jumping to conclusions just yet that I'm preggers again. However, this is the weird thing... My right boob has still been releasing milk (when I test to see if I can express it).
208686 tn?1293034103 I would like to know from anyone or everyone what their early signs/ symptoms of pregnancy was. And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant? Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree..
Avatar f tn be just 3 weeks long. I feel stupid for asking but what common early signs of pregnancy would I be having right now.
Avatar n tn All sounds like good signs but all you can do is wait and then test test test!! Best of luck to you.. BTW, the best tests are "first response early results". You can start testing at 10dpo.. if you don't get postive result that early, don't be to disappointed. Only some women will show positive that early.
Avatar n tn Can signs of pregnancy appear as early as two weeks? I have been experiencing neasea around the same time every day. I took a test and it was negative, but I still feel like it may have been to early to take the test, which would probably mean it is too early to experience signs. Did I just answer my own question? Thank you in advance for your responses.
Avatar n tn heh =) I was just curious what some of your early early symptoms of pregnancy were. Like early as in 2-3 dpo and on! For some of us waiting I know this would be great to obssess over! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I felt tugging in my abdominal area when I was 9 dpo. I ran an opk and it was nice and pos which is an early indication of pregnancy. The next morning I got my BFP on an hpt. Good luck.
394995 tn?1276088635 im now 10dpo and having early pregnancy signs like nausia, cramps, creamy implantation discharge, tiredness, hunger and needing to use the bathroom all the time! Could I be?? I really really hope and prey!
Avatar n tn I tested positive 4 days early with the First Response early pregnancy test. If you can't wait -- like I couldn't -- go for it!
281603 tn?1229315281 That was my first sign of pregnancy. I had a couple of spots of blood two days before my period was due and nothing else. The period pains were constant. I took a test two days after my period was due and it was positive.. in seconds that little pink line popped up. I have a very regular cycle though... right on 28 days every month.
153475 tn?1359474834 And with my daughter I don't remember them hurting this early. I never felt to nauseous with any of them before I found out I was pregnant but do remember feel very very tired! Wait, I think with my daughter I was a little sick but not much, just sensitive to smells, and when my belly was empty I would feel sick. The TWW is gonna drive me INSANE! I am glad you're close to starting, I hope this is your BFP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Get a pink dye test, Answer Early Result and First Response Early Result are a sensitivity of 25 miu and will detect pregnancy early in some cases. I got a bfp on 11 dpo, 3 days before I missed my period and it was with afternoon urine.
Avatar m tn How early do girls show signs of pregnancy? No less than 2 and a half or 3 weeks ago my girlfriend had her period. After 4 days weve had sex a few times. She is taking a pregnancy test today but says she has been feeling nautious, more tired than usual and she thinks she has gained 10 lbs. Im not expert but i cant find anything online if her claims are valid or not. The internet keeps telling me everyone is different and is giving me no real answer.
849762 tn?1288188348 Your Fertile CM dries up after ovulation but creamy cm is normal. Many women experience an abundance of CM around a + preggo test, I'm just not one of them. It's one of those things you are just going to have to wait out!! good luck!
1105450 tn?1375687321 My temp s look promising except for todays drop. But I am not having ANY signs of AF but more signs of Pregnancy but all my test that BFN, Is it to early or maybe not enough HCG? I dont want to get excited but dont want to get disappointed either I am so confused.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know any of the multitude of early pregnancy signs. Obviously, missed AF, but anything that might be construed as a sign very early on. I am 12 dpo and have been feeling a little strange. I was actually pregnant back in March, but had a m/c at 7 weeks. As I was giving myself a break the one month I became pregnant, I wasn't aware of any signs until after it was confirmed.
Avatar f tn Just want to know if anyone has had this happen and/or could i been having very very early pregnancy signs? I bought Clear Blue digital tests.. when would be the best time to test ( besides after miss period.. i have things going on this week that i need to make sure im not prego to do.) Oh and im totally exhausted !!!
1639915 tn?1378932813 16 dpo still no menistration and no signs of pregnancy but took a test to be sure and the test was neg. any ideas on why theres no menistration should i test again?
Avatar n tn i actually got opk's for about 3 monts to figure out when i was ovulating. And i have now picked up on the signs of when i ovulate. like for instance i get this twinge in my left ovary when i am about to ovulate but i also get alot of ewcm when i ovulate and then afterwards i dry up like the desert. until the day before my period is to start.
6629746 tn?1394070044 What could be the signs of implantation I'm having pain and pressure on same side I did with ovulating ?? My temperature dipped this morning. I'm 11 dpo with a 30 day cycle. What should I do?
448723 tn?1301458558 Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep. At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy. Slight bleeding or cramping For some women, a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling the same way but I have been cramping, nausea, lower back pain and lower pains in the front.
Avatar f tn This could be a late ovulation because of the cm ur experiencing.... its a bit to early to get so many symptoms of pregnancy. Remember this is a mind over matter thing cause we want to get pregnant sooooo bad! I might add that NO pregnancy are the same... i was 14 days late and still wasnt pregnant. If u as a woman feel that something is up, plz do take a HPT or get some blood work done. Wish u the best of luck!!!