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Avatar n tn i would recommend that at your next doctor appointment you ask to be referred to a dietician to go over the proper diet aspects for a diabetic.
Avatar n tn - try to understand the principles of the disease (read and talk about it), - try to understand the principles of its treatment. - ask your companion-patients and your medical doctors for information. Accept the reality of your disease. Conquer your fears and feelings of uncertainty. Use your bad and good experiences to adapt your behaviour (biofeedback). No hurry, no worry. Eliminate stressing situations or learn how to handle them.
Avatar n tn As Drnee stated, skin conditions are often a result of poor blood sugar control. Generally speaking a single blood or urine sugar "test" is insufficient, because even a diabetic can have a normal blood sugar level at some time of the day. You need either a glucose fasting test or an insulin clamp procedure, depending on the preference of your physician. The skin infections with boils are common in many hospitals.
Avatar n tn What remains to be seen is how my very high dose levels before and long time taking opioids affects the ultimate withdrawal. I went through this before, when I had been taking methadone for my pain, and that was true hell. Coming from a much lower dose and tapering down for a month still left me with six weeks of withdrawal before I could even work part-time and much longer than that to feel normal.
Avatar m tn In case anyone else has this problem, I want my experience to be available to them. There was very little to read on the DURATION of initial phenobarbital side effects on the web, and I was very frightened by what I saw. So, here's what happened with my dog. The side effects (which were severe) lasted approximately three weeks. It is possible that they can last this long. Most people say they go away in a day or two, but in very sensitive dogs, it takes much longer.
Avatar m tn Chylack, emeritus professor of ophthalmology at Harvard Medical School, points out that the animal experiments did not have adequate controls and did not involve standard protocols used by many in the cataract field, including how to properly photograph eyes to grade the severity of cataracts.
Avatar m tn I know that in order to lose weight and to tone up, you need to eat less and to exercise more. I have been taking a dance class and have gone back to the gym. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
698538 tn?1228126579 I don't know what your diet is like now, however, exchange anything white (bread, rice, pasta) for whole wheat or whole grain. Exchange unhealthy sugary snacks for fruit, yogurt, etc. I hate to excercise, and have absolutely no desire to join a gym. Instead, I walk every day. DH and I often do it together, and its sort of a nice "date" after a hectic day. I also make use of our community centre and swim at the drop in programs.
1018470 tn?1251337123 I'm wondering if I could get to advice as to how much Naturthroid to start verses my Levothyroxine. I have looked up the conversion from Naturthroid's website, but everyone says to go slow. I just had blood work done last Thursday (2-28-13). I haven't gotten the lab report yet, but hoping I will from my doctor's office today. I know I'm probably asking to soon before you have my new labs, but I am wanting to get some good advice .
Avatar n tn hello just wanted to give another update.We went bsck to the doctor Wednesday to see how many mature follicles we had this time (PRAISE GOD!!!) we had 2 we had a 2.5cm on one ovary and a 1.8 on the other ovary.I had my blood levels checked my Estrogen was 448 they said that was good.My husband had a count of 5.6 million after being washed they said we only needed 2 to 5 million so yesterday we went and had another IUI this one feels much better.
Avatar n tn I would definetly see a doc if the pain is that bad...you need to get a biopsy if you have not had one to see how bad off your liver is...I have heard that the liver can heal itself once the hep is gone and if you stay away from liver damaging foods & drink - even if you are stage 4. I take milk thistle everyday, dont know if it is helping any but it cant hurt...
Avatar n tn Keep me in your prayers and I will keep you all posted everynight on here to let you know how I am doing. Love to you all Patrice Dan, a special thanks to you for making me make up my hardheaded and stubern (sp) mind!!
Avatar n tn Kindly let me know what should I do?.Should I go to some other experienced eye surgeon in Toronto. How can I get referreal for a new eye surgeon in Toronto .
Avatar n tn I would wonder whether there are other eye issues going on like residual astigmatism. Usually a few months after a multifocal there isn't a problem with bothn near and far vision. Perhaps there are other eye health issues at play. Or the mention of sutures suggests the possibility the lens might not be seated as usual in the capsular bag, perhaps its a 3 piece multifocal outside the bag and positioned at an angle or something.
172023 tn?1334675884 77 mg Sodium: 76 mg Carbohydrate: 3 g Fiber: 0 g Protein: 24 g Diabetic Exchange: 2-1/2 lean meat, 2 fat. This comes from Taste of Home ... will try to get the ingredients and make tomorrow or Wednesday.
