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Avatar f tn on april 20th my period started, by 22nd it was over. on 27th i took emergency cntraceptive pill. on july 9th i had light brown discharge, it continued till 17th. on june 23rd i had what seemed like period but the bleeding lasted a day only besides bleeding wasnt normal it had lumps, the color was reddish to brown. on 23rd july i had light similar sticky bleeding but v light lighter than before. i dont knw wt i shud do. i am 21 and quite chubby.
Avatar f tn The stretchy mucus that women supposedly have as they are ovulating--- well, I have that at unpredictable times and it can be the day before my period, day after my period stops, middle of my cycle (when a women Does typically ovulate). Some women have more luck reading it though than I do. Is your period due? It helps to track it to know when it is supposed to be on its way. It also sounds like you have gas. That indeed can be painful. Drink lots of water to see if that helps.
Avatar n tn In October 2003, I thought that it will be good to stop using it and see what will happen (as I was gaining weight and increaing hair growth. Doctor agreed and it took 20 months to get my first period back. The first period was extremely brown and for 3 days(no real period), then 2 and 1/2 weeks later I had it again (same). Then 2 weeks after I got what I called a real one (normal bleading, normal color, and 5 days duration). I was kind of happy thinking that my body was cleanning up a.
1361820 tn?1277837430 They said that your cervix is low and hard before menstruation but mine was very high. I just want to know why are the cervix high when its supposed to be low and hard. My menstruation has stopped but my cervix is mid-position now. If somebody could tell me what the reason for it is.
Avatar n tn But, as soon as the 1st one came, everything seemed to be back on track. Except for the fact that for 2-3 days right before my period(flow that only lasts 1-2 days), I have a red/brown discharge where I have to wear a pantyliner, but not heavy enough for a pad. It is almost, if not, exactly the same as the last couple days of your period, very light bleeding that is red/brown in color. So, my question is three-fold.
Avatar m tn You have this thing called vagina this is where blood comes out of. Before your period starts you get white discharge this actually when your hormones clean them selves so that your period could start.. So you get the white discharge or what you said white blood before your period. Then after that you get your period. Since you are getting the white discharge you will get your period soon.
Avatar f tn Take a test I took one a few days before my period and it came bsck positive i was only 2 weeks pregnant
Avatar n tn Birth Control has a tendency to cause a thickening in the cervical mucus and generally when a woman ovulates (right before her period starts) this mucus will be discharged through her vagina. You are unaccustomed to excreting such a thick mucus because you just started on the pill and so this is the first time you have seen it so thick. Since you just started being sexually active and you still used a condom, the chances of you actually contracting an STD from you partner are slim to none.
Avatar f tn Im almost 18 years old and ever since I started getting my period I have yellow to clear discharge about a week before my period and a week after my period is done. What is this? And should I worry?
Avatar n tn Or it is just becasue of stress. As per my knowledge, the white discharge Before ovulation (the release of the egg), there is a lot of mucous produced, ... White: Thick, white discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. If you are TTC I wish you luck!!!
Avatar n tn I used to have normal periods but it must be over a year now that I have been getting brown spotting before my period. It's slight when I wipe and I need to wear a panty liner. I told my doctor and he said it's normal. Thing that drives me nuts is sometimes I could have this for 5-6 days before I even start to bleed. Every month when this starts I hope it might be implantation bleeding but they say that is pinkish. Going on my 4th month of clomid now along with progesterone and no luck yet.
Avatar f tn But it only lasted 3 days (they normally last 5) and I never spot before a period. I cramp really bad, but never spot. So anyways, a few days after my period ended I had sex with my boyfriend. Now, a week and a half later, I have noticed a pinkish and brown blood in my discharge. When I wiped today, I slightly went up inside of myself with the TP just to kind of wipe out what was in there, and there was clear discharge with bright red blood streaks in it. Not like period blood though (no clot).
