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Avatar f tn You may also take a look at my clinic website where I also have my blogs and a lot of other info about drug addiction and recovery. It is at www.MDSDrugDetox.com. We are there to help you if you can not do it yourself. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn it will teach you and your family how to live with and deal with his addiction. i am the wife of a recovering addict. i attend alanon meetings a couple days of week. addiction is complicated,it is a family disease, it does affect the whole family in many ways. look on the bottom right of this page there is alot of useful information in the health pages. please read the pages called P.A.W.S. part 1 & 2. this has a time line (mood chart) and what to expect in regards to his healing.
1103290 tn?1261754965 Ask your therapist for a MOOD chart so you can chart your feelings for the next few weeks and see how much of what you are feeling and the way you are acting is more WITHDRAWAL or BP....................You and check me on this but I believe in order to meet the crit. of BP you would have had to had at least 1 mania eposide. Good Luck and I'm glad you asked this question....it was a good one because a lot of new commers run into this same problem.
Avatar f tn I wanted to know what the ultrasound showed so I peeked, I've been in this field for 10 years so I know how to read a chart. Anyway I saw that a urine drug screening was ordered and sent out. I've never know that to be a common test ordered unless something is expected. I'm just feeling really uncomfortable with this ob now. I am angry because I was honest from day 1 that I was in pm and he never said anything, then I try to stop by myself and instead of support I get, well...
Avatar f tn Welcome CC! I agree with the others, the physical withdrawals should be mild for you, as 30mg is a low dose. I recently came off 180mg of Oxycodone a day. It can be done, and you've already taken that first and most important step by realizing that it's time to stop. By taking them all at once at night, I think you're correct in recognizing that you're taking the meds for reasons other than pain control. You're going to be able to power through the physical part in a couple of days.
Avatar n tn I have been taking loritabs for about five years but have just realized lately how bad my addiction has become. I have been taking anywhere from 10 to 15 a day. I am planning to quit by the end of next week. I am looking for every tip I can to make it through this the best way possible. I know I will have trouble with energy since I work in a pretty labor intensive job. Also, I know that I will not be able to sleep or eat. Any advice that anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn It's MUCH stronger and totally synthetic....and then you'll have to w/draw and get off THAT. Here's a conversion chart that may help: (and FYI, bupe is the nickname for the drug in suboxone/subutex) http://www.medhelp.
359987 tn?1207677404 Without making her feel like I don't believe that she is in pain I think she needs to detox. How do I approach this drug addiction(my Opinion). She also has a 4 year that is absolutely wild. I think because he knows he can pull it over on her. She is so druged all the time all she does is over compensate for the lack of energy by overprotecting, talking for him. She would pee for him if she could.
Avatar n tn I never took over 2 at a time, and never more than 4 x a day, so my addiction peaked a few months ago, and I have been weaning down to 2 - 4 a day and I have 2 pills left. Most of the time I was able to keep myself to 2 pills 2 times a day when I needed the extra boost. I am overwhelmed financially, emotionally, and mentally with work and kids. I am a self employed professional without any insurance and I have a public job that I would lose if I admitted the problem or took time off.
Avatar n tn I've mainly only gotten replies from GWH and that's just because I was taking up for him when some people were bashing him. I feel that addiction is addiction no matter what the drug is. Am I wrong? Do any of you know of another addiction board that deals with mainly barbs?
Avatar m tn I'm sure you worked very hard to get to medical school use that work ethic to beat your addiction.
662972 tn?1270169901 ) High level but potentially treatable Criminal drug abuse Constant high level Reduced level or eliminated Effect on community Destructive, high crime and death rates, transmission of disease A good methadone program contributes to public safety, reduces mortality, and improves quality of life for all Criteria for addiction Fits criteria for addiction as listed in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" Does not fit criteria for addiction, methadone maintenan
Avatar m tn Lay persons should NOT give holier than thou medical advice to those who have become dependent on ANY drug. A competent MD should ALWAYS be the first line of action in treating a medical condition. Support is one thing...self prescribing is another. Prescribing is for licensed physicians only. As far as DEA Scedule 2 narcotics are concerned, they are reserved for the most serious medical conditions and certainly NOT for recreational use.
7680419 tn?1399060411 But the thing I think is sad is the idealism ( not sure if that's the right word) that society has on addiction or a drug addict or any addiction. In the beginning I thought of an addict as (like in the movies) so yes when I saw those two words and panicked. Later though I looked again after lots of thoughts and realized it can happen to any one and it happened to me. We don't live in the movies but any situation isn't much different. An addict is just an addict. Society scares me.
Avatar n tn No auto accidents, no DUI's, just excuses, just like your regular drug addict, to get somthing that helps me function like a normal individual. A drug that lets me laugh without coughing or wheezing. A drug that helps me get a good nights rest.
