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Avatar f tn Your body goes through many changes when you become pregnant. Possible early signs of pregnancy can include the following: A) Amenorrhea B) Morning Sickness C) The need to urinate more often D) Tender breasts E) Cravings All of the above are signs that may say you are carrying a child, however, proceed with caution. These signs are not proof positive. The first step on your mission of truth is a home pregnancy test. These are available in any drug store.
Avatar f tn Ive been cramping for weeks, and i had an extreme amount of discharge with shome spotting in it but ive been spotting on and off the whole pregnancy.
Avatar f tn However, the past couple weeks I have had bad lower back pain and a dull period like pain in my abdomen (alongside Braxton Hicks)! I also had a bit of a runny tummy... but don't know if that's due to the Sekot I had yesterday evening. What doesn't help... is my mother keeps telling me that I've 'dropped' and am going to have an early baby... She had 3 between 30-34 weeks, so she's worried there might be some sort of genetic thing.. (I'm 31 weeks) I am a first time Mummy and very stressed!
1278093 tn?1294323984 I feel the same way. Lots of lower back pain and crampiness real low in the front. I lost my mp like a week ago last sunday and still nothing.
Avatar n tn Sore boobs, lower back pain (same as during my period), achey muscles, decreased appetite in the morning. I had no idea I was pregnant though because doc said I don't ovulate... So much for that. Lol. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Sure enough the next time it was just a dull pain in my back. It may be nothing, but I would call the doctor and check with him. It is always better err on the safe side.
377493 tn?1356505749 30 am, I woke up with terrible pain and within an hour I kept feeling like I wanted to push or something else was pushing I guess. I was at the hospital at about 4:30, my water hadn't broke but I was 6cm and they had to break my water. She came really fast but I really didn't have any real labor pains until the bad ones hit. Not that you are in labor, but a really bad back ache is a labor pain apparently. How fun that your so close! Good luck.
Avatar n tn I wanted to add that your progesterone was not THAT low. Dr's like to see a level of 15+ in early pregnancy. 14 is a little low, but very low. I don't understand why the nurse is so pessimistic at this point, but I don't know very much about IVF, either. Stay positive and good luck!
Avatar n tn Again around the 5th day after transfer I got the same early pregnancy signs and, in addition, a day earlier I felt a pinching feeling in uterus. Again on the 9th day all signs out of nothing disappeared. This time I was extremely careful, spent 5 days really in bed and then started slowly moving around the house and went for a small walk, but still took a lot of rest. However, looks like it is over again and what bothers me is the same pattern with the 1st cycle.
Avatar f tn Yes Casey you would have pain in ur lower abdomen, back pain, and tailbone pain. . I think some people that forget that. It is poamssible to still have a regular period when ur pregnant it happens all the time. Sfreaswill not help at all.
Avatar n tn Bleeding in early pregnancy can be fine. Signs to look for include bright red blood, clots, lower back pain accompanying cramps, fever, etc. Cramps and lower back pain are a normal pregnancy symptom, so do not worry about that unless it is accompanied by the other symptoms listed. I truly hope she is not miscarrying!
280369 tn?1316705641 Since Jeremiah is just about 10 months, you would think all the signs of pregnancy would still be fresh in my mind!!! But they are not. lol. So I am probably somewhere around 4 1/2 to 5 weeks preggo and a few times a day I will feel a pulling or stretching/crampy feeling really low in my abdomen...as well as slight lower back pain...I mean very slight...it's almost like an achy feeling. And I will feel sick a few times a day. I don't remember the back pain/achiness with Jeremiah...
Avatar n tn Oh i can so relate in fact jsut got back fromt he dr they r wanting to start me on a low dose of methadone i am really scared i am 13 weeks but they said the baby can NOT go through w/d it can be very dangerous and even cause miscarriage and the baby feels what we feel i would say do NOT lower ur dose so that u go into w/d i just read a article that says there is no signs of birth defects from taking these pain pills but there is definate danger in going into w/d while pregnant.
