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Avatar n tn HI, The pain in your hands is more likely related to your working on the computer. The tingling in your foot may be from pre-diabetes/early diabetes as this is known to happen even at this stage. It may also be somewhat weight/back related if you also have some lower back pain. If you have not yet seen a neurologist I think this may be beneficial. Take care.
Avatar m tn Peripheral neuropathy is a condition frequently found with diabetes. The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy are pain, numbness, and tingling sensations in the distal extremities. The tests your doctor has suggested are what commonly are used in the diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. If you are experiencing numbness in your hands and feet, you need to be especially aware of any cuts/bruises that you receive. You want to frequently check your feet for cuts to prevent infection.
Avatar f tn First let me start by saying that Diabetes runs in my Husbands side of the family. His mother has insulin dependent diabetes as well as his oldest sister, who has suffered retinal neuropathy and lost her eye. My daughter is of healthy weight and eats fairly well for a child her age. We take vitamins and minerals, fish oil and probiotics for healthy digestion. Lately she has been complaining of her hands hurting when she wakes up in the mornings.
Avatar m tn It is difficult to say whether the ED is related to pre-diabetes status or not. If your fasting blood sugar is in pre-diabetes status, your PP sugar may be in diabetes status. You need to get this checked immediately. A fasting, PP and HbA1c will need to be done. Also, you may need get a dopplar study of penile blood vessels, rule out varicoceles as cause of ED and get a EMG/NCV to fine out if you have peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar n tn Being a pre-diabetic doesn't mean it will turn into diabetes. It means that your risk is higher, especially if you have a family history of diabetes or you're obese. It's like a warning. What can you do about it? Keep your weight down....learn about good nutrition...and exercise.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic after a fasting blood sugar of 106 and a HGA1C at 6.5. I have been treating this with diet alone for the past year and after losing 20 pounds I had reduced the HGA1C to 6.1 and fasting BS under 99. I began having symptoms of hypothyroidism and the doctor tested me. My TSH level was 4.5 and my anti-microsomal antibodies showed a level of 632. The doctor said I had Hashimotos Thyroiditis and put me on .50 of Levthyroxine.
Avatar f tn Am I the only one who has been fighting peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and no can seem to find the cause, I have had I think every test there is to have to try to figure out whats going on, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 who seem to have to many medical thing going on for my age, I'v been fighting peripheral neuropathy in my feet now for 10+ yrs, I get burning, tingling, acking, in my feet, and the heat is crazy when iver I put any shoes on my feet it feels like the oxigen is being cut off in
Avatar f tn Is there a chance that the numbness could be pre-diabetes? I also have hypothyroidism, which is under control. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
4974994 tn?1361830622 If it is due to diabetes or pre-diabetic state, then optimal diabetic control and exercise and weight loss to reduce insulin resistance are needed. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn (There is no such thing in medical terminology 'pre-diabetic.' But your doing so well after a meal doesn't indicate diabetes, as a usual test for diabetes is a fasting blood sugar and then a drink with enough carbohydrates for a meal then a test two hours later. Sounds like you'd pass that test.
Avatar n tn Initial symptoms can occur anywhere in the body and be sensory (how it feels) or motor (how you move). Diabetic neuropathy is a secondary disease seen in people with diabetes. It damages nerves OUTSIDE the CNS in the peripheral nervous system. It is thought to develop when high blood sugar levels damage blood vessels, including the tiny microvascular system that supplies and nourishes nerves. Symptoms appear in the same general area as the damaged, poorly functional nerves.
Avatar n tn Hi, treatment of SFSN depends on the underlying etiology. If it is due to diabetes or pre-diabetic state, then optimal diabetic control and exercise and weight loss to reduce insulin resistance are needed. According to studies done, Anodyne MIRE therapy was no more effective than sham therapy in the treatment of sensory neuropathy in individuals with diabetes. So, its not very effective. Regards.
1469903 tn?1286650297 It is still commonly used for diagnosing gestational diabetes and in conditions of pre-diabetes, such as polycystic ovary syndrome. With an oral glucose tolerance test, the person fasts overnight (at least eight but not more than 16 hours). Then first, the fasting plasma glucose is tested. After this test, the person receives 75 grams of glucose (100 grams for pregnant women). There are several methods employed by obstetricians to do this test, but the one described here is standard.
304573 tn?1345580938 This comes from a side effect handbook written by hepatologists. See chapter on Peripheral neuropathies Page 96...... http://www.projectsinknowledge.com/Init/G/1628/1628-Handbook.pdf Re your blood sugar being high..... "no i am not diabetic but they tried to tell me i was on the verge of becoming a type 2 - 2 years ago" You mean they told you you were "borderline diabetic"? There's no such thing as a "borderline diabetic".
Avatar n tn I trying to see how to determine the progression of this neuropathy, i was diagnosed in 2003 with peripheal neuropathy and today the dr told me that im in the autonomic stage , so what are the stages of this diease? he said that im pre diabetic as well . and i can feel the burning and pain from my spine down my legs and now im sweating profussly and cant seem to find a comfort zone. can you help me?
Avatar n tn I've had type-2 diabetes for over ten years and never had symptoms of diabetic neuropathy until spending eight days in post-surgery recovery for emergency (is there any other kind?) sigmoid colectomy. I saw my primarycare physician two days after release from hospital; he advised wait & see; now two weeks later this pain is negligible. Hopefully it will stay away from now on. And three years later: how are you? the neuropathy - did that stay or go or what?