Avatar m tn I would like to pursue an enhancement such as Lasik or IOL exchange but wonder about how much risk would be involved. Does one pose more risk than the otter? Would the amblypia be an issue?
Avatar m tn Given your natural lens could still focus because you are only 30 not the typical 70's cataract patient your loss of ability to focus even with Symfony IOLs is going to be much more noticeable to you than much older people. I would suggest you use the search feature and read the many informative posts by people that have opted for the Symfony IOL. While a quality IOL I think it is NOT living up the the commercial hype that were claimed for it.
Avatar m tn My wife has something similar happen to her in May. I would really like to exchange information with you. Please email me at ***@****.
212161 tn?1537898045 look up Alzehiemers on google you will find many wonderful sights with each stage what to expect and how long they last. From there you should be able to determine which one she is in and how long it will last.
Avatar n tn My 16 yr old son is going to France (8 hr flight from Canada)on a 3 month exchange program. How can we transport a 3 month supply of insulin, keeping it refrigerated at all times and not have any additional carry on itmes, such as a cooler? The insulin will probably have to be kept cool for about 12 hours in total. Are there companies that specialize in such overseas transport of medical supplies?
Avatar m tn In time you will even get into the habit of ordering similar things when you go to a certain restaurant and knowing how to bolus for it. For now, you need to be sure you have an accurate I:C ratio which may differ for each meal. (Mine are 1:7, 1:9 and 1:18 for the three meals). To do this you can start with 1:15 and then test and see how you do and recalculate it up or down accordingly.
Avatar n tn i'm looking to find out where i can obtain a listing of foods to avoid and foods to eat....all i find is diet plans, how many grams of what is in it etc... all i really want is for her to have a list of the foods she can have without fearing her sugar will go up, snacks she can have or not have etc...at her age its hard for her to figure out calories, grams, exchange groups and all that...
390388 tn?1279639813 Sorry I'm new to all of this and have to understand.. Would my levels prove me to be diabetic since they continue to raise on the 2nd hour or would I wait a month and retest and see what I test then to prove it? How many times does it have to be positive to prove diabeties in other words? Thank you again for your help. Amy.
Avatar n tn The Dr's are blaming them on my high myopia (-10) and the specialist has told me not to 'dig' for a reason, but in the year my symptoms started I had a large blow to the head (hard enough to need a scan to check all was well due to that) and took nasal steriods for rhinitis and I can't help but wonder if, in combination with my myopia, the scan, steriods, or blow to the head are to blame. In the 5 years since vision worsened, general health is very good.
Avatar n tn Dr., I figured I would pay another 15 bucks to get your opinion on the latest in my sypilis saga. As I explained in a previous post, my girlfriend had an RPR with a titer of 1:1 and I an FTA and TIA positive confirmatory tests. I am positive that I am her only risk factor as I have been promiscuous. I recently tested negative on the RPR screen. However, the health department has been in contact with both of us, and they seem fairly persistent and suggested that I have a confirmatory test.
1024580 tn?1331577721 - Very large, very expensive, well controlled studies would be needed to define the question exactly. The results of a study due to appear shortly in AIDS seem to show that HIV negative gay males in sero-discordant ( a relationship where one of the partners is HIV positive and the other HIV negative) relationships have saliva which has an HIV neutralising capacity.
Avatar f tn Am I the only one who has been fighting peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and no can seem to find the cause, I have had I think every test there is to have to try to figure out whats going on, I am a 39 year old mother of 2 who seem to have to many medical thing going on for my age, I'v been fighting peripheral neuropathy in my feet now for 10+ yrs, I get burning, tingling, acking, in my feet, and the heat is crazy when iver I put any shoes on my feet it feels like the oxigen is being cut off in
Avatar m tn Much to the dismay of my wife, I deleted 3 of my journals and only left the one up about quitting tobacco. She had posted something that she apparently wanted everyone to see, I had foolishly erased it. From this point forward I will never erase anything, and everyone please post on everything I have to say.
Avatar n tn Although my partner and I both enjoy lengthy sessions of sexual activity, it is so frustrating to have to work so hard and long to achieve an orgasm. When it finally does happen, it is usually great, but sometimes the extended activity leaves me sore. Are there any remedies out there for this type of problem? Perhaps a topical solution that might help enhance the sensations; something that really DOES work, not just claims to help.