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Avatar f tn So after another month has past i got light brown and light pink discharge like the end of ur period. But still did not get it. So after the half of the month he finally got a clear blue pregnancy test. Cleae bluehas to be right right. But i came out negative. Then i was like ok so i should be getting my period. Nope. Waited two more weeks took thw other one still nope. So April 11 2014 i got light pink discharge and it went away and still no period. Should i still wait it out or go to the e.r.
Avatar n tn Ive always eatin alot. Ive been having trouble sleeping, and this morning I had light pink discharge. that happens only a day before my full period. My period Isnt due for another week or two. I would love to have a baby. But about a year ago with my ex I was convinced that I could NOT get pregnant. He has no children. But my now boyfriend has two that are not mine. Could I be pregnant? I also thought that the light pink discharge was from rough sex. theory.
Avatar f tn The blood is very pink. When I clean myself it hurts me a little. The discharge with the light blood signs is not every day is more like spotting between days. I dont know what to do.. this is getting annoying and scary. What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hello... today during work i went to the restroom and when i i clean my self there was light pink discharge. I'm supposed to get my period in three days. I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and last week on Friday 03/09/12 he came inside of me... there was other times that he has came inside of me. I don't know if I'm pregnant or my period is starting... Help please and Thank you.
Avatar f tn ve read implantation bleeding happens about a week before your period would normally start and varies in color but light pink is one of those colors... I actually am in the same boat as you ... almost identically... my boobs are very tender on the sides and underneath and if you dont mind me asking how long did you have the discharge for? mine only happened once 3 days ago and i dont know what to think.
1274271 tn?1453262165 last night i discovered that my discharge had a pink/light brown tinge to it??? I'm worried because I had a miscarriage back in march at 6 weeks. I am now 12 weeks pregnant, morning sickness has gone, my boobs are still tender though and i don't have cramps, my period wouldn't usually come for another week if i wasn't pregnant and my doc appointment isn't till Tuesday next week, anyone else experienced this????
8367118 tn?1442605420 3 days before my period was supposed to start I had the slightest pink discharge. I also assumed I would start my period but once I was a day late I took a pregnancy test and sure enough it was positive. I researched and spotting can often times be implantation bleeding (when the fertilized egg burrows into your uterine wall). This can be a one time thing or last a few days.
Avatar f tn today i got a light pink/brown discharge when i went to the bathroom, i have been having more discharge than normal before today it was white. i have also frequently been using the bathroom. me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom a couple weeks ago but i didn't know it broke until a piece came out of me the next day. and i hadn't taken my birth control that day.. could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and I'm 6w 2 days pregnant. I even noticed when I went to the bathroom and wiped there was a light pink discharge. Is this normal, I'm scared and don't know if this is an early sign of miscarriage.
949272 tn?1245966220 t due for another 2 and a half weeks, and i found brownish discharge in my underwear and when i wiped it was very light pink. im not on any birth control, never have been. My boyfriend and i were living together at which time we had no money and he didnt pull out. it was after my period so i didnt think i could become preg. but could i be? could this be implantion bleeding? please write.
Avatar f tn 6 right after having sex, I had a very light pink discharge. And havent had it since. Im due to have af on12/23. I just get disappointed after neg. pt. Any suggestion to what could be wrong. I also had a very sharp cramping pain on my right side, felt by my overy, that was the night of 12/4. I had a tubal 2 1/2 yrs ago,which my left overy and tube was removed. Im losing hope in wheather I can concieve.
Avatar f tn On 1/6, I had a super painful cramp on my left abdominal(for 1hr) and will only go away if I lied down.On 3/6 to 20/6,I had light brown vaginal discharge which was light brown and slowly turned into dark brown/black. I am a little bloated for the pass 1 week and previously had mild nausea for 3 days and then it went away!
Avatar n tn Did you take a test ?
Avatar f tn m diabetic so I get them like 2x a yr) I started taking monistat 3 and symptoms were gone immediately but now I have a light red kind cloudy discharge and I am due for my period next week. He jokes that I may be pregnant. What do you think?
967190 tn?1257856476 I had the same thing too the pink spotting in the place of my period, but no period still im 8 days late took a test and it was negative. So should i do?
Avatar f tn When it came it started off as a very light pink discharge that was only visible when I wiped. The next day there was a little more pink discharge but still no blood. The third day there was blood but not a lot( which is not normal for me im usually a heavy bleeder with large clots *sorry tmi*). The next two days were the same. I would say if I combined all the blood from my pads they wouldn't even fill the pad(again tmi).
Avatar f tn I bled lightly for the five days but now for a week after i have had a light pink discharge. The discharge is pretty heavy at times and other times it isnt there at all. Today the discharge is clear. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I got my period june 1st for 4-5 days... It left completely but now I'm getting very watery discharge wit like very very light pink blood and some cramps... But no pregnancy symptoms...
Avatar f tn Okay.. this may be a stupid question so I'm sorry. I've been on the pill for two years now. I've only missed a day maybe twice(nothing recent) and Monday was the start of my period. Well my period only lasted Monday to Wednesday and I had a dark red/brown discharge. Well I had unprotected sex Thursday (no he didn't come in me) and yada yada. Well I started my pill again on Sunday and saw a little pink discharge in the morning? Didn't get any more throughout the day...
638773 tn?1223056653 its light pink, with like little speaks of what seems like tissue... its like bright red little spots. is that a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn im 53 about 11 years no period ... last week i felt like i was ovulating and felt like i was getting my period... i went to the bathroom and nothing... but, the next day i had little brown discharge on and off when i wipe. now its been very light light red or pink and i feel wet and check to wipe and sometime theres nothing what could this be i have doctors appt.