359574 tn?1328364024 Hi, Diabetic neuropathy usually comes after poorly controlled diabetes and/or longstanding diabetes, so it is very unlikely that this is the cause of your symptoms. That said, fasting glucose alone can miss cases of impaired glucose tolerance(where your fasting is fine but your blood sugars go up after eating). The best way to find out is through a glucose tolerance test.
Avatar n tn I've had neuropathy for nearly 10 years and bouts of full body burning. The most common cause of neuropathy is diabetes or even glucose intolerance which is pre-diabetes. Diabetes damages your nervous system and especially your autonomic/small fiber nervous system. The autonomic nervous system controls all your automatic body functions like heart rate, blood pressure, pupil dilation, sweating, digestion and more. One of these automatic functions is body temperature.
Avatar m tn Either test can be used to diagnose pre-diabetes or diabetes. The American Diabetes Association recommends the FPG because it is easier, faster, and less expensive to perform. With the FPG test, a fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl signals pre-diabetes. A person with a fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher has diabetes. In the OGTT test, a person's blood glucose level is measured after a fast and two hours after drinking a glucose-rich beverage.
Avatar n tn I should also tell you that I have a history of diabetes in my family--my mum has type 2 diabetes and my aunt has type 1. I think I'm at a normal weight, not overweight, although I have gained a few kilos over the last few months. Again, this might be because of my diet. The first doctor I saw ran some blood tests and when I asked him about whether I might have diabetes, he said he checked and I don't have it. Should I trust his opinion or get another opinion?
Avatar n tn I have had numbness tingling and burning in my left foot on and off for about a year now. I have been checked for diabetes and had one test that showed I was pre-diabetic and two others that showed I was normal. The doctors concluded that the two normal ones out weighed the positive. My h1c’s for the three tests were. 7, 5.6 & 5.3 They were done within days of each other. My podiatrist also told me to wear arch supports and this helped al ot with the pain.
Avatar n tn I haven't heard about kidney stones & diabetes before at all. In general, it's best to drink plenty of water to keep the concentrations of minerals in our urine from being extreme. I've read "somewhere" that our urine should be nearly colorless with jsut a bit of yellow; darker yellow means we're not well-enough hydrated. I use that rule of thumb myself, but do check it out with your child's doc. Perhaps others will post with good info to share, too.
Avatar n tn and dont smoke alone if you get low your gonna be to out of it to help yourself i think personally smoking marajuana is better for diabetics than drinking when drinking there is carbs and sugars that effect your blood sugar and you have less control if you get drunk than high i myself have experimented with both when drinking my sugars went from 375 to 86 to 280 just terrible smoking nothing just some much that i bolused for with my mini med pump I also watched a show on marajuana use today on
Avatar n tn I have had numbness tingling and burning in my left foot on and off for about a year now. I have been checked for diabetes and had one test that showed I was pre-diabetic and two others that showed I was normal. The doctors concluded that the two normal ones out weighed the positive. My h1c’s for the three tests were. 7, 5.6 & 5.3 They were done within days of each other. My podiatrist also told me to wear arch supports and this helped a lot with the pain.
Avatar n tn I am usually between 110 and 125 so I realize I'm pre-diabetic. But my GP says there is no way this is caused by diabetis. They've tested me for B12 and that was good also. I'm going back in to the doctor in a few weeks and he's gonna test me for Lyme Disease and a few other things. Any suggestions from anyone out there?? I've also had a problem with my hands cramping, but have no idea if that's at all releated.
Avatar n tn Hello Minnie, With so much diabetes in your family, you are wise to be on the lookout. Many folks look to the fasting BG (blood glucose) reading as the indicator for diabetes. In recent years, however, there's an interest in doing what's called a 2-hour post-prandial (after eating) blood test, since those are often affected sooner than one's fasting test. If any of your diabetic family members live close enuf, perhaps you can test 2 hours after a meal with them.
Avatar n tn In regard to the PAD testting, it should definitely be done, especially if you are considering surgery in the future. It may be part of your pre-operative tests, as should some cardiac testing. The testing for PAD is non-invasive so there is no reason not to do it--the information can be quite useful. That said, your symptoms may not be from PAD but instead from nerve damage, so nerves testing may also be useful for you.
Avatar n tn I am not a physician, but a mom of a type 1 diabetic. I would suggest that you call your doctor and get checked. Usually the tingly feeling called neuropathy happens after having been diagnosed for a while it is a complication of diabetes after a while usually, but I would recommend you make an appointment with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I just thought I would add that my friend's mother has just been diagnosed with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy. She had not been to a doctor at all in many years and went to the E.R. with vertigo. Her sugar in the E.R. was over 300 and the doctors think she has had diabetes for at least four years. I do not know why they are calling vertigo diabetic neuropathy but all her tests were normal so they are just saying everything is from diabetes.
Avatar n tn In relation to his diabetes, he should contact his doctor to be sure this is not a pre-emptive warning regarding heart disease(which may not show up as chest pain in a diabetic). It is unlikely to be neuropathy given his diabetes being mild as you say. If his BP is not well controlled it may contribute. It sounds more likely to be a nerve problem, but he will need to be examined and have radiology studies for this to be determiend. Contact his doctor soon to have this arranged. take care.