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks pregant and I'm having some pain on my right side and lower back pain is this normal in a pregnancy?
Avatar n tn If the pain is subsiding and your blood levels look good, then those are good signs. I had an ectopic in July, but never experienced abdominal pain. However, I had VERY low progesterone, but that was the only symptom. After 4 vaginal u/s over a period of 2 weeks, the dr figured that's what it had to be. But if you were experiencing pain related to an ectopic pregnancy, it would get worse and not better. Try not to stress too much.
367100 tn?1330918325 Hello, Most women experience some signs or symptoms of pregnancy as early as three weeks after conception.
Avatar n tn It is my first time having strange signs and symptoms like being constantly sleepy, sore low back as well as pressure or pulling sensation in my low abdomen.
688845 tn?1325185836 Yeah , it could be the signs but it sure is very early to test , implantation takes place in 6-12 days thats why you have to wait for a couple of weeks and then test.
Avatar n tn If this is my period it is very abnormal for me because I usually start off the first 3 days with a heavy period and then it tampers down to a brownish discharge. I am getting lower back pain and my abdomen has a tender pain. I don't know what my cycle it ranges anywhere from 28-32 days. We were also TTC after the m/c so I'm wondering as well if this is implantation or if it is my period. I have no other preg symptoms though.
Avatar f tn I've had only negative tests so far since i missed my period almost 2 weeks ago, but i've been gassy as hell the last week and a half (coming from both ends!), moody, crampy the last few days, tired, dizzy, bloated, and my bras seem to have shrunk (and that area is really sore). But negative hcg tests. Go figure. My doc wants me to retest in a week and possibly do a blood test or ultrasound in case i'm one of those weird cases that has low hcg. Anyway, i'll find out this week.
Avatar m tn Target blood sugars in pregnancy are in the range of 70 - 120. I got put on insulin very early in my last pregnancy and was on it the entire pregnancy. I am now trying to get pregnant again and seeing my blood sugars have been higher than they should am now on insulin again. I believe your doctor is very wrong by not taking immediate action. High blood sugars can sometimes cause problems for the baby with a risk of heart and spinal defects.
Avatar f tn I went through hell and for this reason I could not handle having any more children so fought with the dr and was forced to settle with having my tubes done. For months I have had many signs of pregnancy, ranging from sickness, increased appetite, decrease in appetite at times, nausea from foods, many pains sharp and dull, baby movements, a foot, leg, arm, round like a head or bum, weight gain, breast enlargement, leaking milk.
Avatar n tn You can test with a home pregnancy test as early as the first day of your missed period. If you don't get your period in a few days, go ahead and test. Are you trying to get pregnant?
800427 tn?1324949319 She said the pain in my stomach is from my stomach muscles being stretched and the pain in my back is from all the weight I am carrying in front. She said these complaints are typical. My blood pressure and everything else has been normal.
508203 tn?1233238404 The ultrasound came back good, it's just my amniotic fluid is a little low. They checked to see if I am dialating and I am 2cm and the baby is very very low. My due date is friday, and I will be induced next tuesday if nothing has happened. The doctor did stretch out something during the exam (I am not sure exactly what she did), but she said often it will cause labor within the next 48 hours.
754316 tn?1233684924 My doc said my Hcg levels were low but to be expected since I was so early in my pregnancy. I'll know more today or tomorrow once I get my Hcg levels back again.
Avatar n tn i don no if am pregnant or not but i more than certain tink i am because my period is 2days late and my breast are feeling kinda heavy especially wen am taken a bath and rubbing soap over itam having sum symptoms like head and back aches, i always feel as dow i wanna throw up but never do, and sometimes abdorminal pain but not rearly. and i had a MC in nov -06. i took a test on 4TH FEB N IT WAS BLANC PUT MY PERIOD CAME ON DA NEX DAY NE 1 HAVE NE ANSWERS?