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Avatar m tn Adam Gontier, the lead singer of the band went through major drug problems (oxycontin) during his 1st album. He realized his problem and checked himself into Rehab. During rehab he wrote lyrics for his w/d and depression he was going through to put into their newest albums.
Avatar f tn The first person would post the name of a singer or a band, and the next person would have to list some songs that they made. After listing at least two songs, they would then post the next singer or band. The game would then continue so forth. Let's have fun with this!!! I hope you will enjoy this game!!!!
Avatar m tn Just cranked up the stereo so damn lous here my neighbors next door will think I am losing it the bass is gonna break my windows but Kurt Cobain might just help me get through this. LOL We had alot in common. Same age same drug addiction not the suicide though. I should have been doing this as I have heard alot of you use that and it does help.
Avatar m tn Addiction is categorzied by maladaptive behavior that is typically out of character for the person, including doing things that are harmful, without any regard for the consequences, in order to get the drug. Addiction includes mental cravings for the meds, where dependency is almost always just physical in nature. It's important for you to determine which category you would fit into, if indeed this is even a concern for you.
Avatar n tn It was given out like aspirin. It is very unfortunate that it became a schedule one drug, with the drug enforcement administration tracking down phjysicians who prescribe it. Valium does degrade situational awareness as well as intellectual acuity, and may interfere with driving safety, although that is more of a problem for the first time user. I have used it (prescribed by a physician) rarely, when under extreme stress, and then only for a day or two, and never became addicted.
Avatar m tn I grew up listening to bands like AIC (Alice in Chains), and thinking back, it was so sad to see this powerful singer in the prime of his life, slowly follow a road of abuse and self destruction that was caused by a heroin addiction. Most of his songs, especially those towards the end of his life, we all about his addiction and the hold that it had on him. What once started out as a recreational drug use, turned into his “medicine” just so he could live, and eventually killed him.
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1156346 tn?1294166094 And for a flash from the past Journey has some great songs, but I am in lust with Jon Bon Jovi so all of his/their songs are my absolute favorites!! Music that makes me wanna dance is my choice when I need that 'kick".. Let us know what other music you picked. oh and Boyz to Men are good blues/rock..
1041243 tn?1375230520 Hi everyone! I've been a part of Medhelp for years, posting in addiction (I'm a person in long term drug and alcohol recovery) and anxiety forums like generalized and OCD. However this year at 32 years old, I was diagnosed with bipolar after my first couple episodes of mania. I haven't really experienced "normal lows", more episodes of high anxiety sand terrible OCD symptoms i haven't dealt with in years.
374251 tn?1246235657 i was just wondering what songs people listen to that might help them through some of this. probably a little off subject, but i thought i change it up a bit.
266539 tn?1281402152 It depends on what type of music your into and what you dont like :)
Avatar n tn My brother is Anastheatist and he has Fortwin drug addiction from last 4-5 yrs, we have tried psychologist but it was not helpfull as again he starts the same, as he is doctor and anesthetist it is difficult to kept this drug away from him, Can I know what we can do ? Please help me sir, we are very much worried about him, what is the treatment given in rehabilation centre ? Is that useful ? What are the harmfull ness of Fortwin ?
Avatar m tn //www.bellwood.ca/drug-addiction/ ) but I don’t know how to convince my father for the recovery program. I really wanted my old father who used to had fun with us.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone now for about 1 and a half years......for much of this time i was using drugs (Synthetic Heroin) as well.....yes i know that that isnt good...but due to various reasons it was very hard to completely quit.......(FYI I was on the pills alone for only about 7 months when I decided for financial reasons that I had to try to quit or a least cut back a lot)........ Now that two of my closest drug friends are gone.....
1643958 tn?1301004655 m basically asking if this is a definite drug addiction, even though she is prescribed the pills each month? And also how to get through to her that she needs help?