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Avatar n tn Many diabetes symptoms are common to other diseases so it is not uncommon for diabetes symptoms go undetected for some time before being diagnosed.
1090423 tn?1286291250 Do i have diabetes , my symptoms are dry mouth , frequent urination , skin sores , shortness of breath and cramping in my legs and arms .
Business man2 Recent studies indicate that the early detection of diabetes symptoms and treatment can decrease the chance of developing the complications of diabetes.
Avatar n tn The Classic Symptoms * Polyphagia (frequently hungry) * Polyuria (frequently urinating) * Polydipsia (frequently thirsty) Other Symptoms Might Include * Blurred vision * Fatigue * Weight loss * Poor wound healing (cuts, scrapes, etc.) * Dry mouth * Dry or itchy skin * Impotence (male) * Recurrent infections such as groin rash, or external ear infections (swimmers ear) Go see a doctor a get properly tested.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. Diabetic neuropathy represents with symptoms of loss of sensation (or pins and needles like) in the arms, hands, legs and feet. Hence treatment involves seeking correcting any underlying problem such as poor sugar control in diabetes in order to get a relief in your symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure of neuropathy but symptomatic relief can be provided. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Feeling shaky, having nausea, feeling weakness and fatigue are one of several diabetes symptoms. Having a family history of diabetes also puts you at higher risk than others. You're not going to get full answers to your concerns on the inet as we cannot diagnose you without seeing you. Since you are a teenager, I suggest your parent/s have you fully evaluated by a doctor, not only just for diabetes, but also to rule out if some other health issue is brewing. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Was that blood sugar before or after he ate? If it was before and if you have noticed some of the symptoms that's a red flag to me. It wouldn't hurt to take him to the doctor. Better now before it gets worse.
723573 tn?1230856987 Hi! I'm 15 years old - Im experiencing some of the same symptoms of diabetes (Ex. Thirst, Hunger, Fatigue) - I had my blood sugar tested yesterday and it was around 104 about 2 1/2 - 3 hours after i ate a big dinner. Does this explain anything? I guess if you have any help that would be good.
Avatar n tn Recently I have just been looking into the common symptoms and have become rather concerned. I would like some clarity on whether these are actual symptoms of diabetes or not. 1. Most of the time during the days it seems like I'm always very hungry. 2. If I'm not weight lifting and eating A LOT of food I tend to lose weight. 3. Occasionally I feel very weak. 4. I'm always slightly shakey, and cant seem to keep my hand steady if i hold it out in front of me. 5.
Avatar n tn over the past two days i have developed itchy red sking on the inside of my lower legs, around the ankle area. what is this?
Avatar n tn Panic attacks are not symptoms of diabetes. However drinking a lot of water and going to the bathroom a lot can be. If your friend thinks he might have diabetes it is easy enough to go to a doctor who will recommend either a fasting glucose test or an OGTT where he drinks a really sweet drink and watches how it affects his blood sugar over time. He should definitely have it checked as untreated Type 1 diabetes can make you very sick.
Avatar n tn I am taking Metformin at 3000mgm per day for diabetes and I have pains in my lower chest is this related?
Avatar n tn I took his blood sugar reading and it was 270. He hasn't had anything to eat in 4 hours and he is out of his medication. What should I do.
Avatar n tn I had the dx of nonhodgkins lymphona in 1981. had a course of chem, a course of radiation and a final course or chemo. Does this have any effect on the pancreas? I have now developed diabetes w/o any family hx or current symptoms. Endocrinologist states my pancreas is slowing down. My radiation as from my naval down to just above my knees in the front and the back. Chemo bleomyacin, high doses of prednisone, adriomyacin, vencrystin and cytoxin.
Avatar f tn Last year, I had symptoms similar to those of diabetes around this time of year. My doctor ordered an A1C and it came back 5.3%, which she said was ok. *My maternal grandmother has Type 1 Diabetes, and my mother had gestionnal diabetes when she was pregnate. Does this sound like diabetes?
Avatar m tn If you feel you have all the symptoms of diabetes, you need to go to a doctor to get checked. I'm sure your parents would want you to talk with them about it and be seen be a doctor. If in fact you do have (Type 1) diabetes, exercise and eating healthy are very important and it's great that you do that, but they will not get rid of diabetes. If you have diabetes you need to see a doctor and get treatment.
Avatar f tn "How would a doctor go about testing 4 diabetes?" Your doctor will administer one of the following diabetes test: 1.) Fasting - You do not eat any foods nor drink colored liquids for 8-10 hours. A blood sample is drawn and your glucose level [blood sugar] checked.
Avatar f tn I would like to know if headaches, sinusitis, ear humming and a fizzing type sound in my neck when I move my head are also symptoms of diabetes. Thanks.
1090423 tn?1286291250 Yes, you definitely should see a doctor asap. Your symptoms could be diabetes or they could be something as simple as a urinary tract infection. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn Elevated blood glucose levels are indicative of gestational diabetes, although no one seems to know exactly what causes it. Hormones in the placenta can block the action of the mother's insulin in her body; insulin resistance makes it hard for the mother's body to use insulin, and without enough insulin glucose is turned into energy because it can't leave the body. A high level of blood glucose, called hyperglycemia, requires the baby to work harder.
Avatar n tn Hi, It is nice to hear that your friend has decided to stop drinking and smoking and is able to implement the decision on his own. While the symptoms described may be due to diabetes and needs to be checked for, it is more likely due to ' alcoholic neuropathy ' you can Google and get more details.
Avatar n tn Hi Aruba, The three standard symptoms of diabetes are extreme thirst, frequent urination, and weight loss. If your symptom is only frequent urination, you could have some other issue. I'm not a doctor, and I'm certainly not a urologist, but it could be prostate related. Please make an appointment with your doc and get it checked out.
759062 tn?1234258393 Do i have diabetes, yesturday i was sitting in the front room and i started to feel wierd. i started getting the sweats and then i got the shakes. I got a strange feeling running through my finger tips, my daughter made me a very sweet coffee and my partner gave me 2 choco mouses and after about 15 mins i started to feel better although still abit disorientated and was afraid to stand up as i felt very weak. Could this be diabetes????????? please someone give me some clue?????
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 25 years old and a mother of two. My son is 16 months. When i was pregnant with him i developed gestational diabetes. When i went to my 6 week check up they did blood work and said my blood work was normal. Since then i have noticed i bruise out of no where and any nick or cut i get takes weeks to heal. Im tired all the time. I am on Birth control but thats it. I take over the counter NSAIDS once in awhile for headaches. I also notice i dont drink that much but i constantly pee...
Avatar n tn Thirst, frequent urination, weight loss, and being over weight. vision problems, and usually the depression side of it is after one has the diabetes. have u seen a nero doctor. u could post your question on Http://www.medhelp.org/show/161. it post on page 2 here its called ask a doctor.
Avatar f tn Hi! Strange that no one got back to you before this. Me, I just have not been here The lab tests should have told you what type diabetic she is. A fasting (no food or drink(water ok) from midnight the previous night) blood test done twice on two different days would tell you if she is a t-1 or t-12. Also having an A1C test to see what he rsugar levels have been running for the past 3 months. Didn't you talk to the doctor? If not, I would certainly get those tests done that I mentioned.