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1652468 tn?1302904098 Bad Diet Promotes Arthritis There is no question that diet plays a large role in the development and continuation of arthritic symptoms. The standard American diet, full of refined foods, is a pro-inflammatory regimen. Inflammation is what causes the redness, warmth, swelling, and joint destruction associated with arthritis. Eating pro-inflammatory foods will not only create the environment for arthritis to begin, it will fuel the illness once developed.
Avatar f tn Other causes of foot pain can be rheumatoid arthritis, faulty arch, ligament tears, fractures, and gout. If possible consult a sports injury center. This is equipped with treatment options for plantar fasciitis. You can try acupressure and wear soft padded footwear preferably slip-ons and not shoes. You can also try foot wear with soles designed according to pressure points.
Avatar f tn ), allowing its use for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis, and as first-line treatment for severe, active, and progressive rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in methotrexate (MTX)-naive adults. Approval of the psoriatic arthritis indication was based on the results of two clinical studies, including the phase 3 placebo-controlled Adalimumab Effectiveness in Psoriatic Arthritis Trial (ADEPT) in 313 patients.
Avatar n tn Exactly the same symptoms here - I have Diabetes so the first thought was that my blood sugar was out of control so that I might be getting what is known as Diabetic Neuropathy, but after testing my A1c (glucose counts) it was found that was not the case. Since then, every time I mention it to my doctor I get the same response, take some Motrin, it will go away, etc.
Avatar n tn Ultram has provided me with the ability to live a productive and active life for this 55+ woman. The chronic pain of arthritis/ fibromyalgia had made me so fatigued I struggled to get up and accomplish anything. I have been taking it daily, 2-4 pills/day depending on the level of activity, for two years now. The major side effect I've noticed is "word recall". I noticed that it takes a moment or two longer to recall names of people and things for about 2 hours following a dose.
Avatar n tn My current PT says that people with Rheumatoid arthritis need to do exercises where they are always in motion with the knee, rocking, lunging, dangling, etc. rather than trying to hold a bend as the arthritis will cause the muscles to fight back and stiffen. I can tell this has happened and I needed far more pain meds with the home PT's then with this one. Just disappointed and worried I am not further along. Anyone have any suggestions or similar experiences. I look forward to your answer.
Avatar f tn I MAY have some information that would shed some light. Gradual body aches that grow progressively worse, turning into chillls that will rattle your teeth.The pain deep in your bones is unbearable. Piling on clothes doesn't help, I've had to sit in front of the forced fan heater, but in the summer this isn't possilbe. A tub full of hot and I mean HOT water, will sometimes stop the chills and aching. The first year it happened only once. Each year thereafter it happened more frequently.
Avatar f tn I have had osteoarthritis in by back for years, and my gut feelingis that this related. But it's just a guess. I can totally sympathize with everyone else who's had these symptoms! It's very unnerving.
Avatar n tn I help my dad deliver produce 2 times a week in the morning, and I am also a full time sales associate at Sears selling electronics (which I'm on my feet all day.) That may cause a little lower back pain, but it goes away when I'm not working. I have used a contour pillow, slept in all different kinds of positions (back and both sides), I always sleep with a full body pillow, and nothing has seemed to help. I would appreciate any suggestions, thanks!
551343 tn?1506834118 I have had viral Meningitis, Bell's Palsy, Hypothyroidism, Costochondritis, Fasciitis, Dizziness/Vertigo while driving, random tingling/numbness in hands, feet, lips, and nose, burning or irritation in ears, anxiety due to the Costochondritis, and sleep apnea. I've been involved in 4 accidents where the vehicle was a loss (always the other person's 'fault'/citation) but with only whiplash for injuries. I've also had at least two embedded deer ticks.
Avatar f tn ) So, I can totally relate to whats going on with your legs and feet. As I said, mine started in one foot, but over time spread to both feet and legs. What I find fascinating was the first paper I ever read claimed the number one complaint of symptoms regarding allergic reaction to dental Ti implants was chronic sinus inflammation. I had to get my nose basically gutted and rebuilt with rib cartilage because the jaw surgeon was so sloppy and invasive.
Avatar f tn BP sounds like exactly what it is. I have cervical root compression and arthritis and that may be the underlying cause, but it was probably triggered by the sunlight damaging the nerves. If Gabapentin helps, then I guess it's almost certainly nerve-related. I put an ice pack on tonight after reading these posts and it's the only thing that's helped so far. I'm loathe to go to a dermatologist as it doesn't sound as if they can suggest much........
Avatar n tn I am itching too... and I'm not joking!!! It's just everywhere here and there and it really does drive you nuts... I don't have any idea why... I came here to see what was wrong with everyone else. Ok so you have absolutely no answers. Guess I'll go to the doctor... LOL I will say, it started out with my hands and feet. When I wake up it is a horrible warm "desperate" itch that has to be dealt with NOW! feeling... Understand what I mean by that? Even my lips..
Avatar n tn I should also add that the change to the pattern has occurred around the same time that I am experiencing fatigue, body pains and aches and stiffness (the pains don't always have stiffness associated) in various places (mostly neck, back, hips, hands, feet and thighs). I have had blood tests for numerous things like Vit B12 deficiency and rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid etc. I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac.