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627388 tn?1222198212 I really appreciate everyone being so kind to share your experiences of the Mayo Clinic. However, I am saddened to hear that so many of you have had such a horrible experiences with physician's from Mayo. I'm really glad I posted this on the forum before I decided to drive 9 hours to get there and spend more money. I'm left to wonder if anyone out there in the Forum has had any good experiences with the clinic?
Avatar m tn Truthfully, I've heard one of the best MS Clinics in the US is the Mellen Center at Cleveland Clinic. You might try checking out http://www.mscare.org They list all the clinics available, etc. My neuro said the clinic at Cincinatti isn't that great but thinks Cleveland Clinic is really good. I've never heard of the Mayo Clinic being highly rated for MS, but more for heart desease.
Avatar f tn I knew before my missed period. Things like bread had stronger scents and i was getting full fast! By my fifth week I was nausous and tired constantly!
Avatar m tn Some here on the board are not real pleased with the Mayo clinic. It seems they have their own set of standards to give out a dx of MS. I personally know nothing about them and wish you the best....hoping for that answer.
1264955 tn?1381782221 m from Minnesota. My father spent a lot of time at Mayo. Its considered one of the best if not thee best hospital in the world. I'm sure thier nuerology dept is top notch.
Avatar f tn You could probably get an idea from the Mayo Clinic. Their support staff is wonderful and are ultra organized. Best of luck to you.
5093508 tn?1390543931 Pleurisy is a specific type of chest pain. The following, from the Mayo Clinic, is a good definition. “Definition By Mayo Clinic staff Pleurisy Pleurisy is a symptom occurs when the double membrane (pleura) that lines the inside of your chest cavity and surrounds each of your lungs becomes inflamed. Also called pleuritis, pleurisy typically causes sharp pain, characteristically when you are inhaling and exhaling, with or without cough.
515251 tn?1254443201 they could be a sign of pregnancy they could also be a sign of something else
571415 tn?1217039962 Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep. At the same time, lower blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure and increased blood production may team up to sap your energy. Slight bleeding or cramping For some women, a small amount of spotting or vaginal bleeding is one of the first symptoms of pregnancy.
991778 tn?1249402994 they can be a sing of anything not just pregnancy can be a sign of ur period coming but if u fell uneasy take the test.
1225331 tn?1333365769 The Mayo criteria looks for 4 or more, which is part of our hold the Mayo discussions here. Their criteria is stringent and outside of what the McDonald criteria reads. And McDonald does not require any o-badnds, at all.
Avatar f tn First of all I want to say congrats...I understand the two year wait! I have the Mayo clinic guide to a healthy pregnancy and what to expect when you are expecting.
Avatar f tn I decided that I should travel to the United States and hopefully get a diagnosis. I know that Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic have a good dysautonomia clinics but I don't know which one should I choose so I would appreciate any suggestions !!! Also I know healthcare in the US is so expensive and since I don't have insurance I wonder how much such a visit to one of those hospitals will roughly cost ?I know it's hard to tell but I'm asking for a roughly cost. Thanks.