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Avatar n tn I am no expert on diabetes, just the child of a type 2 diabetic and niece of three diabetics, but I think the urine test you are referring to is for something called ketones. I think this test tells you if you have uncontrolled diabetes.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm 18 weeks. Today I had a urine test andmy doctor told me my sugar level is high. She sugest me to take that test again in fasting.
Avatar m tn I had all the blood tests before they confirmed diabetes and 2weeks ago they said they wanted a urine sample which came back high they nurse said so I had to repeat it. Had a call to go see doctor tomorrow as they said they next sample was abnormal. what do they mean and what should I expect when I see doctor tomorrow. Also my skin is so itchy should I tell him.
1456043 tn?1285366131 what do you do when your blood glucose monitor says HI ?
Avatar n tn If your friend thinks he might have diabetes it is easy enough to go to a doctor who will recommend either a fasting glucose test or an OGTT where he drinks a really sweet drink and watches how it affects his blood sugar over time. He should definitely have it checked as untreated Type 1 diabetes can make you very sick.
Avatar f tn I am a 61 yr old woman. For about 2 years I have had type 2 adult onset diabetes. Food mangement with Metformin and Glyburide. MG. usually 80- 140. Yesterday I was sick with flu like symptoms including a fever and chills. I slept off and on for 36 hrs while getting up to eat what I could. My left foot and ankle have been swelling for about 3 yrs and more so for the last yr as I now sit more at work.
Avatar f tn And and inch around my hips - Leg cramps and pains - General tiredness - I get more irritated at people when I'm out - past Carpal Tunnel Syndrome has come back - sometimes I feel shakey +I have done 3 urine glucose home tests at different stages of the day and they all showed nothing. Could it be Type 1 diabetes givin the symptons, and is it possible without glucose in the urine?
Avatar n tn a 68 year old person with type 2 diabetes has pneumonia. she is lethargic with a headache. blood pressure 104/72. heart rate 118/min. respirations 30/min. flushed and feels warm and dry. urine output is over 800ml in the morning. glucose is 310 mg/dl. what is happening with this woman??
Avatar n tn Hi...I am not a doctor, but I pretty much know everything about Type 1 Diabetes. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and am now 34 years old. I have two little ones as well (4 year old girl and 21 month old boy). My biggest fear is for one of them to get my Disease. I have had extensive conversations with my Endocronologist (She is one of my closest friends), so I know she tells me stuff “off the record”.
Avatar f tn Hi Doctor, my mom is a type 2 diabetes patient. she takes 500 mg x 2 glucophage. since diabetes is linked to other diseases as well, what general tests or physical examinations should she have them done. what special precautions she shud take in her diet like taking high fibre diet is good for her. i have told her to take fish oil by pulse (1000 mg) thrice a week. is that good for her.
Avatar m tn You should have the test on an empty stomach after not eating overnight. Adults with type 2 diabetes should have this test every year. People with high cholesterol may have this test more often. See also: Diabetes - preventing heart attack and stroke Kidney Tests Once a year, you should have a urine test. It looks for a protein called "albumin." Because the test looks for small amounts of albumin, it is sometimes called a test for microalbuminuria.
Avatar f tn What are the symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes? I have a child who is extremely tired and thirsty all the time. Should I have him checked for diabetes?
Avatar n tn My fiance has type 1 diabetes. He takes pretty good care of himself. He is almost fanatical about checking his blood sugar. On his one touch ultra some times it says something about keytones. So my question is.. What are Keytones and how are you supposed to test for them.
432223 tn?1206552625 Hello, I am a 38 year old white female with Type 1 diabetes for 22 years. I also suffer from severe Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet and hands as well as retinopathy in both eyes. I am treated with Neurontin, 800 mg TID and Elavil, 150 mg at bedtime. I am also recovering from a broken ankle and use Tylenol for pain. My Diabetes is controlled with an insulin pump. I take two units per hour and cover carbohydrates with a 1:15 correction factor.
Avatar n tn I'm 31 and have had type 1 diabetes for 16 years - so far, no complications. I've struggled over the last year with Interstitial Cystitis symptoms (had pelvic floor therapy) and recurrent group B strep in urine cultures. It is common for me to experience a small tear in my perineum area and it usually takes a week to heal. I've been told this is because I have fragile tissue due to diabetes. It's been a week since I last "tore" and it hasn't healed.
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with type I diabetes when he was 10 and he had very similar symptoms. One thing most people don't understand (I didn't, back then) is that diabetes causes a lot of "unreasonable" behavior.... I'll never forget the day my son insisted that I had to call the school and get them to cancel for the day, because there were snow flurries and he refused to go to school.
Avatar n tn My husband has type 2 diabetes and refuses to get treatment. He also has hypertension, sleep apnea and you can feel his heart beat through his chest. Does anyone have a guess on what his life expectancy would be if I can't get him to the doctors.
Avatar n tn I wonder how many of you who were diagnosed before the age of 1 have been checked for Neonatal Diabetes? My son was diagnosed at the age of 4 months with Type 1 diabetes but we later found out he had Neonatal Diabetes caused by a genetic mutation of the KCNJ11 gene.
Avatar m tn How i would know if there is a Type 1 Diabetes or Pre Diabetes or Type 2? Do i need to do any other testing which will help me to find the solution? I am male, 23 years old, 186 cm, 79kg. I don`t have overweight problems at all which are common to type 2. And as i understand the people with type 1 Diabetes always need insulin to stay healthy, and if they will dont use insulin their organism will not be able to use sugar. ( it will gather in their blood).
Avatar m tn Here is a quote from Wikipedia - Proteinuria (/prəʊtiː'n(j)ʊəriə/, from protein and urine) means the presence of an excess of serum proteins in the urine. The protein in the urine often causes the urine to become foamy, although foamy urine may also be caused by bilirubin in the urine (bilirubinuria),[1] retrograde ejaculation,[2] pneumaturia (air bubbles in the urine) due to a fistula,[3] or drugs such as pyridium.[1] http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn So when the doctor came in she said your blood is good. No diabetes, I asked her was it in my urine and she said you don't have diabetes. My Mom has type 1. And I'm scared. I have these symptoms and can't make sense of this?
Avatar f tn So when the doctor came in she said your blood is good. No diabetes, I asked her was it in my urine and she said you don't have diabetes. My Mom has type 1. And I'm scared. I have these symptoms and can't make sense of this?