Yellow discharge right before period

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Avatar n tn It was metronidazole that I was given by the doctor, I'm not sure what she tested me for, though. I guess I better go back and see her again.
Avatar f tn My period is three days late, I've gotten two negative tests and am having unusual discharge that shows up pale yellow on a panty liner and white on my panties. Does anyone have any insight on this? Ten days before my period was supposed to start I had very tender nipples and breasts, moodiness and I've been constipated. Now I'm mostly bloated, fairly hungry most of the time, still constipated and just tired. The discharge is just throwing me off. Am I testing too early?
Avatar f tn I started having white discharge right after my period ended, and this has never occured to me before, usually after my period ends i dont have discharge at all until about 7 days and its usually clear in color... I took a blood test a few days back and it came out negative.....but i still feel like there is something going on...and i still have the discharge up to now...has this ever occured to anyone??...I am currently married and have been TTC...Please i need your advice...
Avatar n tn ) But if the discharge you are seeing is a kind of discharge you always have, every month, right before your period comes, then take it as your body's way to clean the vagina and don't worry about it. If you are worried, that is. It's hard to tell from your post exactly what you want to know.
Avatar n tn i have sex with my boyfriend then many time in two day then because he *** inside me i dicide to ****** the vigina, i alsoput oitment inside, vagisil, inside two time and something else because i was feeling discomfort, then i ****** to get rid of of the staff i put inside my vigina. i use to get the mucus discharge and after that the discharge is yellow it doent ich or burn i just dont get that exited as usully.
Avatar f tn Super heavy bleeding, clots that should have a birth certificate and about 3-5 days of light to moderate watery discharge after a 7-10 day period. The discharge is clear to slightly yellow, slightly sticky like maybe serous fluid, no odor. I don't have the constipation but check on the left side pelvic and back pain intermittently throughout the cycle, that gets much stronger during the flow. Add to this spotting between periods and very short 20 day cycle.
Avatar n tn I have the same brown spotting - but it's BEFORE I get my period for several days. Has anyone ever had it BEFORE their period???
Avatar n tn About an hour later I bent over again and could feel it about to happen again and blew my nose right away, again it was a yellow liquid. I have never experienced this before. I tried researching on the net but no real luck yet. I have not had any kind of head injury lately. I do work in hot conditions though almost daily. I work new construction in houses with no AC, with temps getting above 110 with the heat index. This week I did get pretty hot 2 days in a row.
Avatar f tn So before I got my period I got this greenish yellow discharge...they said it was supposed to go away once you got your period....but I still have mine allll the time between my periods....sometimes its thick, sometimes its watery....and I don't know if its a bad thing or not... but it smells bad and it ruins my underwear, I feel like I need to wear a pad all the there any way I can get this to stop?
Avatar n tn after they were so compeltely damaged i got this crust that everyones talking about that dries yellow but its so thin it wipes right off...i tried bacatracin in the morning and all day then put just 1% hydrocortisone on night and it cleared it compeltely after 2 days..i got this from obviously have extremly damaged lips..and if anyone has my problem of addiction to chapstick where if i dont put it on for more then 5 min my lips literally turn red and burn as if i havent used chapstick in years .
Avatar m tn I have looked on the internet before under yellow nail and found some stuff that I really did not fully understand, but reading all the various posts really brings it home just how debilitating this YNS can get. I am going to try some for suggested treatments Vit E, yeast etc and see what happens. My best wishes to all of you out there suffering from this horrible affliction.
Avatar f tn the first period i had i bled for a day or two and then had stringy brown discharge with no odor. before my most recent period i had clear stringy cloudy vaginal discharge . my period came right on time and was normal . lasted about 5 days and then after i had this brown discharge again . i have since had lower abdominal pains . the brown slowly turned into a slightly yellow, now cloudy and mixed with dried blood. does any have an educated guess as to what this can be?
