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Avatar m tn Statistics in the Alternative Medicine Review, supplementing essential acids called ALA (alpha-Lipoic acid) and GLA (gamma linolenic acid) and omega-3 fatty acids may all have a beneficial effect on diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Kathleen Head studied nerve blood flow and physical symptoms such as numbness and coldness. Over the course of long-term treatment that spanned several months, some trial participants experienced a reduction in symptoms and better blood flow.
Avatar m tn diabetic neuropathy in lower limbs which are numb. now spreading to palms and hands. good glyceamic control. associated kidney involvement two yrs ,cr-2.4 mgms%,HTN-controlled.
Avatar m tn I am a 43 year old Type 2 diabetic. I have noticed lately that I have been having difficulty achieving orgams during intercourse with my girlfriend. I have been diagnosed with ED and I do use Cialis or Levitra from time to time. However for the last several months I have noticed the increased difficulty I have been having in achieving an orgasm. I was told my previous girlfriend that frequent masturbation can cause the decreased sensitivity in the penis.
757137 tn?1347200053 Which vitamins and supplements are helpful for a type II diabetic with peripheral neuropathy? Many thanks for suggestions.
Avatar m tn dear sir i am a type 2 diabetic and insulin depedant. about 9 months ago i had apill called acomplia to get rid of obesity. as a result i lost 22 pounds in one month. but late on i became paralized. the diagnose was GBS and myalities. i am now on my feet . But I still can not walk proprely. I feel tingling and buring sensation so badly on my both feet. would you please advice: when these disturbing event is going to end.? will i be ever walk as normal?
280418 tn?1306329510 Should I go to Johns Hopkins and get a skin biopsy to check for small fiber neuropathy? Mine is idiopathic -not diabetic, not toxicity from vitamins or other toxins. Every test has come up normal - MRIs, Lumbar punctures, bloodwork etc.
Avatar f tn TIGER, Well, the quick answer is since your regular doc said your foot pulse was okay, we can sort of rule out a blood vessel sort of problem, like the kind that can be caused by diabetes, known as diabetic neuropathy. However, your PCOS CAN cause diabetes and various blood issues. See, it's important that it's not anything to do with poor circulation in blood vessels. But that's ruled out, tho, for now.
Avatar m tn I've been on it now for 4 years and have had no side effects except the overwhelming tiredness at the beginning, though I was intially put on it for epilespy and neuropathy. I now have dreadful neuropathy to the point that I can't walk at times and shuffle like a penguin at others. To be honest I wouldn't be without Neruontin; I double up my dose when the pain in my feet and legs is so bad that I can't think straight, that has helped me a few times already.
Avatar m tn -jacob-teitelbaums-column/effective-treatment-for-neuropathic-pain/ If that url doesn't work, you can google for the title and author. Also, you can look at Amazon for his books, and read the reviews.
Avatar n tn So were came the neuropathy? I did research on the web for side effect for the other med i was taking. And to my surprise Celebrex is a potential contributor to neuropathy. So i want to know, if any of you is suffering from neuropathic pain and are not diabetic and have used Celebrex for a long time? Until recently i was using Effexor and used it for 10 years, so i think the effexor was camouflaging my pain since they use it in neuropathy treatement.
Avatar n tn // (If the url is removed, you can google for the title and author.) Quotes: A number of studies have shown that different kinds of nerve pain can improve by supplementation with high dose B vitamins. Vitamin D 2,000 units a day was also shown to decrease diabetic neuropathy pain by 47% after 3 months.
Avatar n tn Hi Dear, The tingling sensations can be either due to some nerve compression like disc compression around neck, cervical disc. It can be due to spinal arthritis or due to diabetic neuropathy. Treatment involves neurotin and vitamin b complexes.
Avatar n tn I have both. I am on neurotin and Percocet meds. They help but not completely, I am taking B complex vitamins along with a regular multiple vitamins. For my arthritis I will use muscular rub on meds"..this on my back. My quality of life is poor. I have some times I my get burst of energy. It pushing though ...
Avatar f tn My daughter is of healthy weight and eats fairly well for a child her age. We take vitamins and minerals, fish oil and probiotics for healthy digestion. Lately she has been complaining of her hands hurting when she wakes up in the mornings. I ask her if it is numb kind of hurt or just an ache (growing pains possibly)She also has been complaining of headaches. I don't know if this is possibly a pinched nerve or should I have her tested?
