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Avatar n tn Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions that occur together, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Of course, the best solution is to forego soda altogether. Diet soda is associated with obesity and metabolic syndrome. Regular soda is dense with calories and sugar. Water has none of these drawbacks.
Avatar f tn On a 12 week treatment with peg , ribavirin and sovaldi should I experience hair loss ? I am a hairstylist with very long thick hair ,still planning on working . Not planning to tell clients about treatment ,mostly due to fear they will not understand . How much hair loss should I expect?
Avatar m tn 5 I am on 50mcg of Synthroid and 5mcgs of Cytomel T4. I am at a loss as I am doing everyting in my power to help stop this hair loss. I take a very good brand of whole food vitamins, B12, 4000mcg Biotin, B complex, Hair Skin & Nail vitamins, Vit D...I pop pills all day long. I sleep 7.5 hrs a night. I've practially eliminated gluten from my diet. I eat salmon and lean meats. No soda, coffee, tea. I drink a 1/2 gallon of water each day. I use top salon shampoos.
Avatar n tn I consume alot of diet soda. At my last visit to my cardiologist he asked me about this. He told me that my symptoms could be coming for the diet soda. He has seen cases of young women who come into the er with heart attacks and multiple neuro. symptoms. Their hearts are extremly clean. Like mine. Thats why he was concerned. He believes this is from the caffine. But I have read about the effect of aspartame. I had no idea the effects could be this bad!
Avatar f tn After a few years, I am still experiencing hair loss, although I am no longer stressed. I wash my hair twice a week. I lose about 50-70 strands in the shower, and on days where I do not wash my hair, I probably lose about 10-20 strands. I then thought it might have been a nutrient deficiency. I have been taking supplements (including those with plenty of biotin and collagen) for about five months, but I have not seen any positive change.
Avatar n tn What the heck does washing your hair have to do with anything? And they only put you on 500 calorie diet. I would think you would lose all the weight from that alone ? I heard something about HCG side effects could possibly be tumors. That is very scarey for me. I am totally lost here ? can someone explain all this to me haha. What is the KT diet, protocol? Huh?
Avatar m tn ) The only medications I am currently on are Yaz, a prenatal pill (for my hair) and biotin (for my hair). The hair loss looks as though it is being lost from the middle of my hair; all the way from the front to the back, straight down my part. I have no other hair loss on my body, just my head. There is no family history of celiac disease, although my sister has been diagnosed as being on the border of having hypothyroidism and cysts, as well. Thank you so much for your information.
Avatar f tn I work very hard at the gym, even other personal trainers have said to my personal trainer that I work extremely hard. I've changed my diet, I've cut out carbs and sugar. I eat mainly meat and veg and salad. My stats were checked when I started and they were recently checked again. My lung power has increased massively, my blood pressure was high and now is perfect, my pulse has also improved greatly. However in this time I have only lost 1 inch off most places and 2 inch of my chest.
Avatar f tn I rarely go for seconds, we eat off the small dinner plates I think some call them salad plates anyway they are not the saucer size. I've been thinking maybe I should start eating off a saucer. I drink lots of water. Soda Pops, chips, cookies, candies, pie or cake as a whole I do not keep in the house on a regular basis. At night I usually get a sweet tooth ..sigh.. I usually have a half a apple and some dates. Any advice on how to keep my weight down?
Avatar n tn lol Feels kind of strange eating until I am about to puke and it's OK! I'm ready to start the VLCD diet tomorrow, ready for the weight loss to kick in. I haven't started my water consumption yet. That was one thing I was wondering about. I wasn't sure if that was supposed to happen during the load days or wait until the calories dropped but I've started drinking water today. Maybe as upinak said, it will help with the headaches. I hope!
Avatar f tn The biggest advice I have for you is to make your goals a little smaller. There is absolutely no healthy way to lose 55 pounds in five months. A healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week. To lose weight and be happy about your progress you need to make realistic goals. Know your portions and try to get protein at every meal. The more fiber the better as it will fill you up and you won't feel as hungry.
Avatar m tn Recent research suggests it may help to prevent hair loss. If it doesn't help with the hair loss, based on my experience, it will probably get rid of the sand-like particles. If it doesn't, among other beneficial effects, it will definitely help clear up acne if you have it, improve your immunity so you are much less susceptible to colds and flu, and significantly reduce your chances of getting cancer. So still well worth the trial.
