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787566 tn?1240283057 So can pre menstrual symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are primarily caused by an increase of progesterone, so they can be confused with other things. In my case, I know there have been months I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant when I wasn't. Not trying to discourage at all, but if you are a week or so post ovulation and think you might be pregnant, I would go ahead and take a very sensitive HPT or see your Dr. for a Beta/HCG. Good luck, I sure hope this is your month!!
Avatar f tn t get a BFP until 14+ dpo and there are no symptoms that are indicative of pregnancy. some women have all kinds of symptoms and are not, some have none at all and are pregnant.
1480446 tn?1293734007 hi there ,yesterday i got my BFP for day b4 my AF was due but iv had awfully sore breast from ovulation really bad acid indigestion and running to the loo every 2 mins and all these syptoms have been from 6-7dpo o will be just 4 weeks 2moz but already have started with nauseai feel this is either going to be as long pregnancy or my sickness and other symptoms arnt going to last very long cos they started early (wishfull thinking i think lol) and av just stareted with the aches and cramps this we
Avatar f tn 8 dpo is probably too early to have any symptoms.. Most women start seeing any symptoms around 12 dpo on the earlier side or maybe a few days later when they miss af.
Avatar f tn I'm on 19 DPO and experiencing the following symptoms, headaches, light headed, backaches, PMS cramps. On 15 DPO I had smudgy brownish discharge. I'm so anxious to take HPT, because of my previous negative test. Am I pregnant?
384150 tn?1399904816 Hi All, I have a question for any of you. It seems a lot of woman post pregnancy type symptoms the day of and soon after implantation. Some of these scientific med sites claim its impossible to feel any symptoms before the HCG rises several days after implantation - 12-14 days. Is it possible to start having symptoms after implantation, but not see it in a HPT? I know pms symptoms are the same as pregnancy, but some of these woman insist they don't get these symptoms on a monthly basis.
1180685 tn?1353351539 I got all the same symptoms at 4 DPO and I got a BFP. So good luck to you! And SSBD!
Avatar f tn So I took a test last night I was 8 dpo and this morning at 9 dpo, both were negative do u guys think I can possibly still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn hi i had pregnancy symptoms two days after conception and a positive test 5 days after. my midwife said i was very in tune with my body. my early early symptoms were going to the toilet a lot, going of certain food mainly coffee, then about a week later bloating and waves of nausea. i also just knew there was life there. hope this helps you, i'm now 22 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Testing from 15 days past ovulation is best to avoid a false negative from testing too early, some people have no symptoms at all, me however have got nausea, headaches, sore swollen breasts with enlarged nipples, needing to pee more often, eating more, gone off tea now drinking coffee.
Avatar n tn When did you ovulate this month? If you've an LP of 14 days then you are prob just 1 dpo which is too early to have symptoms officially however you do read about ppl who seem to have symptoms from the beginning. I'm 2 dpo and taking note of everything i'm feeling just hoping to have a symptom. Although I do that every month and no bfp yet!
Avatar f tn Has anyone used the urine test strips from early pregnancy tests.com? How soon did you get a BFP? I am 3 dpo today and I have ordered them last month. I went on the website today and it says that you can get a BFP as early as 7dpo.
1139597 tn?1292874871 Some people do have pregnancy symptoms that early, If you had blood work they MAY find some hormone in your body. You need a specific amount to get a BFP, you may just not be there yet. Some also feel pregnancy symptoms that early and it's just a mind game. (I hope it isn't in your case!). I think with my first about 13 DPO I had sever symptoms (but probably a little more mild a few days before). The second one about 10 DPO I had a few symptoms.
Avatar f tn Get a pink dye test, Answer Early Result and First Response Early Result are a sensitivity of 25 miu and will detect pregnancy early in some cases. I got a bfp on 11 dpo, 3 days before I missed my period and it was with afternoon urine.
334926 tn?1436811523 And its just sooo frustrating cause when I got my bfp back in june I didnt get a positive till 14dpo and I kept telling hubby that I knew I was getting AF ...all my pregnancy symptoms were AF symptoms...so for the past 2days my nipples are sore (tmi) and normally when I get AF they are sore but its more my boobs that hurt and not my nipples (when I was pregnant it was nipple pain) been having gas for 2days now to..actually DH said to me the other night..are you preggers? I said why you ask..
Avatar f tn Taking a Pregnancy Test If implantation were to occur on the most common day (9 DPO - Jun. 22, 2014) the earliest an early pregnancy test is likely to show a positive result would be: Jun. 24, 2014 to Jun. 26, 2014 hCG (the pregnancy hormone) doubles every 2-3 days during the first several weeks of pregnancy. Give it some time to build up so the test can detect it. ** Use the Pregnancy Test Timing Calculator to find the best day to test based on your cycle.
Avatar f tn m on 19 DPO and experiencing the following symptoms, headaches, light headed, backaches, PMS cramps. On 15 DPO I had smudgy brownish discharge. I'm so anxious to take HPT, because of my previous negative test. Am I pregnant?
Avatar f tn I got my positive at 10dpo, and 9dpo with my son, always just one baby, usually it doesn't mean anything, just that you have a strong pregnancy, even more symptoms doesn't necessarily mean twins!
Avatar f tn LMP 11/17~ovulated 11/30. + hpt 8 dpo. 1st beta wasnt until 16 dpo because i was trying to wait it out till after Christmas since it was my husbands Christmas gift. I want to say my sx started even before the + hpt. I know i was eating out of control, craving water and suffering from heartburn. Waves of nausea and what i like to describe as brain zaps. No pre af pimple either. ok so 16 dpo went in for initial dr appt. dr said my uterus was more swollen then usual.