Avatar f tn This combination is available in tablet for and in injection form. For any neurological probem, these vitamins are prescribed.They are useful and without any toxicity. It is a good practice to take a combination of multivitmins, and mineral in traces- one tablet or capsule every day.
Avatar f tn Autonomic Neuropathy Horner Syndrome Anisocoria MS Fibromyalgia, Lupus & CFS So its true, stop looking up symptoms. I know its hard because I've been there myself. Still get tempted at times, but its best to try ur hardest. Just wait 'til u get to ur doctor. I know its easier said than done but its worth it. Uneven size in pupils, huh? Thanx for that. I bet I'll catch myself checking mine. Yea, thanx, lol.
Avatar n tn I have not been tested for the abnormal sensations or for small fiber neuropathy yet. I now have the prickling sensations throughout my abdomen. They started on the left side a day or 2 ago and now are all the way across. This is very bizzare. They say that things like this can come on after surgery or certain viral infections but I had none recently and my neck surgery was 5 months before any of this started. I am very sick of this as it started back 6 weeks ago.
Avatar m tn For the past week I have been experiencing peripheral neuropathy-like symptoms. I now have constant 'tingling' and occasional sharp aches and pains in my left foot and fingers. I have intermittent loss of sensation in my calf, thigh, and hand - all on my left side. I haven't spoken to my doc's office yet, in hopes that things would improve over the course of the week. The opposite has occured - and the symptoms are now more constant and pronounced.
Avatar m tn if a person with diabetes 2 works out and becomes non diabetic will the neuropathy in there feet and legs go away or once you have it you will always have neuropathy. I had it minor but today was a snow storm and it got like 100 times worse before I kind of ignored it but I really need to do something about this now before it get totally bad.
Avatar f tn I was told that I have peripheral nerve damage by a neurologist some years ago (before I had the mp) and was told to control my diabetes (I was not and am not a diabetic) but I am glucose intolerant. Doctors in the UK don't normally take blood tests for vitamin D levels, so I have never had a blood test for that. I do know that Vitamin D is required to help the absorption of calcium and a lack of it can cause rickets (bone deformity).
1135133 tn?1260503795 I am a diabetic who has been diabetoc for almost 17 years! When I was 19 I lost my health insurance so therefore I had to come off of my insulin pump because the supplies are so expensive. I also had to stop seeing my endocronologist because of this reason. I was recently diagnosed with Panic with anxiety, ADHD, and major depressive disorder and they said it is linked alot to my diabetes. I cannot control my diabetes as much as I try.
Avatar n tn Can you please advise me as to what kind of treatment I should look into? I'm fairly sure that there's no cure for neuropathy but can it be reversed or slowed? I've read that vitamins and exercise sometimes help. I've had quite a bit of experience with neuropathy since my husband was a diabetic and suffered from it along with all the other terrible things that go along with diabetes; stroke, bypass surgery, kidney failure....
Avatar m tn Alcoholic neuropathy Cancer (called a paraneoplastic neuropathy) Chronic inflammatory neuropathy Diabetic neuropathy Drug-related neuropathy Guillain-Barre syndrome Hereditary neuropathy Vitamin deficiency (vitamins B12, B1, and E)" Cheers.......
Avatar f tn I had been on prescription medication for about 2 years, lyrica. I had never tried vitamins before because I thought the prescription stuff would be stronger and work better. My friend gave me a bottle of a vitamin supplement called neuroplenish about a month ago. At first I used it with my prescription meds but after about 3 weeks I stopped taking the prescription meds and I felt fine. The prescription meds were a little cheaper, but the side effects just were not worth it.
Avatar f tn Fiber- rich foods are believed to slow down the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract and also aids in the digestion. Having vitamins and minerals especially vitamins C and B complex and zinc protects you from infections and from developing peripheral complications. However, in choosing vegetables, make sure that it is fresh and not artificially sprayed with pesticides. Green leafy vegetables are the best ones I could suggest. 3.
Avatar n tn Marber, thanks for sharing this information. I am always low in D vitamins. I can tell when my muscles cramp. How do I avoid D and also prevent the muscle cramping and general feeling of malaise that accompanies D deficiency?
220965 tn?1189759423 I have no money for the suboxone. I have been taking 5/325 8-10 a day for around 2 years prescribed by my VA doctor and I want to quit and I have tried but the withdrawals got the best of me? Any help is much appreciated.
Avatar n tn In my journal there is a segment for detox that my Doc put me on, there mostly vitamins and lots and lots of water if you want to check it out.