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4990031 tn?1362755838 Today was the day that I had most of my testing done. I had a autonomic test, blood tests and a stress test. All of which were exhausting and painful. After the tests were done all I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and sleep. I feel asleep early.
627388 tn?1222198212 I really appreciate everyone being so kind to share your experiences of the Mayo Clinic. However, I am saddened to hear that so many of you have had such a horrible experiences with physician's from Mayo. I'm really glad I posted this on the forum before I decided to drive 9 hours to get there and spend more money. I'm left to wonder if anyone out there in the Forum has had any good experiences with the clinic?
Avatar f tn I read thats another sign of pregnancy aswell. Could the test from my doctpr have happy to early?
Avatar f tn Mayo Clinic diagnosed me with hyperoxaluria, oxalate crystals damaging my kidneys. Suggested reversal of Roux en Y.
Avatar f tn I know it's early, but I couldn't help wanting to take one because of all the possible signs this week.
Avatar f tn Your body goes through many changes when you become pregnant. Possible early signs of pregnancy can include the following: A) Amenorrhea B) Morning Sickness C) The need to urinate more often D) Tender breasts E) Cravings All of the above are signs that may say you are carrying a child, however, proceed with caution. These signs are not proof positive. The first step on your mission of truth is a home pregnancy test. These are available in any drug store.
Avatar m tn Truthfully, I've heard one of the best MS Clinics in the US is the Mellen Center at Cleveland Clinic. You might try checking out http://www.mscare.org They list all the clinics available, etc. My neuro said the clinic at Cincinatti isn't that great but thinks Cleveland Clinic is really good. I've never heard of the Mayo Clinic being highly rated for MS, but more for heart desease.
Avatar f tn still waiting for apt the 27 of april at mayo clinic
Avatar f tn I knew before my missed period. Things like bread had stronger scents and i was getting full fast! By my fifth week I was nausous and tired constantly!
Avatar m tn Hi my name is Keegan I'm a 20 year old male from Michigan. I was diagnosed with type I Chiari and two syrinx's In my spinal chord. I'm sure along with a lot of you I am very nervous for my surgery date. I'm in the process of getting an appointment date set at the mayo clinic in Minnesota. I was curious if any of you have been there for this problem and what surgeon you had with suggestions as to who I should request. Thankyou all in advance!
Avatar m tn Using your search engine, Google or whatever Just type in Mayo Clinic and whatever problem you want to know about for instance. Mayo Clinic,drug withdrawal. Mayo clinic,dry mouth. Mayo Clinic,oxycontin and so on. It has distinct possibility of helping some or all of us as to what to do. I should have looked there to begin with. Now I have a ton of possible help. Try it, it may be just what you need.
Avatar m tn Some here on the board are not real pleased with the Mayo clinic. It seems they have their own set of standards to give out a dx of MS. I personally know nothing about them and wish you the best....hoping for that answer.
Avatar m tn in my search engine and came up with an incredible amount of insight into sleep disorders and the causes. It also includes a significant number of ways to combat the problem. It's a lot of reading but they seem to have thoroughly searched the cause, effects and treatments. I suggest anyone with the problem,take a look at it It is highly possible that there is a treatment suited to their needs. I skimmed over it to begin with but I will be reading every word fom here on in.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything under the sun and have just lived through a period of sub-speciality hell (specialists who only look at their particular body part). I now have an offer of a visit to Mayo Clinic. Has anyone been to Mayo? What has your experience been? I appreciate your information.
Avatar n tn So I was actually able to get an appointment for Wednesday at the Mayo clinic in Rochester. So i was curious if anyone has done their surgery there and how were you results or if anyone has any reviews on it. I have done a lot of research and its really the only place I have found in MN that has a lot of knowledge on Chari. Also, its a 4 hr drive so Im hoping to.have a littlr insight about the mayp clinic.
1264955 tn?1381782221 m from Minnesota. My father spent a lot of time at Mayo. Its considered one of the best if not thee best hospital in the world. I'm sure thier nuerology dept is top notch.
Avatar f tn s teeth and cause various birth defects were words from the Mayo Clinic web site) about doxycycline and pregnancy and how it is a level D for pregnancy with FDA. What I am looking for is some assurance either stories of women who were on it as well and had healthy pregnancies and babies, or if there is any "ugly" information than what should I look out for. I know there is a risk, if there weren't there would be warnings about it. Just how risky? Any help would be great.
Avatar f tn Breast Tenderness, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Morning Sickness, Food Cravings, or Aversions to Foods, Sensitivity to Aromas, Nausea, Heartburn and/or Constipation, Mood Swings and Irritability, Higher body temperature, Bloating, Implantation Bleeding or Cramping (i didnt get bleeding but i did get the cramping. that was my first sign of pregnancy), Most important is A Positive Pregnancy Test and Missed Period. I had them all on this list except for the missed period.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of any other Clinic other than Mayo that is as crediable? No Dr. has been able to confirm anything, I know it is not in my head!! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/295876'>Help with diagnosis</a>.
Avatar f tn You could probably get an idea from the Mayo Clinic. Their support staff is wonderful and are ultra organized. Best of luck to you.
Avatar m tn My neurologist is suggesting that I travel to/visit the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to receive "expert" analysis for my neuropathy/footdrop problems. Living in North Carolina, this does present logistical problems and I am looking for advice on whether the Mayo Clinic indeed has a reputation and special instrumentation that would warrant such a visit.
1166523 tn?1264364643 Saw Dr Shuster at Mayo Clinic FL, she ordered MRI of the spine and a ton of other tests
4990031 tn?1362755838 Today is the day that we go over all of my test results and find out what I need to do for treatment. I found out that I do have POTS for sure. My heart rate changed by 50 beats per minute. My iron is also low. He added a new medication because metropolol.
463595 tn?1333997222 No AF and no signs of af or pregnancy and I am to scare to do pregnancy test.