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Avatar n tn Hi, Your history points towards the involvement of the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve is compressed probably at the elbow level/just above the elbow. Now if it is compression and no intervention is done, then there is a risk of ending up with ulnar nerve palsy which in turn would lead to an claw hand predominantly of the ulnar fingers. Surgical decompression would be ideal and the recovery time post surgery is roughly about 10 days.
Avatar n tn 5 m/sec he then wrote out the following Normal R-ulnar + R-median nerve conductions-No delay was seen in the ulnar nerve overr the ulnar grove. The patient refused EMG- needle exam for D I have probably had close to or over a dozen ncs/emg s over the past several yrs and never once have I refused to have the needle part or refused to cooperate in any medical test.
Avatar n tn A compressed nerve has been ruled out as i have atrophy in the thumb pad and near the ring finger which implies that both ulnar and median nerve are affected. It is really frustrating as my left hand grip is obviously weaker and certain movements have less power. MRI came back normal. Nerve conduction tests simply showed that there is a problem with the Upper Brachial Plexus-well anyone can figure that out lol.All blood work came back normal too.
Avatar f tn (which the doctors love during EMG's, when my hands get cold again 2 seconds after running hot water on them) Lately I'm starting to have numbness as well, mostly in my left foot, even spreading up above the ankle, and my left hand, and my right arm has been bothering me again, going numb into my last two fingers, which is what it did 2 yrs ago before the ulnar nerve surgery. I'm just wondering if people have info on what other causes of neuropathy are, other than diabetes and injuries.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've been having pain and tingling in both hands/arms - it's mainly the hands and forearms, though my shoulders sometimes ache. The pains/tingling are mainly around the ulnar nerve (last two fingers and u to the elbow), but I also get pain and tingling in the radial nerve (thumb and first few fingers). The symptoms are definitely worse in some positions (ie arm out straight, flexing the wrist) in both arms.
Avatar n tn randon glucose in Octobe and November was 105 and 111 mg/dL Can such levels of glucose lead to a serious diabetic condition such as nerve damage? I am heart patient and cardiologist has ruled out heart to be the culprit. Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn It is generally accepted that focal compressive neuropathies or entrapments, specially carpal tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy at the elbow, are far more frequently seen in individuals with diabetic neuropathy than in an equivalent set of individuals without diabetes. The cause of this is not quite known. The last two sentences from your quote from a very authoritative source presents hypotheses (opinions) based upon some experimental data.
Avatar n tn In this syndrome there is ulnar nerve entrapment which causes tingling numbness in the little and ring finger. Other causes can be diabetic peripheral neuropathy or peripheral neuropathy due to vitamin B12 deficiency. Please get your self evaluated by a neurologist. Take care!
Avatar f tn Since the joints of fingers and hands are swollen and there is claw like deformity, rheumatoid arthritis is a possibility. Gout is another possibility, but less likely. It can even be due to weakness of ulnar nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy are the other causes. It is difficult to diagnose this on net. Please ask your friend to consult a doctor. Take care!
Avatar n tn It can even be due to weakness of ulnar nerve. Carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy are the other causes. Scarring due to any cause can also cause claw like hands. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar n tn What is your name? Numbness only at the tip of little finger suggests that ulnar nerve is been irritated while doing yoga class or any where else. Ulnar nerve runs a superficial course along the medial border of forearm from medial condoyle. If any where along its distribution it is injured or damaged, it will lead to numbness along its course. Can you check for ulnar nerve?
Avatar n tn If there is no fracture of the finger or damage to the ulnar nerve, it could be Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy wherein a nerve damage that affects the toes, feet, and sometimes hand that produces pain. On the other hand, Raynaud's phenomenon is a disorder of the small blood vessels of the extremities, causing pain, the sensations of burning and tingling, and color changes. DCIS cells lack the biological capacity to metastasize, or spread elsewhere in the body, like cancer cells do.
Avatar n tn The 4th and 5th fingers are affected by the ulnar nerve, which can be interrupted by pressure at the elbow or the chest area (e.g. thoracid outlet syndrome). Parethesias in the hands and fingers can also be caused by broader diseases such as peripheral neuropathy (more common in the feet but hands can be affected) and various others. Correct diagnosis of the causes of finger paresthesias is important and treatment can often reverse the damage.
Avatar f tn After a year of pill treatments, I went to another doctor as it interfered with my work. Further testing showed carpal tunnel again and I had ulnar nerve surgery and carpal tunnel in right arm and carpal tunnel on left hand. The pain has subsided greatly but my left hand still has the sensation of burning without the heat. My right arm still has the stabbing pain which makes me yelp because it strikes suddenly. Will it ever feel better? Should I look into another therapy?
Avatar n tn I don't know details but my friend said her neurologist immediately ruled out the thing we'd thought it might be via Google search, which was ulnar nerve entrapment, and said that, basically, two nerves in my friend's hand are dead and that it must have been coming on for a while and my friend just didn't notice. She also said the neurologist ruled out diabetic neuropathy because it usually presents on both sides simultaneously. The neurologist, evidently, was frankly puzzled and said so.
Avatar n tn I still have feeling when I touch the skin but there is a loss of feeling when I walk a lot or swim. At first it was thought to be diabetic neuropathy as I am a borderline type 2 diabetic but my glucose levels are mostly within the normal range, when monitored. Nerve conduction tests were also normal. The latest theory is that it might be tarsal tunnel syndrome and I have had cortisone injections with limited success.
