Yellow discharge right before period

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1496064 tn?1290643968 Like the others have said it just sounds like discharge, which all women experience. Right before I started my period (I was between 11 and 13) I had a heavy discharge as well. A few months later AF arrived and has every month since then. (Except when I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Today I have noticed yellow discharge and some blood,no fishy smell,no pain,no itching,virgin.My period date is coming soon.So is it really something to worry about?
Avatar f tn This past weekend I had lost my virginity to my boyfriend (his first time too). I was supposed to get my period, which hasn't come even after I took a morning after pill. Twice before I took the morning after pill I had two random globs of blood and once a membrane like brown type of discharge. This is not something that is normal for me whatsoever.
Avatar f tn I've been having yellow discharge that has a foul odor. I always have to wear a pad or a pantie liner because the yellow discharge stains my underwear. The odor is not noticeable, unless I smell my underwear or my pad up close. The texture is not very thick and it is smooth. The texture is not clumpy or lumpy and does not have the "cottage cheese" like texture. There are no itching or burning sensations. Also, It is not swollen or red in my vagina area.
Avatar f tn There's no more yellow discharge and blood. But now there's really thick mucous. It's really weird. My period isn't due for another couple of days.
Avatar f tn So before I got my period I got this greenish yellow discharge...they said it was supposed to go away once you got your period....but I still have mine allll the time between my periods....sometimes its thick, sometimes its watery....and I don't know if its a bad thing or not... but it smells bad and it ruins my underwear, I feel like I need to wear a pad all the there any way I can get this to stop?
Avatar f tn ve gotten two negative tests and am having unusual discharge that shows up pale yellow on a panty liner and white on my panties. Does anyone have any insight on this? Ten days before my period was supposed to start I had very tender nipples and breasts, moodiness and I've been constipated. Now I'm mostly bloated, fairly hungry most of the time, still constipated and just tired. The discharge is just throwing me off. Am I testing too early?
Avatar f tn Thats very normal to have brown discharge right before, and right after. Its old blood. Sometimes youll get it, sometimes you wont.
Avatar f tn Joceey, I have had the yellowish more clear discharge everytime right before my period and have been to the doctors about it before and there isnt anything wrong I was asking because it just seems to be alittle more then when I usually get it.. Never said anyone was a doctor. but this is what this site it about to ask and share questions. So I did.. No reason to get rude on me. Thanks for ur input tho.
Avatar f tn For some reason right after my first period my discharge got yellow. I dont really think there is a oder. In the yellow discharge There is like clear booger type things. Is this an infection? I dont really wan to go to the doctor and i dont want to tell my mom i have yellow discharge. I dont know if she knows what that is.
Avatar f tn Im almost 18 years old and ever since I started getting my period I have yellow to clear discharge about a week before my period and a week after my period is done. What is this? And should I worry?
Avatar n tn but a week before my period it is kind of yellow. its not even a lot. i was just wondering if other girls experience this too.
Avatar f tn Right after my period I noticed a yellow-greenish discharge and it hurts to pee too. The color is a mixture of partial period (brownish) and the color of phlegm to be exact. Ever since my period I've only had this type of discharge two times, second time is today. No funny smelling odor or whatsoever. The texture is just the same with a normal discharge. Not foamy. It's just the color that bothers me and the pain down there. I have a history of UTI, could that be the reason behind it?
Avatar f tn I had yellow discharge for like 4 days before my period came.
4251679 tn?1370305531 Im sure they do have yellow poop in the begining not sure about yellow discharge im a bit out of practice my son 5 and a half and im awaiting new arrival.
Avatar m tn hi i been off the depo shot for a month now as of tomorrow june 19th and i wont be getting my period for at least 6 months to a year but i get some spotting and light bleeding and discharge my question is can i get nausous right before i get my period if somebody can help me thanks
Avatar f tn No need to worry, vaginal discharge is completely normal, its your vaginas way of cleaning itself. Vaginal discharge can smell like fish, or sometimes french fries. Dont worry about the smell or the color. And just because you dont have your period but you are producing discharge, it doesnt mean something is wrong with you. I had vaginal discharge a year before i started my period at 12 years old.
Avatar m tn m a virgin) but I have a boyfriend and he fingered me twice (after my period last month and 3 days before my expected period this month) but last month after he fingered me I felt a burning sensation and I just decided to wash to remove the feeling. By 19-21 I had discharge which i assume is ovulation since the discharge was globby and is really stretchy. I had pms symptoms when i was ovulating like back pain, sore breasts, food cravings, etc.
Avatar f tn I hate to say this, but this makes no sense. I have NEVER had more than a 24 day cycle and I have a 3 1/2 year old so oviously I don't follow most women. I have no idea how long my luteal phase need a test from dr office to ACCURATELY determine this. I appreciate your input, but there are no supplements to lengthen your luteal phase. I already take prenatal vitamins so I'm not sure what you mean in terms of "take supplements to lengthen your luteal phase".
Avatar f tn I have yellow discharge 3 days before my period and before that I had brown discharge. I've been on loestrin 24 and idk what's goin on?!!??
Avatar m tn i am 15 and havent had my period yet but i have been getting brown discharge./ iv had it since yesterday or even the day before but what does this mean.? does this mean ill be starting my period soon thank you for your help i really need it.!
Avatar f tn I started having white discharge right after my period ended, and this has never occured to me before, usually after my period ends i dont have discharge at all until about 7 days and its usually clear in color... I took a blood test a few days back and it came out negative.....but i still feel like there is something going on...and i still have the discharge up to now...has this ever occured to anyone??...I am currently married and have been TTC...Please i need your advice...
5793136 tn?1375294504 your body has a lot going on right now and wastes to get rid of..I never had a discharge problem but when I noticed a nasty clearish green mucusy discharge I immediately wanted answers. Mine was my mucus plug shredding and coming out in pieces. She told me any discharge during pregnancy is normal and only to worry if it has a foul smell or is bloody red. She said some have brown yellow green blueish purpleish clear white so many colors of discharge but it is normal...
Avatar f tn Im planning on taking a preggo test on Saturday the day before my period should start because I've been having weird symptoms since my husband came in me a few weeks ago. About 2 and a half 3. During my fertile window. I've been feel neasues to just about everything and my since of smell.. I can smell every little thing and it's driving me nuts! But a question I had was about discharge as a symptom? I know on ovulation day it's a little thicker and whitish clearish.
Avatar f tn Hmm, there is know way to control your period regularity other than to get on the birth control pill. The yellow discharge is concerning, I would definitely see you doctor about that, otherwise, just sit and wait it out for the period to come. Any chance you're pregnant?
Avatar f tn To me that sounds like an infection of some kind and should be brought up to your doctor ASAP. I never had any discharge after mine just bleeding like a period.