3136141 tn?1342684871 Get this situation with the abnormal vaginal discharge taken care of BEFORE getting this HPV vaccine. Right now, that's the LEAST of your problems. And yes, sounds like your bc is really screwing with your need to talk with your GYN about this. What bc are you taking? Lastly......why are you having sex if you don't enjoy it? In fact, I would recommend you refrain from sex UNTIL you sort your issues out.
Avatar n tn However, today I noticed when I urinated that there was a small amount of yellow-ish brown discharge. There wasn't a lot, but I can't help but be a little worried...I know no one can say for sure if I'm not pregnant, but how probable do you think it is? I'm in the third week of my pills, the one right before my placebos. Thanks!
Avatar f tn You will notice some parts of the month you will have more discharge, usually right before and leading up to ovulation and then right before your period it will dry up a lot more
Avatar f tn I had yellow discharge for like 4 days before my period came.
Avatar n tn White Discharge without Pregnancy White discharge before your period and without pregnancy is common. This discharge has the same consistency as the discharge experienced during ovulation. However, the quantity of discharge increases closer to the date of the period. The discharge becomes a brownish color when the period is imminent and this is counted as the first day of the period. Brown discharge without a period could be due to a complication in pregnancy.
1496064 tn?1290647568 Like the others have said it just sounds like discharge, which all women experience. Right before I started my period (I was between 11 and 13) I had a heavy discharge as well. A few months later AF arrived and has every month since then. (Except when I was pregnant.
Avatar n tn Ok, a week before last i had a yeast infection so i bought monsitat 7 with the suppositories. Lately i've been noticing some strange brown/red/yellow discharge in my underwear and when i wipe. It looks like old blood and i looked at my discharge and its kind of cloudy/browninsh.
Avatar n tn Hiya, i have been experiancing the same problem, i get nipple discharge either milky yellow or clear i get more before my period, and its only come out if i really squezze harder. Its comes more just before my period.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed during my menstral cycle a yellow discharge from my left breast when I squeeze it from outside the nipple pressing in toward the nipple. I'm very concerned that this may be some form of breast disease as I've not had this occur before. Further reason for anxciousness is that I am not currently on a medical aid. Young and concerned.
Avatar f tn The yellow could be a mix of pee in the discharge.
Avatar n tn It seems the more I think about it the more I notice. Before and after I urinate I milk my penis to check for discharge. Unless it is after one of the above mentioned, there is never any to be found. QUESTIONS Could the test be wrong? Did I not wait long enough to get test for the incubation period? Is this type of discharge a normal occurrence? Could these symptoms be psychosomatic?
1176126 tn?1263696983 It is vaginal discharge. Girls usually experience vaginal discharge about 6 months before they experience their first periods. It's caused by the changing hormones in your body---and will be with you until (and sometimes after) menopause, which won't come until you're about 50-ish. Completely normal, and healthy. The discharge keeps your vagina healthy and clean. In case you're wondering, it's supposed to have a slight odor.
Avatar m tn Keep a record of all your monthly cycles and how you feel before and during the period. When your period has finished and you still have a white discharge, then make an appointment to checked out for a fungus infection. Make sure that you eat healthily and drink plenty of water every day. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I am 2 and a half months pregnant and also noticed a slight increase in discharge, good to know it will only get worse!
Avatar n tn I also have fibrocystic breasts and have weaned a little one in the past year, and have recently switched the pill. Right before my period, I get the feeling that my breasts are full, and they leak a little fluid in the shower. If I express it, most ducts release a little creamy bead, but two of them have a lot more of this oily yellow substance, and one even has a creamy grey material.
Avatar f tn I had one child before and didn't have any symptoms, but I did have discharge with an odor. Could I be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Its when I wipe, or sometimes I can feel it start to come out, that feeling that you just started your period. No odor, no color, not creamy, no blood, I have been having on and off period like cramps for 2 weeks, and and for the last 3 days I have had a tight feeling in my lower belly, and it doesn't go away I don't see my Dr until Wednesday, & I tried Google but no luck Help?