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Avatar f tn If someone is posting about their thoughts and feelings about addiction, their drug of choice, what little things they are doing differently on a daily basis to conquer their demons - these should be in the social forum (in my opinion). The posts where individuals are actively seeking help, or are having difficulties with their withdrawal, should remain in the Substance Abuse forum. The shout outs at 30, 60, and 90 days etc., for people with clean time under their belt could go either way.
Avatar f tn hi I have been addicted to cocodamol for the last 6 years and I am planning on going to a drug clinic with my mum on the 19th of this month.I have been taking 15-20 tablets all together every night for a really long time I have a two day break sunday and monday and feel like Im going to die when I dont have them ,very deppressed and unable to feel happy apart from the physical problems mentally I find it hard to cope without them.
Avatar m tn Hi camissues, Welcome to the forum. This is really a forum for drug addiction. Although porn or sexual addictions are quite real and can have a real affect on one life. This is probably not the right forum to gain the best help. Try reposting on the forum for sexuality. On the top lest of the page, there is a link called "forums". Click on that and look under the S topics and I think you will find what you are looking for. All the best to you.
Avatar m tn The premise is to allow parents to discover whether their children are beginning to use drugs before addiction begins. I can no longer find the thread / topic, and it appears to have been arbitrarily deleted. If this is not the case I appologize. If this is the case, Moderators you should be ashamed of yourselves as this program is the first of it's kind, the first to use scientific technology, and can truly make a difference in preventing addiction in our children.
199177 tn?1490498534 ***** PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING **** We want to welcome everyone to the Addiction Substance Abuse forum! This is the forum to come to for discussions on topics of addiction and recovery. If you have any questions about addiction, different methods of detoxification, recovery care and planning this is the forum to visit.
Avatar m tn Addiction is categorzied by maladaptive behavior that is typically out of character for the person, including doing things that are harmful, without any regard for the consequences, in order to get the drug. Addiction includes mental cravings for the meds, where dependency is almost always just physical in nature. It's important for you to determine which category you would fit into, if indeed this is even a concern for you.
Avatar n tn It was given out like aspirin. It is very unfortunate that it became a schedule one drug, with the drug enforcement administration tracking down phjysicians who prescribe it. Valium does degrade situational awareness as well as intellectual acuity, and may interfere with driving safety, although that is more of a problem for the first time user. I have used it (prescribed by a physician) rarely, when under extreme stress, and then only for a day or two, and never became addicted.
Avatar m tn I somehow found another group here that was not here months ago. It was called addiction and recovery and I can't figure for anything how to get back there. I am experiencing brain aftershocks these days. LOL Anyway what is that all about they have a social side an addiction and abuse side and now this. What is that one about? Where does it fit into in reagrds to these two here? Og god where do I post anymore? Decisions decisions some many decisions these days.
Avatar n tn hi, I am addicted to spasmoproxyvon capsules and my daily dose is around 25 - 30 per day. I have been using this drugs fore last 5 years. please help me to quit this addiction. I have lost my job also due to this habit.
Avatar m tn In all seriousness, this incident is an extension of the drug pushers mentality that is fostered by the mega giant corporations they work for. That’s why 90% of state foster children are given on average 5 psych drugs. The US congress needs to expand their investigations and prosecute all involved in chemically assaulting our society and our nations future. May we should tell http://www.change.
390388 tn?1279636213 FDA recall list updates. The FDA will send a update (free of charge) of any Food or Drug, or anything recalled for humans or animals. Whether it is on each site or just in the health topics, I think it is important. Just an idea.
414635 tn?1272217693 I'm sure you have noticed that when you post a question all of the topics listed are about pregnancy.
Avatar n tn My brother is Anastheatist and he has Fortwin drug addiction from last 4-5 yrs, we have tried psychologist but it was not helpfull as again he starts the same, as he is doctor and anesthetist it is difficult to kept this drug away from him, Can I know what we can do ? Please help me sir, we are very much worried about him, what is the treatment given in rehabilation centre ? Is that useful ? What are the harmfull ness of Fortwin ?
Avatar m tn //www.bellwood.ca/drug-addiction/ ) but I don’t know how to convince my father for the recovery program. I really wanted my old father who used to had fun with us.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone now for about 1 and a half years......for much of this time i was using drugs (Synthetic Heroin) as well.....yes i know that that isnt good...but due to various reasons it was very hard to completely quit.......(FYI I was on the pills alone for only about 7 months when I decided for financial reasons that I had to try to quit or a least cut back a lot)........ Now that two of my closest drug friends are gone.....