Early pregnancy symptoms by dpo

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1201929 tn?1293708072 //www.babysnark.com/early-pregnancy-symptoms/early-pregnancy-symptoms.asp Add yours Below if you'd like :) xxx BABY DUST TO ALL.
877372 tn?1326816560 Even though everyone says you can't get pregnancy symptoms until the earlist is 6 DPO and I started feeling it @ 4 DPO.
4100601 tn?1358967760 It could be, but there is no way to know for sure until your period is due. You are only 5 DPO so way to early to test wait till a least 10 DPO. Hope this is helpful and that you get your Christmas BFP! I ovulated on the 26th and hoping for mine as well.
299260 tn?1304216105 Hi. I am 3 dpo. I'm curious as to what others have found as early pregnancy symptoms & what I can expect in the next week or so.
Avatar f tn I am also feeling very tired. Today I am 3 dpo. Could this be early pregnancy symptoms?
Avatar f tn All pms symptoms are closely related to pregnancy symptoms and are almost irrelevant. I've learned after a couple months that focusing on all those symptoms will drive you crazy! Just relax...take a load off and worry about it in a few more days! Nothing will tell you at 8dpo if you're pregnant or not. If you're a little stir crazy then maybe take a first test at 12dpo and see what you get! SSBD...hope you end up with a BFP for Christmas!
Avatar f tn t get a BFP until 14+ dpo and there are no symptoms that are indicative of pregnancy. some women have all kinds of symptoms and are not, some have none at all and are pregnant.
787566 tn?1240283057 So can pre menstrual symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are primarily caused by an increase of progesterone, so they can be confused with other things. In my case, I know there have been months I was absolutely convinced I was pregnant when I wasn't. Not trying to discourage at all, but if you are a week or so post ovulation and think you might be pregnant, I would go ahead and take a very sensitive HPT or see your Dr. for a Beta/HCG. Good luck, I sure hope this is your month!!
1105753 tn?1374287348 It is still fairly early in my TWW but my BBs are sore and I'm slightly nauseous. My hormones are raging and I think I might loose it today! Now I'm spotting! I feel like I'm having early pregnancy signs, but I don't think that's it. Either I'm going to start my AF sooner than normal or I'm experiencing pre-menopausal symptoms. I just feel lousy today and I just want to cry.
Avatar f tn 8 dpo is probably too early to have any symptoms.. Most women start seeing any symptoms around 12 dpo on the earlier side or maybe a few days later when they miss af.
1480446 tn?1293734007 hi there ,yesterday i got my BFP for day b4 my AF was due but iv had awfully sore breast from ovulation really bad acid indigestion and running to the loo every 2 mins and all these syptoms have been from 6-7dpo o will be just 4 weeks 2moz but already have started with nauseai feel this is either going to be as long pregnancy or my sickness and other symptoms arnt going to last very long cos they started early (wishfull thinking i think lol) and av just stareted with the aches and cramps this we
377493 tn?1356502149 Found this on-line and thought it interesting. What Are My Chances Being Pregnant With a Negative Pregnancy Test? Am I Pregnant? A repeatedly negative pregnancy test when you missed your period means that you are not pregnant and after a week of a missed period with negative pregnancy tests your chance being pregnant is 1%. The timing of a positive pregnancy test depends on implantation.
1719394 tn?1312227847 so, i started taking cheap dollar general pregnancy tests today,and got a BFN. Now i am just not sooo sure anymore. I thought i was having pregnancy symptoms but maybe it's just PMS. i have never had these symptoms for so long, i usually only get sore boobs, gassy, fatigued 2 days before my period is due. But this has been going on about 8 or so days. There is still hope i guess. It's still early.
1609417 tn?1389642778 Ok, This is dedicated to ALL Ma MH Ladies, Who r in their TWW and r wondering about their symptoms.. 3rd round of Clomid 100Mg. what I did differently was taking it from CD 2 − 6 rather than 3 − 7 and decided to use OPKs instead of the trigger and BAM..!!! 1 DPO — cold like symptoms not sure If im getting a cold or not but my nose is congested — sore nipples only one side, sudden pinch in nipples — very fatigued today ...
Avatar f tn I'm on 19 DPO and experiencing the following symptoms, headaches, light headed, backaches, PMS cramps. On 15 DPO I had smudgy brownish discharge. I'm so anxious to take HPT, because of my previous negative test. Am I pregnant?
493195 tn?1308086679 Every time i do the trigger I get really sore breasts and symptoms that imitate pregnancy. Is this a new symptom? or have you had it since the trigger shot? It's hard to tell this early...they could be trigger shot side affects, pms symptoms or pregnancy symptoms. Let's hope it's a BFP! You can usually take a pregnancy test 12 dpo. Hope this helps!
1180685 tn?1353351539 I got all the same symptoms at 4 DPO and I got a BFP. So good luck to you! And SSBD!
Avatar n tn incredibly sore, tender breasts (especially on the sides), nausea that comes and goes (but strongest in morning), abdominal cramping/discomfort, frequent urination, cravings for candy and fruit (sweet stuff mainly, which is unusual for me), and fatigue. I just FEEL like I am pregnant. I suppose it could all be PMS symptoms, but I don't usually get any PMS symptoms except for mild cramping the day before my period comes.
Avatar f tn So I took a test last night I was 8 dpo and this morning at 9 dpo, both were negative do u guys think I can possibly still be pregnant?