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Avatar f tn since then i have been to my gyno who cultured my yeast infection and said best medication for it was diflucan, so he also prescribed me to diflucan for 7 days-never went away. then he again prescribed me diflucan 150 once for 3 weeks. never went away!!! this is my first yeast infection so i dont know why diflucan will not cure me. i am 22 years old, smoke and drink on the weekends, work out regularly, work nights, recently pretty stressed.
Avatar m tn I took a dose of diflucan yesterday for a yeast infection brought on by a round of doxycycline. This morning I have what looks like a very angry red ringworm rash on one arm.does diflucan worsen already existing ringworm and how do I make it go away.
Avatar f tn It sounds as though it could possibly be herpes? You could google herpes and see what they look like and compare to what you have. Have you been to an obgyn? I would definitely suggest that. If it was a yeast infection the diflucan and creams should have worked. I"ve never heard of open sores with a yeast infection. I hope you start to feel better soon. I know it must be very painful. Let us know!!
Avatar f tn I was on Amoxicillin first and then 2 rounds of z pack. Well my sinus infection is gone but I think I have a yeast infection because of this. I tried one day monistat and it helped just a little but within in a week it was back again. I am not itchy just really sore on the outside of my vagina I think it is an external yeast infection. I called my doctor and she prescribed diflucan. I took the first dose of 150mg and am supposed to take the second one in a week.
Avatar f tn I am 22 and have a yeast infection around my vagina which has spread a bit upwards towards the clitoris. i used an OTC cream which didn't cure it all through. I cannot see a doctor due to some problems. Could you please help me as i am married and it becomes a bit embarrassing. Please help. Also the skin infected is white and it itches sometimes, and the discharge a day before my period is white and very thick. Its been almost 3 months and this infection keeps coming back very often.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a yeast infection before? I'm 35 weeks and I'm dealing with a yeast infection right now. I'm treating it with a cream that my doctor prescribed me, but I've been getting a pink discharge after I wipe myself, well everytime I put on the cream. Can it be the cream that's causing the pink discharge? Im so lost this is my first pregnancy and this is the first time that I've gotten a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn I am having the same problem. I have one partner now for for months and I keep getting a yeast infection after each intercourse. I went to the dr got Diflucan, and a gel and antibiotics two seperate times and this infection will not go away. I drink lots of water and eat yogurt every other day to balance everything I cant afford another dr bill again. No insurance. Has anyone had this problem? Recurring yeast after intercourse?
Avatar n tn It is a yeast infection. A yeast infection can be under your nails, on your skin, throat, stomach, etc. Thrush is VERY painful, and you would know if you had it. It looks a lot like a yeast-like infection in general, but a lot more painful. You need to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor and have a culture done to see what it is. Your boyfriend may have carried some yeast on him that passed into your mouth. Get checked and let us all know what he/she said. Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn I would definitely try the OTC creams first. I pulled this from the Diflucan website (diflucan.com) While the doses given in here are higher than the human dose, it still makes me nervous to see there is the potential for any of these effects on the baby. My guess is that it should only be used as a last resort : ) I really hope you can get rid of it soon, they are no fun. I have had only the one and I remember it well! "Pregnancy Teratogenic Effects.
Avatar m tn (For what it is worth, the girl, who is from China, doesn't seem to be bothered at all by her apparent yeast infection (cottage cheese like stuff on the sheets and in the vagina even after a shower, unclear discharge, pain during intercourse etc), insisting that everything is normal and common — she repeatedly declined to see the free doctors here in Canada, and we don't seem to talk anymore because of that (in fact, she attributes our whole disagreement due to "cultural differences"
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently took Diflucan for a nagging yeast infection. I was given one tablet to take, and was told that my yeast infection symptoms should be cleared up in 7 to 10 days. About three days after I used the Diflucan, the skin on my nose, near my right nostril became bright red. I thought I was getting a pimple, so I started using benzoyl peroxide cream. Within about 2 or 3 more days, I began getting dry and flaky skin where I had used the benzoyl peroxide, and my nose was still bright red.
Avatar m tn Not this time, I have had a yeast infection now for 8 months! I first found out when I went to planned parenthood and they gave me diflucan. Diflucan has never worked for me, so the next visit they gave me Gynazole 1, and a prescription for another Gynazole 1 if the yeast persisted. It did so i applied it then I applied various otc suppositories and I finally got rid of the yeast but developed BV.
1142929 tn?1271626435 I'm wondering if my skin has just not healed properly, so it's causing more susceptibility for infection. Any recommendations for healing the skin better? Could any irritation be due to HPV warts? I have a little bump on where I had a hymen almost, but the doctor didn't think it was an std, just like a change in skin. It doesn't hurt, and it's just one. Mostly it's just my entire area like opening and back that is dry and sometimes burns, sometimes itches.
1142929 tn?1271626435 Hi. So I took medicine for a bacterial infection and for a yeast infection a week or two later. I have had problems ever since, for the past four months. I was tested for herpes and every other STD in October and all was negative. Since then, the only contact I have had with a guy is fingering...once in December which didn't really change anything and once last month, which made me worse, as it was very rough fingering. I don't understand why this is happening to me.