Avatar f tn you also have to think about cubital tunnel syndrome it is a nerve compression involving ulnar nerve at the elbow (funny bone) think about how you sleep do you curl your arms up under your chin lie on an arm or have your elbow bent more than 90 degrease for long periods of time resting your elbows on hard arm rest for a long time can be a factor in this syndrom this is just another oppsion to look at but also get the test done
1500525 tn?1458533598 I had an EMG/NVC yesterday, I get them periodically because I had been dx with PMA (progressive muscular atrophy) I was told that they were only going to do my left side as that is my weakest side, for example on a prior EMG/NVC my left hand showed NR (no response) and they could tell something w/my proximal muscles... but that ended up not being the case. The Tech did the NVC then the Dr came in to finish with the EMG, which have been getting more painful, I am not sure if that is relevant.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, I was putting pressure on the ulnar nerve (elbows) in what I thought was a pretty cushy chair....not cushy enough I now have nerve damage numbing 2 fingers of each hand.. so lots of things can cause neuropathy, oh and lets not forget RIBA messes with nerve endings. It's good to take care of your nerves by staying away from caffienie and colas and making sure you get adequate calcium to protect your nyelin sheath coating each nerve.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms may be consistent with what is termed a small fiber neuropathy. There are 2 types of nerves in our body, large and small. The small nerve endings supply the skin and sweat glands. There are two types of sensory neuropathy: small fiber and large fiber (depending on the size of the nerves affected). With small fiber neuropathies, symptoms including burning or buzzing or other vague symptoms starting in the feet and hands then in some cases spreading to other parts of the body.
Avatar n tn The distribution sounds like it might encompass the ulnar nerve. However, the negative EMG would rule this out. The arthritis might contribute by affecting the neural foramen that the sensory nerves exit the spinal column, but the negative MRI would also rule this out. Long term diabetes, collagen vascular disease, alcoholism,vitamin B12 deficiency (symptoms would be more in the legs) might account for parasthesias.
Avatar n tn Hi, The most common causes of muscle atrophy are -Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease), Guillain-Barre syndrome, Injury, Long-term corticosteroid therapy, Long-term immobilization, Motor neuropathy (such as diabetic neuropathy) Muscular dystrophy, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Spinal cord injury Starvation or Stroke. Please go for an MRI of spine and arm and consult a neurologist for the examination and management plan.
894326 tn?1279787685 Borderline slow sensory nerve conduction veiocity noted in the first, second and third finger-wrist and palm-wrist segments of both median nerves. Boredrline prolonged terminal latency noted in the left median nerve. Normal sensory and motor NCV's with normal amplitudes noted in the other segments of tested nerves of both upper extremities. Tested nerves include both median, right ulnar and the right radial sensory.
429949 tn?1224695179 The above electrodiagnostic study reveals no electrical evidence of a peripheral neuropathy, focal nerve entrapment, or cervical radiculoathy. They said it was all normal! Does this mean that the transient numbness/tingling in arms and stiff/pain in neck is all central related? I wish they had included the legs because I have this transient numbness/tingling in the backs of my caves too, but the focus today was to try to find out about my neck for the most part!!!
Avatar m tn She was diagnosed with trigger fingers, given steriod injections. Diagnosed with an ulnar entrapment problem, given two stellate nerve blocks with no effect, diagnosed with frozen shoulder, had PT which caused her great pain (bad therapist, I think) and then had shoulder surgery.
Avatar n tn He said that he could find nothing and mentioned peripheral neuropathy. He also said that now,the left arm carpal tunnel nerve did not seem to respond normally. By now,his right arm is smaller than the left and his fingers are shiny and swollen. He still cannot use the hand. His only meds are Questran & Zocor for cholesterol. Could they be related to this? Thank you very much for your time & input.
1207048 tn?1282177904 Some people get this as the result of diabetic neuropathy as well. I'm almost positive, though, that, some members here describe this sensation as part of their MS, which of course does not have a peripheral cause. But some of us have both central and peripheral issues (2 separate disorders). I do, or at least I'm told I do. I hope Quix weighs in on this issue. Like Tony the Tiger, I'm corn-fused.
Avatar n tn The numbness in the ring and pinky fingers are more consistent with an ulnar neuropathy and the EMG will be helpful in finding out what is going on. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar n tn Glucose = 114 (high - diabetic neuropathy?) ALT = 46 (high - viral infection?) MPV = 6 (low) Lymph = 17 (low - ) Seg = 75 (high - ) Ca Channel Bind Ab, P/Q = 0 Ca Channel Bind Ab, N = TNP ACh Resep Muscle Bind Ab = 0 Lyme Antibody Screen = Negative ANA Screen = Negative Paraneoplast CRMP5 IgG = Negative TSH Hormone = 1.7 (normal) PTH Hormone = 45.
Avatar n tn _ Dear Marlene, Either diagnosis is a possibility (diabetic neuropathy or ulnar neuropathy) and honestly, the diagnosis is best made by a neurologist, as is the prognosis (likelihood of improvement.) Please keep in mind that this forum is for informational purposes only, actual diagnosis treatments can only be made by your physician(s). Good Luck. If you desire a neurologists' opinion at the Cleveland Clinic, simply call 1-800-CCF-CARE, and ask for an appointment with a neurologist on staff.