Avatar n tn ) that its probably just a problem with my diet so i stopped eating hunhealthy food, cut out the excess caffeine and stuff like that, started taking zinc iron copper folic acid kelp all the vitamins which are suposed to make hair grow naturally and helathy and 2 and a half monhts later still no luck its just not growing im scared as anything this isnt hair loss its just not growing i cant understand what is wrong as my hair was growing really fast until a year ago i dont know whats wrong as my
Avatar f tn Can anyone else tell me though about their hair loss? I lost about half of my hair and I am trying to decide if it was the "lack of" calories or the HCG. I did lose a lot of hair while pregnant, so Im thinking it was the HCG. I would never do it again I might go bald. The hair loss started about 3 months of being off of the HCG. Its been about a year and I have gained 10 pounds back.
Avatar n tn In the past year I have gained 60lbs and have been extremely exhausted. Once ( Neck Pain, Dry Skin, Hair Loss, Depression )more symptons began is when I contacted dr to have checkup. Now here I am 60lbs heavier healthy eating but cannot lose weight. Can anyone please provide me wiht some information as to how to lose the weight and what I can expect realistically. Are any diet aids- pills safe to take without risking my heatlh. I excerise 3-4 days a week not sur ehow else to fix this disease.
Avatar n tn I just would like to know if Diet Coke (or any other diet soda) has raised anyone else's blood sugar levels. Diet Coke is always listed as a "free food," so the possibility of Diet Coke raising my blood sugar saddens me greatly. ***Is it true that the aspartame contained in Diet Coke might actually raise blood sugar levels (I think I read this a long time ago in an informational brochure but did not think twice about it since my blood sugar levels were great at the time)?
Avatar n tn Plus, I don't think people should be given a pill just for weight loss. It is a good benefit, but exercise and diet are a better way. It's fair to us because we need the medication to aid other needs.
Avatar n tn I did not have to take it - I just had to monitor my blood sugar often and control it - really well with diet. - Has anyone had any expereice taking this as just a weight loss drug and are their serious side effects - if your not a full blown diabetic? My doc mentioned nothing about PCOS - I was recently 2 weeks late with my period (not preg. and tests showed not peri menopause)...I'm really nervous taking this stuff...
Avatar f tn It started about a month ago now, for no reason at all! Nothing had changed about my diet or lifestyle - I don't even dye my hair! Now, just after I get out of the shower, when I come to dry my hair, the underneath bits by my scalp seem like ive puts loads of product on them and continue to look "wet" (and greasy) even if I have been drying my hair with a hairdryer. I have to use dry shampoo just after I get out of the shower and dry my hair!
Avatar n tn but i don't think its an ingrown hair becuase it never has a hair come out of it and its likea hard ball underneath the skin.
Avatar n tn I've been off the trisprintec for a month and now I'm reading most doctors prescribe a combo of spiro and ortho tricyclen to help hair growth (exactly what I was on when my hair loss started). If I get back on the pill will the hair loss get better or worse? If I get off the spiro will it all fall out? *please someone at least answer so I know I'm not alone.
1498386 tn?1403031253 I was just wondering and looking for people who have possibly gone through this as well, I was just put on 250 mg of metformin a day, and I was wondering if I could expect weight loss/ hair loss and regain my periods? Someone please let me know, I am so worried I will never lose this weight.
Avatar f tn In every post I've read across multiple message boards, everyone says that there was no change in hair care or diet - so I have to think this is a chemical imbalance of some sort. There's just no other explanation for so many people having this exact same persistent problem without a real definite cause. Everyone's symptoms are the same, and like the wax on my head, the mystery only continues to build.
Avatar n tn I've been reading those threads related to the hCG shots for weight loss subject, and I suspect that once again (as it happened in 1974) the method will be misused by all those who only wish to grab a commercial profit from its use. Please let me remind you again, and again, and again, that hCG is a PRESCRIPTION drug that MUST be dispensed by a licensed Physician. hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program.
Avatar m tn Just an update, I still have loss of appetit, weight loss and now I am losing hair from scalp and eyebrows!! Which thyroid test should I do? and any other tests? I had checked my sugar levels in Janvuary and they were ok.