Avatar n tn I was on Augmentin (antibiotic) for a foot infection about a month ago and then soon started developing stomach cramps. I figured the cramps were related to what was wrong with my penis. The doctor said the antibiotics killed off the good AND bad bacteria in my stomach leaving me vulnerable to contracting this yeast infection, even on my penis head. Does this sound unusual, just kinda looking for opinions!
Avatar f tn I've been taking Keflex and Prednisone for an ear infection that I've had for 2 months (this is my 3rd antibiotic in the last 2 months) and I have developed a very red rash starting right below the opening of my vagina, the skin beside it(kinda the start of my ver inner butt cheek), all the way up to my anus. The rash is itchy and sore (esp on my anus). It looks like a severe diaper rash. I've seen this type of rash on a friends child who had an external yeast infection.
Avatar f tn should I be? Is it possible for a yeast infection to irritate the vagina so much that tears in the skin or abrasions occur?
Avatar n tn I was prescribed Zithromax for a sinus infection. It made me feel quite ill but I finished the course. I asked my Dr for a prescription for Difflucan one as I almost always get yeast infections after antibiotic use. Sure enough about 4 days into taking it i developed vaginal itching but no discharge. I am now 4 days later after finishing the antibiotics and I'm still itching. I took the Difflucan one day ago and haven't really noticed much improvement.
Avatar n tn Also, I went to Planned Parenthood this past Thursday to have them take a look and she was convinced I had a yeast infection. I took one 150mg of Diflucan. I have started to get tiny scabs (millimeter or even less) on my shaft, head, and suprisingly inside the opening of my urethra where no doctor or myself could see ANY signs of skin abnormalities before the scabs showed up.
Avatar m tn One week after that, the discomfort was getting worse and I was starting to notice two reddish areas, slightly raised, on the my penis. At this time my wife came down with a yeast infection. I went back to the doctor, he gave me diflucan, She also got diflucan. After three days on the diflucan, her symptoms were gone and mine were 90% gone. I then began to apply a diluted vinegar solution. The symptoms were gone for a few days, including the redness, but then they came back.
Avatar m tn You might also want to try soaking in the bath tub with a packet of aveeno bath thrown in too - moistens the skin as well as soothes irritated skin. make sure you avoid any scented soaps to the genital skin too - just plain white dove soap is fine to avoid irritation as well as over drying the skin. can the antifungals change the skin appearance temporarily? yes they can. our genital skin is very sensitive and chemicals can irritated it easily.
Avatar m tn By this time my wife had come down with a yeast infection. I went back to the doctor and he gave me some diflucan. After 3 days the symptoms subsided, but never entirely went away. I went back to the doctor again. This time he did an STD screen for clamydia and gonnorea, both negative. He gave me some z-pack antibiotic to clear up any other bacteria, and told me to continue taking the difulcan.
Avatar f tn I told her i thought i had a yeast infection, so she swabbed it to be sure, and it was a YI. and also BV. This morning i woke up with less YI sypmtoms, i took Diflucan yesterday. But i had a little tiny sore, next to the entrance of my vagina. its painful, but no different than the YI, I still have dicharge but the itchy feeling is gone. Do the sores have something to do with the itching and being raw? are these a common thing when a YI goes a week without being treated? Please help.
Avatar m tn did you and your partner get full std testing prior to starting to be sexual together? sometimes after treating for yeast, the best thing to do is just give your genital area some extra tlc for the next week or two. try something as simple as powdering your genital area prior to getting dressed to decrease friction and absorb excess moisture. also a good lube prior to masturbation will also be a good idea too.
Avatar f tn What is ok to take for a yeast infection? I don't go to the Dr. Til Tuesday. I heard the one time fluconazole pill cause birth defects. Don't know how true it is just wanna be safe. Or should I try monistat 7. Im scared to take any kind of pills while pregnant I don't even take Tylenol I use home remedies. Im a ftm & curious.
Avatar n tn Can a yeast infection reoccur and is there any other treatment besides cream. I fear I may have had this yeast infection for a lengthy period of time before being diagnosed and think it may have become systemic. I was hoping to get your input and I realize I will have to go back to the Doctor again which isn't the best scenario since I don't have insurance. Sorry for the long winded posting.
Avatar f tn In the meantime try one that doesn't have fluconazole or diflucan as the yeast (Candida albicans) that most causes a vaginal infection is often resistant to this antifungal. Terbinafin is a good ingredient if there is one without azole at the end. Obviously, it is not good to have a persistant infection as it is not only irritating but may lower your immune system and if you got a break in the skin where you bleed it could potentially get into the blood stream (which would be dangerous).
Avatar f tn Did any body get a yeast infection within the first couple months of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I also forgot to mention that if you are sexually active you and your partner can give each other this fungal infection, for us its a yeast infection and for men its called jock itch. I had a few weeks of passing it back and forth with my partner at one time and didn't realize it. We both use a clotromizole cream and I got diflucan too and it cleared up fast. I also only use hypoallergenic baby soap when washing my feminine areas. Take care!