Differences between osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis

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211940 tn?1267884866 I can't believe so many people have the same pain and so few have been diagnosed. I have been tested for Rheumatoid arthritis and PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica) but the blood work came back negative. I am having pain in all joints but the nights are unbearable - especially with the upper arms. Last night I slept sitting up and had a better sleep that I have had for months. It's difficult to do but I cannot believe what a difference it made - 5 whole hours of sleep! Anything is worth a try...
Avatar m tn Results Pain was present in 61 patients. No differences were found between patients with and those without pain in disease duration, disease form or Expanded Disability Status Scale and its functional systems. Patients with pain had a lower vitality score (p = 0.008), mental health score (p = 0.03) and physical (p < 0.001) and mental composite scores (p = 0.01) than patients without pain.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***mb.rxlist.com/rxboard/ultram.pl?noframes;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn This pain would intensify which would cause me to wince in pain and then release and then repeat all over again every 5-10 seconds for about a minute. This pain did not radiate anywhere but only within a specific point. Then this same stabbing sensation occurred half way up to the first knuckle of my right middle finger about 30 minutes later. Then immediately following this finger pain I felt pain in my right foot at the joint of my middle toe.
Avatar n tn Heart disease,Obesity,Metabolic impairment, Diabetes Autoimmune diseases,Multiple sclerosis,Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis , Bursitis, Gout, Infertility and PMS Parkinson’s Disease, Depression , Seasonal Affective Disorder Alzheimer’s Disease, Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia,Chronic Pain,Periodontal disease, Psoriasis... Please don't look at anything else till you correct your D3 deficiency and your possible low thyroid function (rule out or treat).
748543 tn?1463449675 The American Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), an organization of some 40,000 of the nation's leading dentist, recognizes the relationship between maloclussion and headaches. Their website states " The average person swallows 2000 times a day, causing the upper and lower teeth to come together and push against the skull.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi everyone! Welcome to Part 14! Please come in and make yourself at home. We're all glad you made it here.
Avatar n tn I have bulging discs and osteoarthritis and the avascular necrosis. The hip pain has been the worst of what I have experienced. The Dr's tell me having my hips replaced will cure most of the pain. I am now bone on bone , no cartiledge with cysts. I am just worried I have waited too long as now I have lost my muscle tone am not able to exercise at all now, sleeping more than an hour or so at a time is not possible most nights. My legs have a weird feeling now are numb and my feet and tingle.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Osteoporosis and Osteopenia 17 varieties of Cancer (including breast, prostate and colon) Heart disease High blood pressure Obesity Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes Autoimmune diseases Multiple sclerosis Rheumatoid arthritis Osteoarthritis Bursitis Gout Infertility and PMS Parkinson’s Disease Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder Alzheimer’s Disease Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Periodontal disease Psoriasis"
Avatar n tn It happened on and off over long periods of time between each one.I have not had it for about 5years anyway it has just happened again I picked up the mop done two stokes across the floor and the pain in my thumb there it was the dark blue vein and the thumb swelled up and has now gone all red.
Avatar f tn Fine tremors can also be caused my mercury poisoning. Do you have amlagam/mercury fillings in your mouth? have you ever had a heavy metal test? I have started to get my fillings replaced and my "fine tremors" have begun to lesson, although not gone. They started about 3 years ago. ALSO if you are undiagnosed hypo or hyper thyroid..a sigh of hyper is tremors as well. And you can 'swing" back and forth between hyper and hypo. What have you deduced since you first posted?
Avatar f tn When I had my MRI, it was noticed that I had a bulging disc between C-4 and C-5 and C-5 and C-6. I am absolutely convinced this is not related to the sun (though I AM a sunworshipper) but is a nerve thing. I was on Lyrica for a while and it helped a little but did not take care of the itching totally. I found out about ice last year and it was a life saver (though it’s not fun to get up in the middle of the night and go sit in one’s family room holding ice packs on one’s arms for 20 minutes!!).
Avatar f tn I know that sounds weird, but it wasn't a typical twitch, but a pulse that occurred intermittently for awhile and moved back and forth between one eye and the other. The first time it happened I became totally alarmed and ultimately went to my ophthalmologist who could find nothing wrong. It happens every once in awhile without warning and I have sort of become used to it, but I have no other explanation. And yes, my mental focus has dwindled significantly.
Avatar f tn I am having the similar problems. I feel dizzy and then my heart starts racing and I feel like I need to have a bowel movement. It is very scary. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/235578'>VAGUS NERVE and STOMACH or HEART LURCHES (spasms)</a>.