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Avatar n tn I am giving myself the shots, they suggested in the stomach (I promise this does not hurt at all, Im a big chicken). Also, I am using the diabetic needles (very short), because the hcg should not be given in the muscle it is supposed to be given just below the skin and above the muscle (according to my Dr.). I have also read several posts concerning fertility, my dr. did confirm it does make you more fertile and there is an increase in chances of multiple births.
534800 tn?1217170959 It could be that the capillaries which exchange fluids between the blood and the skin are not functioning well (for us) when this system is under pressure (from gravity and muscle use) and heat (from the outside temperature and muscle use). (It does also seem to be affected by humidity. (When the air is humid the body’s cooling system from sweating is less efficient than in dry weather)). It may be just that we have weak vein muscles which are used to push the blood back to the heart.
Avatar f tn We didn't feel it was a fair exchange, but we accepted it. Son started eliminating certain holidays that had always been tradition with our family. Telling him how hurt I was didn't serve to change his mind. Yet when I tried to change a family tradition I didn't care for, he "reprimanded" me in a way that let me know things would be worse if we didn't respect what HE wanted. He and his wife decided they wanted no children. They became heavily involved in sports.