636169 tn?1222789113 hey there, i have been having some bloody discharges lately.is it what they call "spotting"? i had it before i had my period for this month.after i had my period,had sexual contact with my boyfriend and i started to bleed. right now, i use pads as if i'm having me period again coz it's unpredictable(sometimes it's too many and sometimes it only happens when I urinate). oh by the way, the secretions have a really foul odor ;-( what do i do? what is happening to me?please help me!
Avatar f tn A few minutes later there was some liquid brown discharge (like what you get towards the end of the period) so I then used a liner. The next day, I had a much heavier flow and darker brown discharge. Still like the one towards the end of my period. A few hours later, I bled similar to how I would start my period so I then used a pad. Another few hours later I checked the pad and instead of bright red blood, there again was the heavy flow brown discharge plus some red blood mixed in.
Avatar f tn my period was regular 28 days but 3 months ago it became short 25 to 26 days , dark brown discharge before my period. Dr. said normal but I am a really wprried. Pls answer me i need your help. Thanks.
Avatar n tn bleeding, or does it also include the first couple of days of brown discharge or spotting? I am trying to predict the date of ovulation but I am unsure of when to start counting. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Hi I have a few symptoms that I don't believe to be serious and wondered if you could clarify what you believe this to be. For the last two menstruation periods I have had a burning sensation and urge to go pee similar to a bladder infection, especially when I am wearing a tampon, or during sexual intercourse. I have also noticed a whitish discharge on and around the vaginal opening almost right on the urethra similar to a yeast infection but not really itchy like one.
Avatar m tn After that there was no spotting....few days before period was due i was have brown discharge!! Am worried if it is early sign of pregnancy as i don't have any other symptom apart from it.
Avatar f tn I also have this problem (age 31)-- watery discharge with my period and gushes of it! Only recently have I noticed the watery discharge mid cyle -- or about 10 days before my period started. My obgyn has no clue as to what the fluid might be. I've been pretty exhausted lately and after a recent series of blood tests, was diagnosed as very anemic. I don't know if the two are related -- possibly fibroids? I've also been plagued with yeast infections for the last 5 or so years.
Avatar n tn 5 weeks after delivery I had a period, and now it is 32 days later and still no period. Prior to this I was very, very regular (28-30 days at the most, usually 28 days). Home pregnancy test was negative on day 30. Is it normal to have irregular periods after the 1st period resumed regularly after delivery? I am 36 years old and that was my second miscarriage (1st one at 17 weeks) and periods resumed again normally after that.
Avatar n tn I'm on roaccutane and I think I might b pregnant, I get this orange pinkish discharge n its a lot! It turns brown on my pad but this is not my period, I was suppose to get my period a week ago.
Avatar f tn thank you for your response . it helps a lot. still today . i dont have my period. maybe i'll took a PT to be sure. because of my stress .. i may miss my period for this month.
Avatar n tn I injected during menstruation and am ending my 4th straight week of bleeding and large clots. So much so that my hemoblobin has dropped to 10 and I am very anemic. My doctor thinks it has caused ovarian hyperstimulation syndrom. I have stopped the injections now for 2 days but the bleeding hasn't stopped. If it doesn't quit soon I may have to have a D&C.
Avatar f tn I just turned 18, and I'm worried if I have a problem because I'm experienced having brown discharge before the red discharge. In addition, It's my menstruation week, and Im still a virgin. Do I need to go to a specialist?? Im really stressing out.
Avatar n tn I am on the pill however i did stop taking the pill for about 2 months. When I started back taking the pill it was right before I was to start my period stop I skipped a period and Have not had one since the beginning of January until last Friday when I started when I was supposed to. Please give advice. I hope its nothing serioud. I cant afford a Doctor. I dont have insurance.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend was giving me oral sex and he was also usin 2 fingers in my vagina. I had already finished my period 2 weeks ago but the next day I got my period back up. Then since then it's been 10 days and it hasn't stop. I dont discharge during the night and a little bit during the day, but when we fool around and I get excited, if I check, I'm bleeding. I thought it was my hymen, but it's gone if it is. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks.