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Avatar f tn It might be better if you make this person your primary care physican, who just happens to be licensed to prescribe Suboxone. Mine is my primary doc, and copays are only $20 a month. Also insurance won't see it as substance abuse treatment, just monthly medical care.
Avatar m tn Perhaps having volunteers who are chronic pain patients in a doctors office to pre-screen patients who are there for pain meds. A true chronic pain patient can pick out somebody with chronic pain and somebody who is using for fun. The other thing that should be in the patients bill of rights is that a doctor should be required to tell the patient when you take oxycontin or put on a fentnaly pain path on you will have to detox from these medications and here is what is involved.
Avatar n tn I'll see what this new PM Dr. will do for me. He's local,so if he doesn't help me,I'll try to find someone who will. Most of the Dr's in Fl. are cash only,so I'm really pissed about that. Hopefully the old saying"You Get What You Pay For" does not apply to these doctors down here. I used to live in NJ,and I never heard of any Dr.,not taking at least Medicare. What a crock of Sh??. From what it looks like,they have much stricter rules about prescibing meds down here.
Avatar n tn I just looked it up in a pill book, and it says that doctors might start a person on 75 mg a day in 2 doses. They might increase this to 150 mg a day. They usually don't prescribe more than 200 mg a day. and "For long term use, the usual dose ranges from 40 mg to 100 mg a day usually at bedtime." but maybe you looked this up yourself already. Good luck getting through it! Hope you get some good advice from the others1 H.
Avatar n tn I actually feel a crackly throat the next day like I really had smoke in my room. I had a loser family living on the other side who had a grow up going on in the house. That is a totally different smell all together. This is definitely coming from me.
Avatar f tn The alternative is to find a physician who enter him into a program that will end his addiction. There is no reason not to do so. Yes, it will be difficult and uncomfortable, however it will be in his best lifetime interests.
1018985 tn?1257526838 Currently I am staying in New Jersey with my 2 children until I am ready mentally for the transition back to Texas. And for the past 2 months I have been searching for doctors that prescribe suboxone and take my insurance and have had no luck so far. I have less than a week left of my medication and still no doctor to see.
661931 tn?1224943556 safer they say is having a doctor prescribe them to u who took an 8 hour course cos his practice was hurting and now is making money off of others misery....from my research i have little respesct for the doctors who choose to do this..they want the money up compassion...try to overprescribe/i wonder if it was taught to them as a marketing technique as they get money every time u refill////many, not all are like this...2 i know here are scoundrels...
Avatar n tn Hi I started taking subs in June to get off roxies, I had no idea what subs were about. I was just being stupid and listening to my dealer. Little did I know she was going to get me addicted to a worse drug. How many MGS of sub were you taking? There is alot of help on this site, I am tapering right now I'm on 4mgs.
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Avatar n tn I know there are so many more people out there in the same situation that I'm in, with absolutely nowhere to turn for help. And the doctors who used to have the ability to help us are now being scrutinized by the Powers That Be because of the amount of pain relievers they prescribe on a regular they refuse to help in the manner they should, abiding by their oath to "do no harm" and result in their turning their backs on the ones who need them in times of dire need.
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244884 tn?1189759429 I am originally from NJ, doctors there do not prescribe narcotics very easily. Here in FL they give them out like asprine. A doctor gave me 90 5/500 for the 3-5 day injury.I soon found out about doctor shopping and how easy it was to get narcotics. Every month i had 6 differant doctors giving me viccodin and percocet 10mgs. All together i was getting over 500 pills a month, for pennies.I did end up selling most of them, and only taking about 200 or so for my self.
Avatar n tn Tom Bailey(R-VA), is particularly interested in allowing physicians to prescribe buprenorphine, a Schedule V drug developed to treat heroin addiction by suppressing craving for the drug, but the legislation would allow doctors to prescribe any Schedule IV and V drugs approved by the FDA for use in drug maintenance or detoxification.
Avatar n tn I am not certain but I think there are pain management physicians who specialize in both the relief and addiction aspects of pain. I have heard that brain chemicals called TIQ's that are released when pain is present and the use of narcotics has a different effect when TIQ's are there. I have no clue about the facts... it's just something I have heard of and maybe you could research. I think you need to ask your question in the "Post a Question" box when you enter the forum.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn If you notice one pharmacist out of all the ones you're using that seems to always be questioning you and calling your doctor for confirmations, drop that sucker and the pharmacy he works for in a hurry. In my checkered career as an rx addict, I've met up with many pharmacists who clearly wantd to be cops or drug agents and somehow wound up in pharmacy school. They're easy to spot. When you do, don't try to win them over. Drop them AND the pharmacy chain they work for.
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Avatar n tn I'm sorry, I didn't remember if you were Telby or Telly, either way I was just curious as it was referred to as Ask the Dr. Maybe a little Misleading as I thought the Dr. answered every question. so i guess I won't be asking any medical questions. What happens if a person is really in need of having a question asked, won't for various reasons ask his/her own doc and can't get any information from this Dr. Steve is it? I guess that's when all of you guys step in?
Avatar n tn Or, he could see a doctor specializing in addiction. They can prescribe something to wean him. Usually, it is buprenorphine (Suboxone). Those are basically your options in this matter. There are others, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
Avatar n tn Kinda like cuting your hand off once opposed to cutting one finger off once a week and suffering a whole lot longer.but that is just me.There aer peeps who are more experienced in other factors than i.Good luck .
Avatar n tn I had artificial disc replacement but in lumbar L4/5....done by one of the "best" doctors in the advertised.. I spent entire year after ADR in bed, couldnt sit or stand, in horrific pain. My surgeon (in Germany, Straubing) said that he doesnt see any problem...
Avatar m tn Jill Smith of the Hershey medical center who did the phase 1 clinicals on LDN and Crohn's disease (2/3 in total remission in 3 weeks on LDN). She is interested in doing a pilot study of LDN on hep c patients. Dr. Berkson has been using a combination of LDN and IV alpha lipoic acid for his hep c patients for a long time with very good results. My doctor is not Dr. Berkson, but Dr.
1126023 tn?1259970361 I feel that therapy or stuff like that is for people who are in bad situations when they break their physical dependancy. For example if your around others who use, or if you've been using for so many years that thats all you know. I can go on and give more examples but i just don't think I am mentally addicted. Again the only reason why I use now is because I fear the withdrawals and use because I begin to feel the withdrawals after 18hrs or so.