662972 tn?1270169901 ) High level but potentially treatable Criminal drug abuse Constant high level Reduced level or eliminated Effect on community Destructive, high crime and death rates, transmission of disease A good methadone program contributes to public safety, reduces mortality, and improves quality of life for all Criteria for addiction Fits criteria for addiction as listed in the "Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders" Does not fit criteria for addiction, methadone maintenan
Avatar n tn Otherwise the result is your partner's life going down the tubes, and yours in the aftermath. Drug addiction only gets worse, as you already know by prophesizing the progression of a few oxys taken right to the crushing and snorting phase...It most assuredly will NOT have a good outcome. And you are correct in sensing that he isn't at all serious about any recovery. I'm afraid you're on your own, here, babe. Do you love him? Does he love you?
Avatar n tn She also has been shopping compulsively on e-bay. She says that she does not have a drug problem, that her problem is depression. The fact that she is unemployed has made it worse. I am trying to arrange for her to get assessed for entering a medicine addiction program, which will be very expensive.
Avatar n tn This may seem like a stupid question, but which drug has the worst w/d? I hear methadone and ultram are the worst from what Ive read here. Currently Im addicted to morphine and Fentanyl. I have a taper schedule ready, now I just need to get _me_ ready.. Also I hear Soma is addicting.. well thats another favorite of mine.. but Ive never had w/d from it, and Ive been up to 12-20 a day (4 at a time). When I run out, thats it.
1200450 tn?1317500467 Has anyone else ever had problems with their primary care doctors after admitting their addiction? I went to mine today because I have strep throat. While I was there, I told him that I had been having headaches also and was wondering if he could give me anything non narcotic like imitrex. When I said this, he actually laughed at me and in a snide voice said, "what? Tylenol doesn't work for you?". It was a very uncomfortable moment.
322138 tn?1306246734 Even when the person realises this and its explained to them does NOT mean the pain goes away, indeed it can get worse, but it does eventually lead the person down the track of rehabilitation and stopping their drug addiction or at least make them aware that yes, they are addicted, but it wasnt by choice at the time of addiction. quite a distinction between Addiction types but anvariably leads both to seek asssistance.
Avatar n tn I had to say something about the ongoing soap opera/love story that is unfolding here on the addiction forum. Although it is nice, sweet etc etc etc, it IS another thing to sift through to get to the answers most of us are looking for. I personally wouldn't want my love life discussed on an addiction forum, but I guess it's different strokes for different folks. I have a question about addiction...What is in Ultram that makes it so addicting? It isn't a narcotic...right?
Avatar f tn Would addiction being BEHAVIOR of taking drugs to get high and "What we mean when we say "addicted" is abusing them, taking them to get high" Be the same thing? If you agree, thank you. That is what I said. Sorry I didn't have the lingo Just So.
554442 tn?1221238825 The thing that’s really confusing is that previous editions of this book talked about addiction, like drug addiction. But the psychiatrists, in their wisdom, decided that addiction was a bad word and they took it out of the book and substituted the word dependency. JL: So it creates confusion with physical dependence. . . Dr. Schneider: Exactly.
Avatar f tn I have been following this board for several months now as I recover from painkiller addiction. My drug of choice was hydrocodone. I find it incredibly hard to believe that any doctor, regardless of how ignorant of addiction, would espouse a viewpoint such as Dr. Bunderman's. By the way, if anyone knows, what kind of doctor is he? After searching the American Medical Association's database for a "Doyle Bunderman" and coming up empty, this is an interesting question.
Avatar n tn I take suboxone twice daily. I took a drug test today which tested positive for opiates. How is this possible and what can I do to prevent this?
Avatar f tn I am in withdrawl and no longer can walk without the use of a walker or crutches. How will I EVER find a dr. with That in my chart? i left a message in patient relations.
Avatar m tn i have a wife and 3 year old who have no idea of my addiction. no one knows and no one can know im going through the detox. i run a business where i have to travel sometimes so i was thinking about telling my wife i had to leave for work and just locking myself in my office to get through this. what should i do with the suboxen and zanex/// please respond and help me if you can. what is the thomas recipe? does it work?
1531526 tn?1330739676 so from that experience I know that there are other routes, routes that I'm currently taking or on my way to taking (such as MRI and other tests, non narcotic pain relievers, heat and ice, bengay, etc.). They even did drug testing on people that had a previous addiction but still needed pain relief of the narcotic variety. I wish I was scheming or falsifying my disease or pain.
501035 tn?1210123832 I think I may have done this the right way and I hope I'm going to be drug free for the rest of my life. I've contacted all medical facilities in my area and informed them of my problem and encouraged them to add this to my chart so that I would not be tempted to try to get any from there, though I don't feel the need now I hope stress doesn't find it's way to my door and cause my ignorance to flare. Thanks for reading.